You promised me!

The story is about 18 year old Sofia, who gets shot by her ex at a Club and Justin´s there. You´ll have to read to figure out what´s gonna happen..Trust me you wont be dissapointed!


3. 3


The first thing I did when got to my room, or Justin´s room, was to call my mom and tell her that I was fine and that I was sorry for not calling her sooner. " I was so nervous honey! don´t ever do that again". I know mum, I´m so sorry". " It´s okay honey". " Well mum I´ve got to go. Talk to you later". " Okay have fun, bye".  I hung up the phone and turned on Justin´s apple computer and searched on YouTube for Demi Lovato-Warrior and started to sing along. Some time went by and the song stopped. I turned my head and saw Justin standing there. I gasped and whispered to myself " Oh god no". I´m very insecure when it goes for my singing. I´ve been told that I sing good, but never had the courage to stand up in front of crowd and certainly not Justin Bieber. I should´ve known that he would have heard me sing, but I got carried along. I turned my head away from his glance.

" Why didn´t you tell me that you were able to sing?". " Because I´m not" I said very insecure. " You are! Very much actually" He said sounding thrilled and surprised. I just licked my lower lip and looked away. " You know..We have to do something about that" He said. " About what" I said with my heart almost jumping out of my chest. " Your insecurity and your singing". " I don´t think there´s something we can do about my singing" I said looking a bit sad. " Yes there is! You´ve got potential and we are going to collaborate". "collaborate?" I said sounding surprised, but not in a good way. " Yeah. Your talent is too great to just let it be unknown" he said smiling. " Oh so it is, well you do know that I´ve got talent for many things right" I said giggling and biting my lower lip. " Which is" He said licking his lower lip. " Oh you´ll just have to find out" I said giggling and walked out the room. I went down and turned on the T.V and went straight to MTV, they were showing Ridiculousness, which I Loved! I heard some footsteps coming down the stairs. He went straight to the couch where I was sitting. " You know what. I´m gonna take you out on a date, so get ready we´ll leave in an hour" Justin said smiling. I just smiled at him and ran quickly up to Justin´s room. I quickly realized that I didn´t have a straightening iron nor did I have makeup or clothes. " Justin" I yelled so that he could hear me. " What" he yelled back. " I don´t have any clothes, makeup or my straightening iron". I could hear him laugh. " Okay come down, we´ll stop by your house". I could still hear him laugh. I took a quick glance in the mirror before going down. " Oh god no" I whispered to myself. Had I really walked around looking like this. No makeup, Justin´s large hoodie. God I looked like a walking dead! I quickly covered my face with the hat on the hoodie and went down.

" Why are you covering your beautiful face" he said looking a bit confused. " I look horrible. I´m not wearing any makeup". " It´s weird, I find you even more beautiful when your not wearing any makeup" He said smiling while he was cupping my face. I looked up and gave him a slight smile " Your too sweet" I said. "Sweet is my middle name" He said. We both laughed a bit and went out to his car. At the end of the street, we came to a guard. He saw Justin and let him pass through. " Why is there a guard at the end of the street" I asked looking a bit confused. " Well you see if there wasn´t I would´ve have had a thousand screaming Beliebers in front of my house every day, so if there wasn´t I wouldn´t get any sleep" He said smiling. " Oh that´s right, you need your sleep" I said with a pouty face and making my voice darker, trying to sound like him. He shook his head while laughing. He all of the sudden put his hand on my thigh. I was a bit surprised at first but I sorta liked it though. " Pack for a week or two" he said. " You want me to stay" I asked. " Yeah I do and remember a bikini" He said while winking at me. I bit my lip and we got to my home, of course I had to talk to my mum, but really she couldn´t say anything about it, I´m 18, I´m legally free to go if I wanted to. I went inside and saw my mum looking a bit surprised. I don´t think she expected me. " Hi mum I´m gonna pack some clothes because I´ll be staying at Justin Bieber´s house" she looked surprised so I told her the whole story about how I got shot in the leg, but I wouldn´t tell her who did it because she would just make it way bigger than it was. After I had told her everything, I went out and called for Justin so that he could meet my mum. My dad had died when I was 6, because he got shot while fighting for our country. Yes my dad was a soldier. I miss him.. a lot. Justin came inside and greeted my mum. They talked while I was packing my clothes. I don´t know what they were talking about. I said goodbye to my mum and told her that I loved her and that we would talk on the phone and that I was gonna stop by in not so long.

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