You promised me!

The story is about 18 year old Sofia, who gets shot by her ex at a Club and Justin´s there. You´ll have to read to figure out what´s gonna happen..Trust me you wont be dissapointed!


2. 2


Alfredo and I spent the day playing video games, which I sucked at, and cooking pancakes and ended up in this very serious conversation about Justin. " You know he likes you right" Alfredo said. " WHAT" I said looking confused " No he doesn´t" I said trying to convince Alfredo, but mostly hoping that I was wrong. What´s happening to me? Why would I want him to like me? That seems nothing like me. This can´t be happening! Dear god please don´t tell me that I´m falling for the guy. " You know he does" Alfredo said with a serious voice. There went a short amount of time before any of us spoke again. " What I´m trying to say is that he´s very fragile when it comes to feelings and love, so don´t play him because I´ve never seen him act like this. Not even when he had Selena. Oh and Btw I never got your name". It sort of came like a surprise, what Alfredo just had said. So I took  the words in and thought a bit about what to say. " I will be careful and I won´t play him, he´s too important! And my name´s Sofia". Alfredo took his phone out of his pocket and texted Justin " Hey bro her name´s Sofia". Alfredo looked at the clock, it was already 16.00 am. " Sofia´s a really pretty name! Do you know what it means" He asked with deep interest in his voice. " Thanks! It means Wisdom. It´s Greek" I said with a huge smile. " Wisdom fits perfectly" he said. At that moment he got a text from Justin saying " Thanks bro! I´m on my way home".  He quickly replied and told me that he would be home soon.  I looked at the mess we had made and started to clean it up. " How weird is it that we met with me almost bleeding to death" I said sarcastically. " Yeah it actually is, but I´m glad that we did. I can tell that not only are you gonna be important to Justin, but also to the rest of the guys. They´re gonna like you just as much as I do". He said with a smile on his face. " I hope so! I don´t want them to think that I´ve ruined anything and then start to hate me". " Trust me they won´t"  He said. " God I hope that your right" I said while I took dishcloth and hit him with it. " You will figure out that I usually am right in everything" He said giving me a cocky smile and ripped the dishcloth out of my hands and hit me with it as well.

The door opened in a matter of seconds after that and in came Justin. I smiled and asked him how it went in the studio. He said it went great! He had finally found some inspiration so he had written a few songs in there. Alfredo came up to me and hugged me and said goodbye. He did the same with Justin except he added bro in the end. And off he went. Justin came up to me with a grin on his face. " What are you laughing at" I said trying to sound in charge, but I couldn´t. " Oh just you" He said. " And why is that" I asked. " Because you got flower all over your face" He said giggling. I quickly ran over to the wall because it had a mirror on it, and brushed it off. " Look all gone" I said pointing at my face. He came up to me and brushed some of the flower off my nose and said " Now it is". He came closer and closer to my face, but before all the hot action was gonna happen I put my index finger on his lip and said " Take me out on a date and if that goes well, you can get your kiss" I turned around and before I went to his room where I had slept in his bed this morning, I turned my head and winked at him.


I just wanted to say thank you to the ones who´s reading this and Í´m sorry that the chapter isn´t quite long! Love Sofia Btw follow me on twitter: SofiaLovely123 Instagram: SofiaLovely123

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