(This story was just something I whipped up one night. I was sad and thought, 'what if my boyfriend ever lost me? What would happen? How would he handle it, how would my family handle it?' So instead of adding my boyfriend's name and my name into the story I just added Liam's instead. Hope you guys don't mind)
Hey look......I gave away the story...oh well..


2. Without You

Later, Liam woke in the hospital bed, completely bandaged up and both legs casted.  "Liam?" the voice of his father spoke, as he sat up from his chair by the window.  "Oh Liam I am so sorry," he cried, as he walked over to his son and embraced him.  Liam clung to his father, muffling his sobs in his father's shirt.  "Tell me the truth.  How did she die?" Liam asked.  His father sighed, "She was flung from the car.  They found her on the windshield" he mumbled.  Liam cried, trying to wrack his brain, trying to remember what had gone wrong.  "Was it my fault?" he asked pulling away.  "Well that's what the investigators are trying to figure out.  They believe a drunk driver was the problem," he explained, his voice low and quiet.  "Where the hell is he?!" yelled a voice from the door.  There stood Jennifer's father, his face mixed with anger and sadness, "You killed her! You fucking bastard!  You took my Jennifer away from me!" he yelled, getting closer to Liam, his anger rising.  Liam's father stopped him, struggling to keep him away from his son, "James!  This wasn't Liam's fault and you know it!  Calm down!" he huffed, pushing him to the ground and standing in front of him.  "You smell like booze Austin.  Come back when you're sober," he spoke softly, moving towards the door. Suddenly there was a large crack! as Liam's father fell to the floor, blood oozing from his nose. Jennifer's father moved closer, "You killed my sweet Jen, you took her away from me. She was all I had," Austin cried. Liam sat up, "You think you're the only one that loved her? I loved her more than I loved myself! She was all I had. And I have to live with the fact that I was driving the car that killed her! To live with the guilt that I couldn't protect her!" He screamed. Austin sobbed, cradling himself as he listened. Liam's father stood up, taking Austin and bringing him outside.

One week later...

Liam straightened his tie as he prepared himself for the wake of his girlfriend. Liam clung on to the small black box in his hand before opening it. There sat a small diamond ring, their anniversary date inscribed on the metal. He smiled as he remembered the day he bought it, having to lie to Jennifer where he was all day. She assumed he was out with his friends when in reality he had spent the whole day at the jewelry store, personalizing her ring. They argued but eventually he told her that he was out planning their anniversary, the truth but not the whole truth. The car stopped and Liam snapped out of his thoughts as his father opened up the passenger door, helping his son into the wheelchair. There, Liam passed Jennifer's friends and family, moving to the front of the church, their faces pale and wet from tears. The wake soon began as Austin took the podium. "We're here to remember my sweet daughter Jennifer Panning as she moves in to a new adventure, as she would call it. I want to be the person that keeps this positive, a celebration of her life not death. But I just can't...I lost my daughter. She was taken from me," he cried, casting a dark look at Liam before returning his attention back to the audience. "To think I won't be able to hear her voice anymore, hug her, see her marry and have children. I'll miss her so much," he sobbed, leaning on the podium for support as he poured out his feelings. Jennifer's mother sat up and walked to her husband, wrapping an arm around his waist and speaking into the microphone, "Liam, dear. Will you please come up and say a few words, I'm sure Jenny would have liked that," she smiled weakly. Liam nodded, wheeling over to the podium and stood up, grabbing one of his crutches to balance. "I know many of you think the accident was my fault. It probably was. I should have protected her more. Looked where I was going or what was in front of me. Hit the brakes sooner. Saved our last kiss for later. But none of those things will bring her back. I can't reverse time although I wish I could. But I'm glad she died happy, loved. I kissed her for what I didn't think would be the last time and told her for the hundredth time that I loved her. Which is why I was prepared to give her this," he spoke, holding back tears as he pulled the small velvet box from his pocket and opened it, revealing the ring. "I was going to ask her to marry me, so I could tell her a thousand times more how much I loved her. She deserves to have this ring," he cried, grabbing both of his crutches and moving to the casket where Jennifer layed peacefully. He cried as he slid the small gold ring on her finger, hanging his head as more tears fell, "I loved her more than words. I will never love anyone more than I've loved her," he cried as he returned to his chair and wheeled himself back to his family. The rest of the ceremony went on as Liam sat in a daze, barely listening to the speeches. Eventually her body was brought to their family cemetery, where her body laid to rest. Liam watched as the casket was gently laid into the ground, the wreath of roses being buried under the dirt. "I love you" he whispered under his breath as the last the casket was hidden under the great pile.

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