(This story was just something I whipped up one night. I was sad and thought, 'what if my boyfriend ever lost me? What would happen? How would he handle it, how would my family handle it?' So instead of adding my boyfriend's name and my name into the story I just added Liam's instead. Hope you guys don't mind)
Hey look......I gave away the story...oh well..


1. Date Night

"I can't believe you're actually taking me out on a dinner date!  After a whole year of dating and you're taking me out to dinner for once!" Jennifer smiled, taking her boyfriend's hand and squeezing it tightly.  Liam smiled, trying to keep both eyes on the road but also admire his girlfriend's beauty.  "Because I wanted to show you how much I love you," he smiled as he leaned over and quickly planted his lips on hers.  Jennifer smiled kissing him back before pulling away quickly, screaming, "Liam! Brakes!"

"Sir! Sir can you hear me?" spoke a voice in the dark.  Liam coughed, tasting the blood in his mouth as it mixed with his saliva.  "What happened?" he asked opening his eyes, cringing as the bright light of of the person's flashlight blinded him.  "Sire you were in a head on collision" the man stated, "Are you in any pain?" he asked trying to open the driver's door.  Liam nodded, "My chest and I think my legs.  I'm not quite sure.  Please though, don't worry about me, my girlfriend.." he spoke, turning next to him to find the passenger seat empty.  Liam's heart raced, "Where's Jennifer?  Is she okay?" he asked, panicked.  The EMT held him still, "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to not move until we can establish you injuries and remove you from the vehicle," he ordered.  "Where the fuck is Jennifer?" Liam yelled, hitting what was left of the wheel.  "Sir please, we're doing all that we can, please sit still he spoke sternly as a group came closer with the jaws of life and removed the door.  After the door had been removed, the EMT put a brace around Liam's neck before removing from the demolished car.  He was carried from there into the ambulance where he saw Jennifer.  Her hand laid limp and lifeless on her body, her skin pale and bloody.  "Oh god.  Jennifer! Jennifer?! Oh god please don't be dead! Jennifer!" he screamed, sitting up and pulling off the neck brace.  The EMT tried pulling him back down but failed miserable as Liam leaned over to hold onto his girlfriend.  "Oh god Jennifer.  Oh god babe please wake up.  Please.  Please oh god!," he cried, brushing back her dark brown hair.  "Sir I'm gonna need you to lay down," the EMT yelled, before taking a small needle and injecting him with an anesthetic.


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