(This story was just something I whipped up one night. I was sad and thought, 'what if my boyfriend ever lost me? What would happen? How would he handle it, how would my family handle it?' So instead of adding my boyfriend's name and my name into the story I just added Liam's instead. Hope you guys don't mind)
Hey look......I gave away the story...oh well..


3. A familiar voice

Liam wobbled to the liquor cabinet, tripping over his boot as he opened the door and grabbed a bottle of vodka. Liam sat on the couch, watching his tv as the video of their prom played on the screen. There smiled Jennifer and Liam, her coral pink dress sparkling against the light, her long brown hair, curled for the special occasion. She waved at the camera before turning to Liam, kissing his lips and wrapping her arms around his neck as they swayed to the music. Liam took another sip of his drink, grabbing the bottle of pain killers that were subscribed to him for his injuries. There weren't a lot left but there were enough for his intended purpose. He didn't care anymore. The investigators were still unsure whether it was the drunk drivers fault or Liam's for Jennifer's death. Therefore Liam had to be seen in court for accidental manslaughter. Austin was still convinced it was Liam's doing and his family were unsure but still extremely supportive. He spilled the pills out of the bottle, splattering them across the coffee table as he swallowed each of them, one by one until there were no more. Soon Liam could only see darkness, hear his blood pumping faster and feel his body grow colder. "Oh Liam..." spoke a soft, familiar voice.

"Jen? Jen...oh god Jen. I missed your voice," Liam cried. Still roaming through the darkness. "Liam why are you doing this. You shouldn't be here," Jen spoke again. "Jen where are you?" Liam called out, stretching out his arms. Suddenly Jennifer appeared, a soft glow surrounding her. Her face was sad but her eyes were filled with love. She reached out and stroked his cheek softly, "Liam, it's not your time yet dear..." She smiled. Liam fell to his knees, wrapping his arms around her thighs, pulling her closer, "I can't do it anymore Jen. Not without you," he choked, moving his hands up and around her waist, squeezing her, cherishing her. "Liam. My love. You have to. For me. You have to go on. Be strong for my parents, your parents. I'll wait for you my dear," she smiled, sitting down in front of him, and pulling his face towards hers. She stroked his cheek softly and smiled, "It's not your fault you know. I don't blame you. Husband," she grinned, showing off the ring. Liam sobbed, "I'll miss you," he cried, hugging her tightly. She pulled away, kissing his forehead before standing, the glow around her getting brighter, "open your eyes Liam...wake up. Wake up....."

"Liam. Liam dear open your eyes. Wake up love...please wake up" spoke another voice. Liam squinted, the light above him too bright for his unexposed eyes. His stomach was sore and his throat was dry as he looked around the room to notice that he was in the hospital, his mother and father by his side. "Water.." He coughed searching for a glass. His mother ran to his side handing him the cold glass and smiled. "Liam what the hell were you thinking?! If you ever left me...if you weren't there I-l..." She stammered, unable to finish her sentence before she ran to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Liam hugged her tightly, "I'm sorry mom.." He whispered, rubbing her back. "I thought I'd lost you.." She cried, holding her son tightly. "I found my way back, a familiar voice guided me back," he smiled.

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