An angel in a Nephilliam body

Joy Hope Love. That's my name, with a Bethany infront for the benefit of mortals. I'm an Archangel in human form, or so I was told. I live in New York and am guided in my task by the Nephilliam family of the Lightwoods. This is my story.

This takes place within the book of City of Bones, it doesn't have Clary in though. This is my first piece, feel free to leave comments but no hate please! If you want a background character please ask, if you want a ship you can't have Simon, Jace, Magnus or Alec (I can't break up the Malec <3) THANKS

I'm afraid to say I won't be finishing this story because I can't think of where to take it but there will be more of my stories (that will become finished) out soon, I apologise for this inconvenience. xxx

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


3. Ravener

We walk down the street towards the house where the demonic activity is in silence, anticipating what's bound to happen next. As we draw near the house I look to check there's no one around before shrugging off Izzy's shawl and hat then stuff them in my bag. Flexing my wing I reach into my boot and draw out the seraph blade I have permanently stuck inside. I see the others do the same.
'Michael' I whisper to the hilt and the blade shoots out lighting up the pitch night. The others activate their blades too, but being a proper angel, mine shines the brightest, looks the most powerful, and will strike the most fear into the heart of my enemies. 
"You ready?" Jace whispers. Isabelle put her hand to the demon detector round her throat and nods.
"Whenever you are." Alec answers. I just nod along like Izzy.  

Slowly and silently we open the door into the the house, there's a door going to the left- the downstairs apartment belonging to the hedge witch- and stairs leading up to an upstairs apartment. Leading the group I push open the door and am treated by the foul stench of rotting eggs and decay. Demons. Oh shit. Tightening my grip on the hilt of my Seraph Blade I step forward and peer into the apartment.  The place looks like a bomb has hit it. Paintings are stripped from frames. Cushions have stuffing thrown every where. Curtains have torn. This is worse than we thought in a nut shell. 
I move out of the way to let the others in and Alec pushed the door closed. As soon as I take a step further into the house some thing in a corner move. I take a step closer and as I do the thing lurches out of the corner and hurled itself at me.
"Ravener!" I shout to alert the others of the type of demon we are facing. 
"Shit!" I hear Jace shout as I slice the head off the one attacking me, it disappears. More and more stream into the rooms attacking us in an un-relenting attack. We all lurch into action, slicing them and stabbing them left right and centre. One particular demon decides to go for my wings, another for my throat. Needles to say they aren't going anywhere without heads. I take this moment to look and see how the others are coping. Alec is slicing through the side of one. Izzy has lost one seraph blade due to the fact it's lodged in the back of a Ravener that isn't quite dead yet. And Jace... Why does he look even hotter (if that's even possible) when he's fighting?! I get distracted for a moment as I look at Jace and I don't notice when one of the demons sneak up behind me and launches itself on my back, knocking me to the floor. I roll over as it climbs onto my chest.
"Valentine said nothing about an angel," it growled and hissed in it's demon-like way, "especially not an arch, I should take it. But I will eat it instead." It said and slithered further up my body. I reached desperately for my seraph which I had dropped in the fall and I couldn't reach it! I was helpless. Wait... My thoughts catch up. Duh! I'm an angel! I raise my hand and shout to the others to duck and close their eyes. Once I've heard their bodies drop to the floor I let the wrath of heaven loose. Fire and light blades from the palm of my hand and I blow the Ravener off me, the other demons go with it as I target them as well. 

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