An angel in a Nephilliam body

Joy Hope Love. That's my name, with a Bethany infront for the benefit of mortals. I'm an Archangel in human form, or so I was told. I live in New York and am guided in my task by the Nephilliam family of the Lightwoods. This is my story.

This takes place within the book of City of Bones, it doesn't have Clary in though. This is my first piece, feel free to leave comments but no hate please! If you want a background character please ask, if you want a ship you can't have Simon, Jace, Magnus or Alec (I can't break up the Malec <3) THANKS

I'm afraid to say I won't be finishing this story because I can't think of where to take it but there will be more of my stories (that will become finished) out soon, I apologise for this inconvenience. xxx

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


2. My Story Begins

I step out into the cold autumn air and take a deep breath. It's the time of the week I visit the Institute and catch up with everyone. I turn out of the doorway and walk briskly down the road, pulling my scarf tighter around my neck as I go. I tried to dress as casually but as prettily as possible, I'm we
aring a (fake) vintage aviation military jacket, a cream cotton scarf wound around me and casual skinny jeans. Hoisting my bag onto my shoulder I hurry past the park and toward the cathedral. Obviously mundanes (humans) can't see it's a cathedral, all they can see is a broken down old church and only non-mundane can tear through the glamour. I walk in through the door and push the 'up' button on the lift. It comes down and I get in. Luckily the walls of the elevator have mirrors on so I can check my hair and makeup. My hair was up in a top-nought but some of it has slipped out so I give up and just pull it all down, letting it fall across my shoulders. My makeup is still fine though, pale pink lips, my cheeks slightly blushed with rouge and my eyes out lined with black mascara and golden eyeliner (the one colour that makes my eyes look absolutely amazing, as good as Jace's in fact). The lift pings as I reach the institute and I step out my heart stops. Leaning against the wall across from me is Jace. 
"Here you are," he says lazily, " I was wondering when you'd get here."
"I get here about the same time every week, why are you really here?" I asked in reply.
"I wanted to be polite, hey don't laugh!" He says as i burst out laughing.
"Why are you really here?" I asked again. 
"Because it's been a long time since we chatted." 
"I saw you last week." I say sceptically.
"I know, a long time isn't it?" He says a smug look on his face.
"Fine ok, turn around a sec, I need to release my wings, their killing me." I say whilst ferociously blushing, hoping he won't notice all the while.
"And that requires me to turn round why?" He asks somewhat innocently.
"Because, if you must know, all my clothes, except my underwear luckily, will go see through because of the light I give off, and that's more of me than I ever want you to see." I say blushing even more.
"Aw shame." he says with effortless ease.
"I should hope your joking." I say blushing even more it's unnatural.
"That sounds like a threat." 
"It was, turn around." 
"Ok, ok." Slowly he turns around. I shrug off my jacket to reveal my backless top and unwind my scarf from around my neck. Taking a deep breath in I close my eyes and let my wings unfurl. Even through my eyelids I can see the golden, burning light that I'm emitting. I let out a sigh of comfort as my wigs are released after two days, TWO DAYS I tell you, of being folded across my back. A low whistle sounds in front of me and I snap open my eyes.
"Did you know, years of being a shadow hunter, and I've never seen an angel transform." I gasp as Jace say this.
"You were looking?!" I say with anger in my voice.
"Watch out, your halos blushing." He retorts. I put my hand above my head and I can feel a ring of pure heat and light above me. I look in the mirror across the hall and sure enough my halo is glowing a soft rosy red (it comes out when my wings come out). 
"Shit!" I exclaim, "but that doesn't answer my question, were you looking?" 
"'Course I was, what type of guy would I be if I wasn't?" He says staring at my chest like he can still see it.
"Erm excuse me, my face is up here please!" I say out raged.
"Sorry, couldn't help it..." He says mournfully. I turn around and stalk down the corridor, hitting him deliberately with my wings on the way. I wonder why he's acting like this all of a sudden, it's like he's interested in me! What going on??? 
"Wait up!" Jace calls at me over my shoulder.
"Why should I?" I retort.
"Because..... Because.... Because being an angel means your to nice to leave me behind." He says triumphantly.
"I hate being an angel sometimes." I say as I stop and wait for him.
"Thank you." He says as he catches up.
"You know, I could smote you with heavenly fire right now." I say glaring at him.
"I couldn't help it! Your an angel, I'm a guy, your clothes went see through! And your right about the underwear thing." He smirked at me.
"One smoting coming up!" I snap at him.
"Woah, woah, cool it, jokes jokes." He says quickly.
"Are you scared Jace?" I tease him.
"Pft no, course not." He fake splutters as I laugh.
"Hahaha I have found the one thing Jace Lightwoods is scared of, and it's me- that's the best thing I've heard all day!" I say while laughing.
"It's not you, it's heavenly fire, have you heard what that stuff can do?" I raise my eyebrows, "Stupid question right?"
"Ya think?" I say looking at him.
"Erm Beth? I was just wondering, how did your parents die?" He says not looking at me properly. 
"I don't know really, I've always been told they were killed in the war against Valentine and at his hands because they were under cover in the Nephilliam world whilst the whole circle thing was going on, but I don't think I've been told the whole story... They could've defended themselves couldn't they, being angels and everything! Someone's hiding something from me...." My voice had started quietly and had risen to a shout, oops! 
"Ok." That's all he says. That's just it. But by now we had reached the library so we were saved from the inevitablely awkward silence that would have come next. I push open the door as soon as I had knocked and walked in.

"Hi everyone," I say and then start as I realise that it's only Isabelle and Alec here, "oh, erm hi Izzy, Alec, where is everyone?" I asked.
"Well, their out demon hunting and we aren't aloud, so we decided to wait for you to get here and then make you come with us." Izzy says matter of factly. 
"Ah ok, same demon fight or a different one?" I ask hesitantly.
"Different of course, we've heard there's some demonic activity just above where a hedge witch lives so we'd though we'd check it out." Alec says.
"Alright let's go! Izzy I need to borrow a scarf or something to hide my wings and a hat to hide my halo do you have any I can borrow?" I answer in agreement.
"Yeah,  I'll just go get something now!" Izzy says as she walks out the door, leaving me alone with Alec and... Jace. Yaaaaaaay. 
"How have you been Alec?" I ask just to break the tension.
"Yeah, I'm good." He replies shortly. We stand in silence for ages until Izzy comes back. 
And we're off.

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