My Redneck

I just move 1000 miles away from my hometown. I wanted to move away because I was heartbroken and wanted a fresh start. During the first 6 months was the hardest for me because I went though another heart break, found out who I can trust and not trust. I went back to my hometown (I'll explain more later) but when I came back I few weeks later, I finally meet my redneck. I haven't been this happy when I'm when him, but there is one problem, I'm 15 almost 16 and he is 18..... Find out that happens in My Redneck.


2. Making friends

It's August, two words: band camp. I love being in the marching band but there only one thing...practicing in the middle of summer is not my thing. I get up at 6 AM and don't go to bed at least 9:30 PM. It's harder than you think. First few days are trying to meet your section, in my case no one really likes me because I'm not "perfect enough." I hate the word perfect. It doesn't describe me. Then for the rest of band camp we are on the field working on drill (marching around the field). We get about 5 minute break every 2 hours. That's when I try to meet new people. I tried talking to my section but they don't really like talking back. Then I started talking to the drumline (my ex boyfriend is the 2nd snare guy. We talk every once in awhile but I'm still mad that he broke up with me) then I stated talking to one of my friends from math class last year, he is really nice but he has a girlfriend. She is really nice and we became friends instantly. After that the whole guard is talking to me like I'm one of them. There is a lot of band couples and I'm always thinking what guy would want me for me? In the past I've been cheated to, lied to, and left behind. I've been though a lot but those boys have taught me things that no girl should go though.

One night I decided to stay up late and go though my Facebook. There was this guy that sent me a friend request and lived not that far. So I sent him a massage hoping for a reply. With in 3 minutes he replied.

We talk for 4 hours straight and I was getting tired. I said I'll text him instead so we traded numbers and off to bed I was.

*Next day*

"Where we're you up so late?" Ask Rachel

"I was talking to someone." I said



"Sam...what? Dose he go to this school?"

"Sam Honeycuff and no he doesn't, he goes to the next town over."


"Yup." I said with popping the P.

"Well I want to meet this guy."

"Well I kinda want to meet him first."

"True, when are you?"

"Hopefully this Saturday, no practice."

"Oh yeah! Totally forgot about that! So what are you going to do?"

"See a movie and dinner at my house."

"On the first date?!?"

"Yeah he is a true southerner."

"Sounds like it! And if you need anything text me and I'll be right over."

"Okay I will."


"I promise." I said and got into my car. I hate my neighbor, he is really rude and doesn't really care about other people opinions. Sometimes he doesn't ask for a ride, just gets into the car like he owns us. There is a reason why I want a boyfriend that can drive or until I get my license.

I was surprised because no one wanted to see me when we just starting talking that night!

orthodontist appointment and them back to band camp

There's just one problem, I have to tell my dad.

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