My Redneck

I just move 1000 miles away from my hometown. I wanted to move away because I was heartbroken and wanted a fresh start. During the first 6 months was the hardest for me because I went though another heart break, found out who I can trust and not trust. I went back to my hometown (I'll explain more later) but when I came back I few weeks later, I finally meet my redneck. I haven't been this happy when I'm when him, but there is one problem, I'm 15 almost 16 and he is 18..... Find out that happens in My Redneck.


1. About me

My name is Aly, my favorite color is purple and I just move 1000 miles to the midwest to the south. We move because of my dads work. My parents gave me the final choice. I said yes because I was heart broken and wanted a fresh start. The hardest thing was saying goodbye to my best friend for 9 years. I will never forget that night, I cried until I fell asleep. I felt really sad though out the whole week and didn't really care about school or anything. My first day of school was really weird because I used to know everyone. The one thing I hate about me is my shyness. Once I know someone, I can talk to them about anything. I am in band and most of the kids there are "The awesome band geeks ever" and I'm just a normal girl that plays the flute in the band. After that was gym/health, I didn't really like how the teacher tough the class but I had to like her to enjoy softball. Softball is the only sport that I play. In the fall I'm busy with marching band and winter is my free time but spring is full out softball. Then I had English, I don't get why I have to take that class. Halfway though was lunch. At first I was sitting by myself and then a guy and a girl from my English call came up to me and ask to him with them. Before I could answer, the guy grab my lunch and walk away with him. The girl grab my arm and took to their table. If they didn't bring me to that table that day, I wouldn't have met my best friends to this day. I thank them so much for that small little thing that they did. After that was math, there was two people from band that were more like me, they like playing in band and not the whole "Awesome" thing. After that we got to go home. I did that for about two months and after awhile, it was boring. I tryout for the softball day and didn't make it. The day she told me that was Valentine's day. It was sad enough that I didn't celebrate with anyone. I had to babysit that night and for most of the time I was crying my eyes out. Few weeks later, I had a band competition. We were on our break and my friend set up a relationship for me and the guy actually ask me out. Though out the day he couldn't stop saying how hot I was and how happy he was to be with me. But I don't want a guy like that, I need someone to tell me the truth and not what I want to hear. It bugs me so much that he did that almost all the time. Spring break came along and I was still with that guy. I wanted to go on a date with him but he didn't respond to any of my texts. I was getting tired of waiting for him. I had to meet him somewhere just to talk about our date and what we are doing. I hated that. We should be available to talk about it over text not in person. On the date, he said some cute things but it felt like he wanted to kiss me but didn't. The day we got back from Spring Break, he broke up with say "I think we are better off of being friends." and then walk away. I was more pissed than sad. He kept giving me looks when ever we pass each other in the hallway. He did that until the end of the year. It doesn't help that my friends are his friends too. But it was more helpful that they were on my side for the break up. It still bugs me to this day. During the summer I go back to my hometown for most of the summer. I got to see everyone that I wanted. I got to meet my friend's boyfriends, which most of them were really nice. I got to see my ex-boyfriend. We were friends but he took me on a date, because he was sorry for breaking up with me. *FLASHBACK* "So what are you getting?" He ask. "Um...a really good burger. What about you?" "Soup." "Just soup? Why?" "Because it is really good here." "Okay." We talk about school and life. When our food came we thank the lady and as soon as she walk away he gave me a bit of his soup and it was actually really good. We were joking around and had a mini food fight. It was so much fun. Then he started the whole foot fight but then he kept rubbing his leg against mine. He paid and we left. Then he took me out for ice cream. He knew my favorite kind without asking. Cookie Dough is the best, he got the same thing to make it easy. Then he put the car in park. We sat there quickly, eating. Then he lean over and we rested our heads together, still eating. Then he puts down his ice cream and look at me with his brown eyes and lean in and lightly kissed me on the lips. I was surprised because I still had cookie dough in my mouth. He didn't know until he put his toung in my mouth. He pulled away laughing. "Sorry I didn't know what you had food in your mouth." "Yeah, it's like I'm eating ice cream.." I said followed with a laugh. "Sorry, are you finish?" "Yes." I said laughing and put my hand on his check and pulled him back. We were kissing and I pulled away because a country song came one. "You know that this song was the first real country song I have ever heard, and all because of you." I said while smiling. "I remember that day." He said, and pulled me into a kiss. I loved how he kissed me. We got lost of time and he drove me home. When we got to the apartment, he ask if my grandparents were still awake. I ran around to the other side and they weren't. I ran back around and hugged him. "I'll take that was a no." He kiss me multiply times and during the last few I was laughing. I love then he gives holds me tight in his arms. "Okay I really need to go." "NO! I don't want you too." "Give me one more kiss." I leaned in slowly and gave him a long, passionate kiss. "God! I'm going to miss you. Next summer is going to better, right?" "Hell yeah!" "I love you." "I love you too." I went back inside and texted him to text me when he gets home. About a hour later he got home save. *END OF FLASHBACK* There is more summer stories but I will talk about them later. I bet most of you all are wondering why I named it My Redneck. Well I haven't to that part yet, just have to wait.
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