Pearl White ~A One Direction FairyTale~

You think you know how the story goes. Snow White meets some dwarves, eats an apple, falls asleep, gets kissed by a prince and lives happily ever after.

If only my life were that simple. My name's Pearl. Pearl White. And unfortunately for me, I'm never even going to get to meet my prince. Because his name is Liam Payne, and he's a member of the boy band One Direction.

Cover made by the amazing user NathanielStanley! Thank you so much!


18. The Trial

"There is no trial," he says, smiling slightly.


"Celia withdrew the restraining order." 

My mind goes blank. "What? You mean she can just take it back?"


"What the fu-"

"Well, I think her lawyers advised her to. Because she's now being charged with attempted murder, for trying to kill you. One of the St. Mungos gardeners tackled her, and sat on her until the police came, I wish I was joking about that bit, but I'm not. But her lawyers are claiming she's not medically sound, or whatever."

I rub my temples.

"Oh my god. This is so complicated."

"Yeah, well, your life might get a little bit more complicated," mentions Liam. "You might want to stay away from the window."

"Why?" I ask.

"Well, the news stories have been reporting everything non stop, and well, let's just say you have a lot of admirers. Plus," he blushes, "I might have mentioned that I'm completely in love with you. I'm a besotted fool."

"Stop," I say, blushing. "Stoooop. No, that's not true."

"If it wasn't, would I have bribed the nurse to let me stay past visiting hours? To stay by your side until you woke up again?"

"Oh my god, Liam-"

"Pearl," his face grows solemn, "Pearl, I love you. I know it's sudden, I've only known you for several months, but I'm serious. I want to date you, that is, if you're willing to go through my crazy fans and my issues and just be with me."

"That's romantic." I pretend to think, but I can't keep a straight face. Tears are pouring out of my eyes. "Yes, of course, you idiot, I want to date you. Ok. You want to know the truth? I was a huge directioner. Like, massive. And I was completely in love with you. I thought I was, anyway. I used to listen to your songs and learn all about your likes and dislikes and watch interview after interview. And then all this shit happened. And I was like, 'Wow I was such a child. Why the hell would I like somebody I've never even met.' But then I met you, and you weren't like what I'd imagined, and I hated myself more for it, for trying to force you into that box that all your fans do," I babble.

"So, when I offered you the concert tickets..." he says, slowly, trying to piece things together.

"Yeah, I wanted them. Hell, that was my fucking dream before the restraining order and everything. I wanted to be in the front row. I wanted to be that girl that you smiled at when you sang. I just wanted you to notice me. I hoped that modeling would get me there, but honestly, I don't want to model. I wasn't even doing it for the right reasons. I didn't enjoy seeing my face on the cover of Vogue, I was embarrassed by it. I don't need fame. I just need you."

He smiles.

"So what do you want to do then, Miss Model?"

I take a deep breath.

"Landscape architecture. I think, anyway."


"Yeah. Well, I'm going to apply to an architecture school, specifically for landscape design. I'm going to use our garden as part of my portfolio. But I think you helped me figure out what I want to do."

"Are you sure? It just seems rather sudden."

"Almost dying will do that to you. But I've been contemplating it for a while. I just never really got around to it thanks to the trial. And speaking of which, the new trial, do I need to give a statement, or press charges or something?"

"Yeah, I mean the police were here earlier, but you were knocked out."

"Celia has problems," I say firmly. "I don't think she is medically sound enough for trial, honestly. I think she needs help."

"How can you say that?" says Liam, incredulously. "She tried to kill you!"

"I've spent almost these past five years hating her. And it's not worth it. She needs help. Maybe this will give her the help she needs."

"You were on a breathalyzer, for Christ's sake!"

"Liam, please."

He's silent. I sigh.

"I'm too tired for this now. Do you think there's room for two in this? I need a cuddle right now," I say shyly, and motion towards my bed.

"Uh.." He looks at the tubing coming out of my arms.

"On this side," I motion to my right.

"Oh all right, try not to get your heart rate up again," he grumbles, but he can't stop the smile from spreading across his face. I turn a bit awkwardly on my side as he climbs into the narrow bed and delicately wraps his arms around me. He's warm, and I fall back into his arms, falling back into sleep.

When I wake up the next morning, he's laying against the row of chairs on the wall. I wonder if we even spooned, or kissed, or if it was all a dream. But I let him sleep, although his snoring hurts my ears. I fell in love with a hippo, it seems.

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