My Heart's Crying For Love.

Harry has a secret Tumblr blog and no one knows about it. Harry uses his blog to post about how much he hate himself and about his suicide attempts. Louis and Harry aren't talking like they used to. Harry's broken and it's up to Louis to pick up the pieces. What happens when Louis finds Harry's Tumblr? Will Louis try to save his best friend? Will everything go back to normal? Louis and Harry's love is about to be put on a long journey through hatred and tears. And will their love survive in the end?


2. Heartless.

~Harry's POV~ 


I woke up with a soft knock on my bedroom door. Moments later Louis were standing in the middle of the room crying. Suddenly a loud crack sounded and the night sky lit up in a bright color. Louis let out a small whimper.


"H-Harry c-can I please sleep in h-here?" I asked in a tinny voice.   


"Why don't you just go over at El's?" I asked maybe a bit too harsh.   


"She's out clubbing and she doesn't make me feel safe.. That's your job Hazza.." He whispered softly. I think in that very moment my heart was swimming in love towards this older boy standing in front of me. I didn't answer I just lifted the duvet for him to crawl under it.   


I soon felt a pair of cold hands on my chest and a gasp left my mouth. "You're freezing!" I said and wrapped my arms around his small frame. I don't know why I did all of this because I know in the morning everything will go back to normal. Maybe it was the way his voice sounded or the way he said it's my job to protect him.   


"Haz?" He whispered gently.   


"Mmm." I hummed.   


"I'm scared.." He was almost crying.   


"It'll be okay Boo. I promise." I said and kissed his forehead then his nose and I was just about to kiss his lips but I stopped myself just in time. He just laid there with big blue eyes staring at me.  


"Y-you can k-kiss me i-if you want to.." He barely whispered. I just stared at him in shock. I really wanted to kiss him and just forget how much I actually hate him. How he's been ignoring me. Treating me like I was just a normal person and not his best friend.   


"I-I can't." I said softly not trying to sound harsh or angry even though I wanted to yell at him.    I unwrapped myself from him and turned away from him. I just laid there looking at the rain running down the big window.   


I think Louis thought I was sleeping because I soon heard small whimpers and sobs leave the beautiful boy laying beside me. I pretended to just roll around and put my arms around him. I could tell it surprised him. He turned his head around to look at me. I could feel him staring at my face.  


"Haz? Are you sleeping?" He whispered really close to my face. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and I swear to God that in that moment I just wanted to kiss him like he's never been kissed before but I didn't.   


I didn't say a thing and I guess he bought it. He nuzzled his head into my chest my nose buried in his feathery hair. "I love you Harry. A lot more than you know." He whispered against my bare skin. I felt like dying. Did he just say ? I mean I heard him say it! Who am I trying to fool I'm his best friend. It can only be like that and nothing more. He has Eleanor so he doesn't need me. At all. I'm just a fat ugly teenager. He kissed my chest and snuggled even closer into my arms. I decided to just enjoy this because in the morning everything would be like a war again.   



~Louis' POV~ 

I woke till a nerve wrecking scream. I looked around in the dark trying to find Harry but he wasn't beside me. "Harry?!" I yelled out but he didn't answer. I ran out of the room and down the steps. Harry was lying on the floor curled up in a ball holding his arms around his head. 


"Make it stop Lou!" He cried desperately. 


"Harry! Haz what's wrong?!" I asked starting to panicked. Suddenly he stop crying. I think he passed out. I carried him up into his room and put him down on the tucking him in. Maybe I can find out why Harry has been like this while he's asleep.. I started to look around his room opening dressers and cabins. I was looking at his desk when I accidentally hit the mouse and the screen lit up. It was some sort of Twitter I guess but it was called Tumblr I've read fans tweeting about it but I've never used it. I sat down in the chair starting so scroll down the newsfeed. It was filled with self harm and depressing quotes not to mention all the suicide attempts. I recognized Harry as soon as I saw his wrist. I can't believe this is how Harry feels and I haven't even noticed! I'm supposed to be his best friend and here I am learning a whole new side of Harry. A side I wished he didn't have. 


I got up and walked over to the bed where Harry was lying. I crawled under the duvet and snuggled up close breathing in his scent. Moments later I was asleep. 

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