The Immortal

Would you fight the evil that surrounded you? Would you risk your life to save another's? Would you try to save the whole human race? Well, would you?

If anyone had told Avia Green she was the only person in the world that couldn't turn immortal she would of laughed. Immortality? Demons? Evil? Please. But what if one man is trying to destroy the human race with what Avia created inside her head. What if Avia is the only one that can destroy him? What if the whole world is relying on Avia to free them of their evil spirits? Yeah what if.


9. The Chase

I struggled onto my knees and then my feet, soil flying as I threw myself into a sprint. The air dried out my lips but I left them open, panting hard as footsteps thumped the ground beside me.

It was a risky choice but I finally looked behind me, breathing a wheezy sigh of relief as I watched Jamie run a few metres back. Armed men where behind him, covered head to toe in white protective gear. They never shot a bullet.

"Keep going!" Jamie cried, watching my emotions turn to a mix of fear, panic and exhaustion all rolled into one. My stomach was tightening and my limbs were becoming sore and stiff as I turned a sharp corner out of the trees and into a park. Yes, people!

I quickly glanced around and ran to a sea saw, jumping over it with all my energy. They wouldn't shoot with people around surely.

I slowed down and clutched a metal pole in front of me, my shoulders sinking down with my back and soon the rest of my body. I coughed and wheezed, my body obviously not strong enough to go any further. Warm hands touched cold skin and I jumped.

"It's me, their gone. It's okay."

I felt relief in his voice and looked up into the dark puppy dog eyes he possessed. My eyes travelled down to his cheeks and then his lips, pink and dry. If I wasn't dying  I maybe would of even planted a kiss onto the cracked skin.

I quickly looked away, blushing at the thought and turned back to see his arm stretched out in front of me. Disappointment. I took his hand and he lifted me, taking me in his arms.

"How did they find us?" he panted, stroking the back of my head. I looked over his shoulder to see any signs of the armed men but they were gone. Was it the TAOC?

"I don't know but we need to go see Cole. He's the only one with the answers."

Jamie pulled away and looked in my eyes like I had just spoken another language, "If you weren't in an unstable condition right now I would let you but you can't go out alone any more."

"Then you can come with me."

He cringed and a muscle under his eye twitched, "I think you know Cole and I don't get along very well." He watched me, looking for something in my eyes. Why was he searching when I had all the questions?

"Pretty please?" I sung, trying to use the cutest voice my dry throat could spear, "With a cherry on top?"

Jamie smiled, old memories flooding back as he took my hand in his and turned towards where our bikes laid motionless, "Just this once."

We didn't bother to clean up the mess of the picnic, he just got on the bikes and rode all the way home without looking back. Half way there I caught the same white van from before parked outside a bakery. Two men were getting out of the van, one dressed in business wear and another in a white suit..

I swore and skidded to a halt, Jamie speeding past me before nearly running over a poodle tied to a pole. If this was any other day I would of laughed.

I motioned him towards me and told him the situation, his eyes full of alarm as he turned to see the van that was just a few metres away. We grabbed the bikes and chucked them in an alley, sneaking out and getting close enough so we could hear what they were saying behind a watermelon stand.

"No they got away," a bitter voice grumbled. I peaked over the melons and watched as the man in a suit and tie paced back in forth with a iPhone glued to his ear, "We couldn't of! Witnesses were everywhere and I was not letting my men re-enact another 'Bank Robbery' manoeuvre."

"What do you see?" Jamie asked, tugging at hem of my top. I ducked down and breathed in and out before speaking.

"A man on the phone. He's talking about our escape. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that the man he's talking to is Cadell."

Jamie frowned and took a look for himself, watching the man for a couple of minutes before returning, "He's talking about going back to your place and waiting for you."

I cringed. I was never going to go back home straight away but my mother and sisters were still there. Was it right to tell get them involved?

I raised up and saw the man hang up and smash the phone across the ground, glass shattering everywhere, "Damned idiot." He snarled. The other guy in the white protective suit came out from the bakery with a plastic bag and both of them got back in the van. Jamie pulled me down just as they reversed and speed off.

"We have to go to Cole's."


I don't know how he knew but Jamie had obviously been to Cole's house before. We parked the bikes on the driveway of the massive mansion that towered over us and ran up the steps to the front door. My finger was swollen by the time they had got to the door.

"Geez, how eager are people these days," an annoyed voice snapped, the person opening the door angrily until seeing us, "Avia, hey!"

I smiled at Grace as she gave me a hug before giving Jamie a death stare, "What's this idiot doing here?"

"Nice to see you too Gracie. Yanno your hair looks nearly as good as my hair does ," Jamie replied, Grace rolling her eyes and letting us in.

"Don't flatter yourself jerk face."

They continued to argue as I walked down the large hall and into the dining room where Havana and Dr. Wild were sitting.

"Avia?" Havana asked, frowning.

I smiled and looked around, hoping Cole would turn around the corner. He never did.

"Let me guess, your looking for the dem-" She tried off as Jamie came into the room, Grace insulting his dirty hair, "What's he doing here?"

I avoided eye contact and rubbed my bare arms, bumps appearing on the cold skin, "He's my friend and he can help us."

"He hunts our kind!" she snapped, flipping her pony tail off her shoulder.

"You mean the kind trying to kill us? Isn't that why you need me, to kill your kind and turn you back to a mortal?"

Havana sighed, defeated and walked out, "Cole's not here by the way. He's out with his lady friend Courtney and when I say lady friend I mean he digs her."

Rage and jealously ripped my heart apart as I looked away from everyone in the room. Cole always seemed to hang out with girls 24/7.

"Don't worry, Courtney is just another immortal like us, he's been training her for awhile," Grace added, noticing my expression.

I sighed and faced her, "Why is he training her?"

"We train five days a week. We all need to be in good shape before we go to war with Cadell. I bet Jamie and his friends do the same."

Jamie nodded, "Yeah but our gym is crappy. It would be nice to train luxury for a change."

Dr. Wild sat up and folded the newspaper he was reading, "Why don't you and your friends train with us. Especially Avia, you need to be the fittest you've ever been if you want to out run the TAOC."

I remember the park and pain and nodded furiously. Jamie also agreed.

"Good, Cole will be glad he can train your hot bootay!" Grace giggled, tapping me on the backside before running out to join Havana. Embarrassed, I jumped forward and Jamie laughed.

"Your training will begin on Monday. He train out the back in the old shed."

We looked out the window and looked at the massive shed that sat outside. It was about half the size of the mansion and double the size of my house. I swooned.

"So," Dr. Wild cleared his throat, "Why are you kids here?"

"They found us," Jamie said, getting straight to the point, "We were in Hillsberry and we were in this enclosed tree area place when they chased us into a park and then left. We then spied on a man talking to Cadell about going back to Avia's home and waiting."

Dr. Wild sighed and grabbed out his phone, texting someone then putting his attention back on us, "How many men were there?"

"I don't know, ten?" I replied. Jamie agreed and we were sent to the shed to chat with Cole. As we reached the door we heard grunts and groans coming from inside.

We marched in and I nearly fainted. A gigantic boxing ring sat in the middle of the shed, Cole and a girl my age or maybe older fighting in the middle. Treadmills, weights and other gym gear sat at the left side of the ring, weapons on the right and punching bags and dummies at the back. I cringed as the girl threw a punch at Cole's face and he ducked, stepping back and grabbing her by the waist and throwing her down onto the mat, hard.

Jamie whistled and they both stopped, staring at us for a few seconds before reacting.

"Avia," Cole said, helping the girl up and jumping down from the ring. He grabbed a towel from a bench and wiped the sweat from his face before giving me a cheeky smile, "And you brought a friend."

Jamie snarled and they both glanced at each other before Jamie broke the silence, "I didn't force myself here just to have a staring contest with you. We need to chat."

"With Av?"

Av? I wasn't sure if I liked that one or not.


The girl got down and unwrapped tape from her wrists, smiling at Jamie but giving me only a half smile.

"Who's your buddies?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"I'm Avia," I spat back, trying to hide my harsh tone. I held out my hand to sugar coat my words even more but she denied. 

"And I'm Jamie King," Jamie smiled, the girl taking his hand as she winked at him. Cole ripped them apart as he walked over to his drink bottle.

"That's Courtney. I've been training her for awhile."

"Want to guess each others immortality?" she purred, walking behind Jamie and sniffing his neck. She frowned and stepped back, "Your mortal."

"I know," he answered, rubbing the spot her breath tickled, "I'm a hunter."

Courtney didn't seem fazed by the fact Jamie slaughtered her kind and ate them for breakfast. Okay maybe not the breakfast part but whatever.

"And you're a werewolf," Jamie grinned, looking at Courtney's teeth that looked pretty normal to me, "Only werewolf's can smell a mortal from an immortal."

She nodded, "Correct mortal boy. Want to get in the ring? I can show you a few moves of my own if you like."

"No." I snapped, her eyes glaring at me like a snake ready to feast, "We need to talk to Cole."

Courtney gave me another glance, turning to grab her things before smiling at Cole and Jamie before leaving.

"If a damn vampire comes through that door I will cut it's throat," I snapped, walking further into the shed/gym and up to wear Cole was washing up.

"Vampire's don't exist."

I rolled my eyes, "Sorry, I still have a lot to learn apparently."

Jamie rubbed my shoulder and sat on a bench, "I can teach you."

"Can we just talk about what we need to talk about because I'm hungry and I don't want to eat when the girls around."

I was just the girl now was I? Pain sizzled me like a frying pan. Perfect.

"What do you mean eat?" I asked before remembering exactly why. He ate the organs of mortals, "Wait. You can't just eat Cole."

He glared at me and I think I even saw a snarl. Boy. "I made a deal with this guy. He provides us with the food I provide him with the money."

I felt like I was part of a drug deal.

"Well how about we change the subject and have a chat about the you know who," Jamie interrupted but I wasn't backing down, I had questions.

"Why can't you just avoid eating innocent people?"

Cole didn't even look back up at me as he walked into the locker room with Jamie and I at his heels, "Their lab rats. They choose to be worked on and fed to us. And we can't avoid it, it takes over us and turns us into hungry killing machines."

I looked around and scanned the lockers that outlined the small room. I looked at Courtney's locker and rolled my eyes as I saw a picture of her and Cole battling it out in the ring pinned to her door. I walked forward and looked more closely, studying their faces. Courtney wore a big smile, straight teeth beaming as she held her arms in front of her face. Cole had his arms around her waist, wearing a smile of his own. I had never seen him smile like that before.

"So what's with the surprise appearance?" Cole snapped, making me come back to reality. He was staring at me and I walked back to where Jamie stood, my eyes not quite reaching his.

"They found us and chased us. We are lucky we weren't somewhere private."

"Wait, we?" Cole asked, looking at Jamie then at me, "Where were you at the time?"

"We were at Hillsberry near the park. Avia and I were just.." Jamie trailed off and looked at me like I had a explanation.

"Just hanging out."

"Yeah, they came and we ran. We found them later talking about how they were going back to Avia's and staking out."

"Do your parents know?" Cole asked, looking towards me. I remembered the shock my mother felt when she realised I knew what she had been trying to hide all these years. Shock. Horror.

"No, I need to call them and bring them to me, do you think I could stay the night?"

"You can stay the week. They will expect you back in a few days. I'll get my boys to get them without them striking any suspicions. Do you want to be dropped off?" Cole asked Jamie, his eyes cold. 

"Sure, but keep me updated."

I watched Cole look at his wrists, tape still stuck around his knuckles, "I don't think I have a choice."

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