The Immortal

Would you fight the evil that surrounded you? Would you risk your life to save another's? Would you try to save the whole human race? Well, would you?

If anyone had told Avia Green she was the only person in the world that couldn't turn immortal she would of laughed. Immortality? Demons? Evil? Please. But what if one man is trying to destroy the human race with what Avia created inside her head. What if Avia is the only one that can destroy him? What if the whole world is relying on Avia to free them of their evil spirits? Yeah what if.


2. Stolen

His voice swept through me, his eyes looking into me like I was invisible. It was something about his tense tone that made me scared, afraid and excited.

"I think we should leave," Jamie muttered into my ear, making the hairs on my neck rise up. He grabbed my wrist and started pulling me away out of the crowd of students that were filling the halls at a rapid pace. We were nearly past the boy and his two scary sidekicks before I felt two strong hands grip my shoulders and pull me back, my hand sliding out under Jamie's palm.

"I don't think you're going anywhere, Miss Green."

I was turned around and forced to stare into the boys chest, smelling his strong scent. Mmm, I hated to admit it but he smelt perfect. Lollipops, coconut and a hint of something that prickled my nose. The first thing that came to my mind was rot or blood but I knew it wasn't that. It couldn't be. He wore a navy blue t-shirt with three buttons that were un-done and I looked down to see dark jeans and boots caked with mud up the sides. His hands still stayed on my shoulders, like he couldn't let me go but I was soon pulled away as Jamie ripped us apart.

"She will be going thank you," Jamie snapped. His face was shadowed with anger, something I had never seen in him before. We then jumped into a quick walk, overtaking everyone in our path. When we knew we were out of sight, Jamie grabbed my shoulders and studied my face. "Are you okay?"

"Yes why? Who are they Jamie?" I cringed in hearing the desperation in my voice. I sounded so childish.

"People you don't want to hang around with, they mean trouble and when I say this Avia I mean big trouble." His tone was serious, the hairs on my neck rising higher then skyscrapers.


"Do you feel lightheaded? A sudden need to eat?" Eat? I just had breakfast.

"No I'm fine?"

"Are you tired? Do you feel queasy or cold?" Ok now this was weird. Jamie wouldn't ask me these questions unless he knew something I didn't.

"Jamie," I whispered, stepping closer to him. He winced like he was afraid but he kept his gaze on mine. "I. Am. Fine."

He sighed and stood back, straightening up and running his fingers through his wet hair, "Good." Then the bell rang and the hall erupted into a stampede of both genders, Jamie disappearing with the crowd.


"You know he's staring at you right?"

Thea's voice was lost in her constant slurping of spaghetti that she was feeding into her mouth. I still envied her for the skinny waist she possessed even though she ate like a pig. I looked up over my bottle of water and stared at her as she continued to spin noodles around on her fork.


"The new boy. The one with the two creepy looking sisters," Thea pointed to her eyes and used a napkin to wipe spaghetti sauce off her lips. My heart stopped as I remembered him, the one who stopped me this morning. Him, the one with the pale blue eyes and the rich coconut scent.

Slowly I turned around, looking to see the three of them staring at me with wild glances. The brunette snarled while the blonde twisted a corner of her lip into a small smirk, her eyes telling me to come over.

"I need to leave," I whispered, turning back to see Thea looking at me with a sheen of curiosity in her hazel irises. I got up before she could swallow her mouthful and speed into a fast jog out of the cafeteria. I reached the doors just as the coconut boy grabbed my hands and led me into the hall, kicking and screaming.

"Squirming will make me mad and you don't want to see me mad," he threatened, his voice raspy and husky with a hint of sexiness. It made my body weak and I forced against it.

"You don't scare me," I hissed, kneeing him in his thighs, trying to aim for the upper 'sensitive' region, "If anything you're not that attractive either." Did I just say that.

He chuckled, a laugh that made my knees shake and throb, "Please. My voice is making you weak and you know it, I know it, we both know it."

Trying to slide out of his grip, I started shouting for help but the hall was dead silent. Everyone was either in classrooms or in the cafeteria. I decided my best option was to fight back so I stabbed my elbow into his chest, finally getting out of his hold and sprinting down the hall. I skidded around the corner and ran towards the exit before getting pulled down.

"Get off me!" my voice squealed as I was slammed to the cold floor. I heard a silky laugh and realised someone else had jumped on top of me. A girl.

"I forgot how weak we used to be," another voice purred. This voice was huskier but had a beautiful rasp to it, "Jab her."

Before I could protest my head was pushed onto the floor with enough force to make a strike of pain fill my skull. Wincing, a felt a sting in my neck and a chill of liquid running into my blood. Then it was goodnight Avia as my eyelids closed over and I plummeted into the darkness.


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