The Immortal

Would you fight the evil that surrounded you? Would you risk your life to save another's? Would you try to save the whole human race? Well, would you?

If anyone had told Avia Green she was the only person in the world that couldn't turn immortal she would of laughed. Immortality? Demons? Evil? Please. But what if one man is trying to destroy the human race with what Avia created inside her head. What if Avia is the only one that can destroy him? What if the whole world is relying on Avia to free them of their evil spirits? Yeah what if.


8. Hunters

When I woke, my head was deep in a pillow, the warm cotton sinking into my face. I heard footsteps and muttering but it soon stopped and I was left alone in the darkness.

Tick Tick Tick Tick

I finally lifted my heavy eyelids to see a very familiar alarm clock, a pink hand ticking away the seconds on the analog screen. A photo frame stood next to it, a picture of a happy family smiling sitting inside the wooden rectangle. It took me awhile to figure out that family was my family. My Dad stood tallest in the photo, his smile pure and real as his arms wrapped around his family. Mum was just below him, her smile the biggest I'd ever seen since Dad died. She was young and beautiful, her blonde hair laying perfectly down her slender shoulders. Then there was me, three year old Avia. I was laughing, my eyes squinting from the bright sun. My hands were on my mothers baby bump, Ebony waiting inside.

I remember how excited I was for Ebony to be born. I thought she was going to be the perfect little sister but we all know how that turned out to be.

I heard my door creak slowly open and a pitter patter of footsteps sneaking across the carpet. It wasn't long until two big blue eyes peaked over the top of the covers and blinked in my direction.

"Avie?" Lilly whispered, nudging me with a small hand. I looked down at her and grinned, grabbing her from the ground and playfully tossing her onto my bed.

"Avie!" she squealed, the sound so loud it rang in my ears. She tried to crawl away but I grabbed her little legs and pulled her towards me, using the tips of my fingers to lightly tickle her stomach. The squealing continued until Ebony stepped into the room, white wedges making her look inches taller.

Her dark hair was pulled into a messy bun on top of her head and her short white summer dress with lace at the bottom told it was hot outside.

"Mum, she's up!" Ebony cried out into the hallway, looking back at me with eyes covered with makeup, "What's happening to you?"

Lilly crawled off me and started playing with my pillows as I got out of bed. I opened my curtains with a quick rip, staring out into the street that was actually stunning. Trees were starting to shed red and orange leaves but the bright blue sky said it was still Summer. Joggers ran across the streets with dogs of all sizes and birds sung in the trees. Thank God it was Saturday.

"How are you feeling?" Mum's voice called from the doorway. I turned and looked at her face that was still full of elegance and beauty. She was worried and I knew it. Whatever happened to me yesterday had really shaken her up.

"I'm fine," I replied, watching Lilly jump into her arms. Ebony started looking into my full length mirror in my closet, admiring her skinny waist.

"How can you feel fine?" she muttered, playing with the ruffles, "You literally smashed your face on the counter."


Ebony looked at me in the reflection of the mirror with a raise of an eyebrow, "You don't remember what happened, do you?"

I rubbed my bare arms as a cold chill ran through the room, "I only remember darkness. I was talking to Mum about..." I trailed off. I couldn't tell Ebony what we were talking about. Adding even more drama to her life would be deadly.

"We were talking and you just passed out on the counter," Mum interrupted, saving me from an awkward silence, "We didn't know what to do. It was so sudden so we just put you to bed and called a doctor to come by. He said you had something in your blood stream that wasn't normal but it wasn't something to be concerned about."

The toxin. Dad had told me about it in my dreams. Or was it real?

"So what now?"

"He just said to keep an eye on you and if it occurred again to bring you to the hospital for a proper check up."

I looked back out the window and into the sky where two days ago laid a cloud with a dark blue shadow around it's border. It seemed so unreal and so magical. I'm still trying to think about what it could mean. Note to self, ask Cole about the cloud.

Ebony and Mum continued to talk in the background but I blocked them out, the morning gleam glowing on my dull skin. All I could see was Jamie fighting the demons children saw in their nightmares, a sword ripping through body after body as he ran through a dark forest.

"Are you even listening to us?" Ebony spat, her eyes glaring as I turned to face her.

"Sorry what was that?"

"We were saying," she sighed, rolling her eyes as she went back to looking at herself in the mirror, "That Jamie called and asked if your were up for a bike ride down to Hillsberry."

The thought of Jamie fighting was vanished out my mind and replaced with me. I was running and I couldn't stop, my feet thumping the ground as I sprinted down into the darkness. I heard his voice, their screams, his pain.

"Seriously? It's like talking to a bloody rock."


When I looked up I felt tears in my eyes, like what I was feeling was really going to happen. I wiped them with the back of my hand and looked away so my mother and sisters couldn't see my tears. "I'll call him."

"Alright, white chocolate chip pancakes are downstairs so I would hurry, Mama's gotta eat!" my mother joked.

I smiled without looking at her. The tears were still there and I didn't want to cause anymore problems in our messed up family.

I heard them all walk out and when I finally felt alone in the cold room I slammed my door shut. I looked around at my bed and sighed. I was not in the mood to clean up.

"Avia!" I heard from downstairs. I messily made my bed and grabbed dirty clothes off the floor, chucking them in laundry hamper and opening my bedroom window so some fresh air could come in.

I heard my name being called again and footsteps up the staircase, it all finishing with a light pound on my door.

"If you call my name one more time I'll-" I ripped open my door and screamed, quickly slamming it shut again. What was he doing here?

"Avia unlock the door, we need to talk."

"Get out of my house!" I screamed, glancing at my self in the mirror and nearly having a seizure at my appearance.

"It's important."

"I don't really give a flying crap! You can't just walk into my house and demand to speak to me! Just because you think your so sexy and tough doesn't mean you have the right to pound on my door and talk to me. I mean I'm not saying your not sexy and tough I mean you kind of are but." Shut. The. Hell. Up. Avia.

Silence. Did I seriously make Cole Wild speechless? Go me! If it wasn't for the fact I was a raging bull I would of been dancing around my room right now.

"Cole?" I spoke, my voice breaking mid word. I slowly unlocked my door and opened it slowly. Okay, not only did I leave him speechless but I made him run for the hills. Avia-2 Cole-0

"I honestly never wanted it to come to this but I think I have no choice."


I spun around and came face to face with the boy that admitted to eating human organs once a month. He ate damn organs.

And he also knows how to get into a girls room without her opening the door. Lovely.

"Get out!" I screamed, running backwards and grabbing a few pillows off my bed, "I will throw these at you!"

He laughed but stood still, "I'm so scared."

"You should be," I grinned, "These pillows are deadly." I looked at my open window out the corner of my eye and gave him a devilish smile.


Thinking fast, I grabbed the pillows and chucked them all in his direction, turning and running to the window. I felt him lunge for me but I dodged and jumped out the open window onto the soft grass. I sprinted into the front yard and finally stopped when I got to the letterbox, searching for him.


I squealed as I felt his breathe tickle my skin and I tried to run but he caught me.

"Let me go!" I yelled but it came out more like a laugh. I fell onto the grass, dirt smudging my bare knees as I turned around to see him beside me. He grabbed me and started digging his fingers into my rips, making me squirm.

"You're ticklish?" He laughed, his blue eyes sparkling in the sun.

"No!" I gasped, screaming as he ticked me again, "Stop, no, please!"

I tried to get up but he pinned me down, his weight forcing me into the soft grass. The laughing continued until he heard someone clear their throat.

We both turned our heads and awkwardly sat up as Jamie stood on the footpath in front of us.

"Did your Mum say I called?" he asked, avoiding looking at Cole who was staring daggers at him.

I nodded shyly and got up, brushing the grass off my cotton shorts and tank top. Not only did I look like a disgrace but my clothes were stained too, "I'll get ready and meet you at your place in 15."

Jamie sighed, giving Cole a cold look before walking back down to his house.

I stared at Cole who I found looking back at me and rubbed my palms together.

"I'll call you."

"What did you want to talk about?" I asked quietly as he stood up and fixed his hair.

"The TAOC tried to attack last night but my boys held them off, your not safe here anymore."

I felt my throat choke up and my mouth go dry, "I can't leave Cole."

He looked at the ground and stared at the grass, "I know."


I looked at myself in the mirror, my reflection looking back at me with sunken eyes and dry lips. Operation Fix Avia was ready to commence.

I grabbed a pair of denim shorts and one of my favourite tops and stepped into the shower, the warm jets of water running down my back as I relaxed.

I was just finishing coating my lashes with mascara when Ebony called from downstairs that my pancakes were going cold. My stomach agreed with a loud rumble.

"Sorry!" I cried as I bolted down the stairs and into the kitchen. Ebony was sitting at the table, her fingers stretched over a towel as she stroked her fingernails with red polish.

"Isn't this colour hot?" she stated, wriggling her fingers in my direction. I rolled my eyes and started shoving cold pancake in my mouth. I was late.

When I finished and Ebony had stopped her insults I ran out into the sunshine and grabbed my bike. I was halfway to Jamie's place when I saw a van parked outside a house, it's windows darkly tinted. I always remembered my friends and I joking about the paedophile in a white van but I never thought of it actually happening to me. I sped past the van, my heart beating fast in my ears as I stopped the bike and ran to the front door of the King's house.

After what seemed like a century Jamie finally opened the door, "What's with the intense doorbell ringing?"

I smiled and looked to see the van gone, "Sorry, I'll tell you later."

We both got on our bikes and raced each other down to Main Street, the wind running through our hair. It was magical. Hillsberry was only a 15 minute bike ride away but if felt longer with the awkward silence.

When we stopped, Jamie told me to close my eyes and wait for the command to open them. I felt his strong, fighting, hands lead me down a hill and I heard water running in the distance.

"Jamie!" I cried as I felt a tree smash into my side. I heard him laugh and apologise before he stood me still and told me to open my eyes.

I peeled my eyelids open to see the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Long trees reached for the clouds as a waterfall ran in the distance playing it's beautiful music. A picnic blanket and a basket was set up in the middle, rose petals spread out over the grass.

"Jamie this is," I stopped and inhaled the fresh rose scented air, "This is perfect."

He smiled and lead me to the blanket, both of us sitting down and digging into the fresh fruit, deli sandwiches and pasta salad he laid out.

"Mmm, this is amazing. Why are you so sweet?" I asked, biting into a piece of watermelon.

"I guess I was just born perfect," Jamie laughed throwing a grape in the air and catching it with his mouth.

"Oh, give me one!"

I sat up and Jamie grabbed a grape, chucking it up in the air before it came down and hit me in the eye.

"Oh my gosh!" I laughed, Jamie nearly dying as he fell back in a fit of laughter, "Stop!"

He got back up and smiled, his face going red from laughing too hard, "Sorry."

"I'll give you one."

I secretly grabbed five grapes, Jamie opening his mouth before I slammed all five in his face. He gasped, grabbing me and pulling him towards me. So this is what it's like to be in his arms.

He hugged me tight and tickled me softly, reminding me of Cole before stopping. I looked up at him and saw him looking down at me.

"Are you and Cole an item?" he asked.

I sat back and ran my fingers through my hair, "No."

"Do you know about him?"


"He's dangerous Avia, you shouldn't be around him," Jamie sighed, looking at the grapes that had fallen over the grass.

"You think I don't know that?" I barked, my eyes watering, "But I have no choice! It's the only way to save us." I remember my vision of Jamie fighting and me running.

"Do you know what I do?" he asked softly. I nodded and he swore under his breath.

"I do it for the good. If I didn't we would have them crawling into our houses and killing us all. That's Cadell's purpose. It's what our fathers wanted."

"What?" I asked, looking at him with wild eyes. My Father?

"You don't know do you?"

I gulped and held down the screeching in my throat, "Just tell me."

"Our fathers were immortal hunters Avia."

It was then when figures broke through the trees and aimed guns at my head.

"Grab her," a dark voice said as Jamie ran towards me, shielding me from their attacks.


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