The Immortal

Would you fight the evil that surrounded you? Would you risk your life to save another's? Would you try to save the whole human race? Well, would you?

If anyone had told Avia Green she was the only person in the world that couldn't turn immortal she would of laughed. Immortality? Demons? Evil? Please. But what if one man is trying to destroy the human race with what Avia created inside her head. What if Avia is the only one that can destroy him? What if the whole world is relying on Avia to free them of their evil spirits? Yeah what if.


6. Hereos and Villians

I got out of the old Land Rover and stepped out into our front lawn, the afternoon sun burning down onto my neck as I took a deep breath of fresh air.

It was warmer then this morning, a bead of sweat forming on my forehead as I ripped off my jacket. I wiped my hair from my face as I looked back at Cole, his eyes looking directly at mine. I noticed his eyes were darker then they usually were, his dark hair hanging low in front of his left eye. Noticing me watching him, he gave me a cheeky smile.

"Remember what I said," he warned, "You tell no one."

I nod, wave goodbye and start walking to the front door, Cole's engine roaring down the street as I shut the door behind me. Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale.

Before Cole drove me home they all warned me to keep my mouth shut. They told me I was the only human in the world that couldn't turn immortal. They told me my best friend hunted demons. They told me that to save the world I had to destroy Cadell.

"Avia? Is that you?" my mother called, her voice cautious.

"Yeah, sorry Mum," I apologised, walking into the kitchen to see her bent down over the oven, "Is Ebony home?"

"She got home twenty minutes ago."

Sighing, I ignored my mothers argument and ran upstairs to my room, double checking the door was locked before rummaging through my bag. Screwed up homework, bruised fruit and loose change was flung onto the floor before I found what I was looking for.

Before I had left, Dr. Wild had given me a book containing everything I needed to know about how to defeat Dr. Cadell. Apparently they didn't know why I couldn't change into an immortal but it was something to do with my father. Yeah right.

Flicking through the pages I came across something interesting:

Congratulations. If you are reading this code then you are like me, a mortal that was blessed to never be cursed with immortality. I won't tell you who I am because unlike me you have a whole life to live and in a few days mine will be over but don't let that distract you from what's important here. I bet you have many questions so that's what I'm here for. But first let me ask you, how did you find out you were blessed? A relative? From the person who blessed you? Or from an immortal? (Which is very unlikely considering they are the enemy in this situation.) If you were told by a relative or a friend then you will most likely have trouble defeating Cadell. You need help in this quest and if this person isn't immortal or an immortal hunter you won't have a long time to survive. But if you were told by an immortal you are very lucky. You need as many immortals on your side as you can but this can be a challenge considering nearly all of them are brainwashed. Find as many as you can, meet immortal hunters and stay away from the TAOC. By the time your reading this, they will be after you. They will track you and when they find you, they will kill you so listen to me when I say this. Survive.

Turning the page I noticed the rest was in some type of code, symbols and weird looking letters flooding the pages. Could I read the code? Did I need to wait until later until I could read more?

I was lost in thought when my phone lit up, a unknown number appearing on the screen.

They will be after you. Keep weapons on you at all times and in your bedroom. Stay safe and don't go into the forest.  Cole.

I sighed and sunk down into my bed. I always thought supernatural beings were in movies, TV shows and your imagination. I would never had guessed my best friends were hunting the things I created in my head and I, Avia Green, was one of the only people in the world to save mind-kind.

A knock on my door jolted me and I quickly shoved the book into my bag before unlocking the door. My Mum was standing in the doorway, an angry expression on her face as she held the phone in her hand.

"The principal called," she said sternly, her emerald eyes watching me closely, "Apparently you skipped your afternoon classes yesterday and today!"

I swallowed down the bubble in my throat and tried to think of an explanation. Failing to think of something believable I glanced at the time and nearly had a heart attack.

"I'm late!" I squealed, running into my room and grabbing my work clothes, hand bag and phone before rushing down the stairs. I heard her cry but I didn't care. She would have to wait.

I grabbed my bike from the backyard and quickly pedalled down to main-street, the only thing on my mind being Cole and his crimson eyes.


"Here you go, one latte and a blueberry muffin," I beamed, placing a young girls order on the table as she smiled up at me.

"Thank you very much," she replied, flipping the page in her magazine as I walked away and studied the tables. Thea was clearing a one as she nudged me.

"I'm guessing you want table 11."

I followed her gaze to see Cole and a girl I had never seen before sitting in a booth away from the rest of the Friday crowd. I ignored her comment and dodged tables as I reached the booth, my heart rate growing faster and faster.

"Are you following me?" I joked, watching Cole's lady friend give me a frown.

Cole smiled, his sharp teeth glowing white as he looked down at the salt and pepper shakers, "I'm just here for a drink, that's all."

I watched him give the girl a wink before looking back up at me, my expression causing him to lose the smile.

"Can we order now?" The girl asked, flipping her golden hair over her shoulder. She looked pissed off so I quickly grabbed my pen and notepad.

"Of course."

"Alright, well I will have a green tea smoothie," the girl sighed.

"And I'll just have a coke."

Writing down the order, I stepped behind the bar to make the drinks when Thea poked me.

"Who's that?"

I didn't look back, I just continued making the smoothie as Thea started suggesting why they were together.

"Maybe it's his cousin," Thea blabbered on, grabbing a vanilla slice out of the front display and putting it in a paper bag, "So I wouldn't get jealous... just in case."

"I'm not jealous," I snapped, turning around from making the smoothie and giving her a dirty look, "I don't like him. I don't want anything to do with him."

Thea giggled and gave the customer the order before joining me back at the smoothie machine, "I caught you staring at him in class. You disappeared together at school today, for the second time and you have his number."

I watched as she held my phone up to my face, Cole's number on the screen as I saw he tried to text me before I left for work.

"The TAOC knows where you live. I will get my friend to guard your house tonight. Cole," Thea read, "What does that even mean?"

Panicking I snatched my phone out of her hand and deleted the message, "That's none of your business!"

Thea held her hand above her heart and gasped, "Just because we aren't speaking at school doesn't mean we're not friends anymore."

"You sound like we're in grade 3."

Thea snorted and looked over to where Cole and the girl were sitting, "Sometimes I wish we could go back in time, where dating boys was at the back of our mind and all we wanted to do was play Barbies."

Oh how I wish Thea.

The bell on the cafe door rang and I was knocked back into reality, finishing the drinks and walking back over to the table.

"Here you are, one green tea smoothie and a coke," I said, placing the cold drinks on the table.

Cole grinned, playing with the straw in his drink, "I forgot to introduce you to my friend, Gemma. Gemma, this is the girl I was talking to you about."

The girl looked up and her eyes brightened, "Oh so your the one!"

I looked at Cole with a worried glance before giving Gemma a shy grin, "The one and only...I think."

"Gemma's a siren like Havana," Cole mentioned in a hushed voice, "Sorry if she seems snooty like my sister, all sirens get turned that way when they are injected with the disease."

"Disease?" I asked.

"Yeah, when Cadell turns you immortal he simply stabs a needle in your arm. The poison is so powerful it turns you immortal just like that," Gemma snapped her fingers, "That's how Cadell is so powerful, he gets the TAOC to carry syringes with them so they can just inject you and take you to him when your already supernatural."

Looking to see if anyone was listening I turned back to Cole, "So, what happens when your immortal. How do you change into one?"

"We don't know," Gemma sighed, looking down at her drink with sadness, "Once you are injected you pass out. You can't run, as soon as your feel the prick you have a few seconds until you black out. It's the worst thing you could possibly go through."

I felt a pain in my chest, "And then what? How do you survive like this?"

Silence. Exchanged glances. More silence. I looked back and saw Thea looking at me with concern and annoyance. The café was getting empty and it was close to closing time so I had to get back to work quickly before Melissa noticed.

"Should we tell her?" Cole asked.

Gemma sighed and concentrated for a bit before turning around to face me, "The only way you can survive as an immortal is to eat the organs of well..."

I felt faint as Gemma whispered the last word.


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