The Immortal

Would you fight the evil that surrounded you? Would you risk your life to save another's? Would you try to save the whole human race? Well, would you?

If anyone had told Avia Green she was the only person in the world that couldn't turn immortal she would of laughed. Immortality? Demons? Evil? Please. But what if one man is trying to destroy the human race with what Avia created inside her head. What if Avia is the only one that can destroy him? What if the whole world is relying on Avia to free them of their evil spirits? Yeah what if.


7. Hallucinations

The rain lightly splashed the grass as I stretched out over the soft lawn, the tips prickling my bare skin as I laid over the turf. The water caused bumps to rise on my skin, the wind adding a cold chill as I closed my book and wiped the drops off the cover. Tracing the title of the book with my index finger, I sighed and smiled.

Reading was my getaway. When things were tough, complicated or just hard to handle I would grab a novel and go outside to read. I would escape to the world the words would take me, imagining I was a completely different person. Just for an hour. Someone who would get the boy, fall in love and live happily ever after.

I loved reading.

Getting up off the grass, I brushed the dirt off my bare legs and started walking back to the house. Lilly was standing on the back veranda, her little legs shivering.

"What are you doing out here Miss Lilly?" I asked, picking her up and tickling her under her chubby chin, "You should be inside where it's warmer."

We got in just in time before the rain bucketed down and grey clouds darkened the backyard. Mum was leaning over the stove, her eyes fixed in concentration as she stirred a wooden spoon around in a pot. When I got home from a very dramatic and interesting shift, I had ran straight into the backyard to read, avoiding whatever fight we were bound to have.

"How was work?" she asked, not bothering to look at me. I placed Lilly on the ground and put my book on the counter top before looking at the back of her head.


"Anything happen?"


I heard her sigh as I ran my fingers through my damp hair. Cole had said my father could of been the one that made me 'a mortal for life' but how was that possible? Would my mother know about this?

"Hey Mum," I asked quietly.


She had turned around and was now looking at me with curious eyes, the sizzling of meat echoing in the background.

"Did Dad ever...I don't know," I trailed off, "Do something to me when I was a baby?"

The expression on her face could cause chills on a hot summers day, "Why would you say something of the sort?"

"I mean like...did he ever put a spell on me?" I asked.

I was expecting a laugh to come out of her mouth, a chuckle, a smirk. But nothing. Her eyes filled with tears and she looked so fragile she could shatter into a million pieces.

"I always knew you were too clever. He said it was impossible and that you were safe. He was so sure," she sniffled, choking on upcoming tears. "I was so sure."

My knees felt weak so I grabbed a stool and reached over the counter so I could grab her cold hands. "So it's true? Dad put a spell on me?"

She grabbed a tissue and dabbed it under her eyes, "It was a spell to keep you safe from evil he said. It's in your blood, so whenever the evil tries to overcome you it won't work."

I looked down at the wedding ring that still stuck to her slender finger, the square diamond sparkling in the kitchen light. I was so shocked about the truth that I wanted to know more. My father had many secrets, some my mother might not even know. I hope he's not disappointed I want answers.

"How did the spell work?" I asked, twisting the ring around her finger.

"I don't know, he took you to some top secret place and that was it. I always called him a wizard and he hated it because he wasn't. He was a hunter."

Just before I could answer I was thrown back in time when I was sitting in the Wild's house, the four of them sitting in front of me with cold expressions. They spat things at me I didn't believe. They said my friends were keeping secrets from me. They said I couldn't become the evil they hunted. Track. Hunt. Kill.


I felt my body fall and my breath escape my lips like my mouth was hell. Whirling, turning, twisting. I saw my Dad in the distance, screaming my name. He told me to run. He told me to hide. I'm sorry Dad. Screams of dying souls flooded my ears, over flowing in my head. What was happening to me?


I heard deep voices come into the room but I couldn't see. I only saw red.

"We need to get her to my place."

It was Cole. Or was it Jamie? It scared me that I could die never knowing.


Track. Hunt. Kill.

"You really need to stop thinking that."

Everything was white as I opened my eyes, everything that is but the figure that stood before me. A man.

The man had dark hair, grey eyes and a small smile that seemed so familiar. I hated myself for forgetting that smile.


The smile grew as I looked at his chest, the chest that was stabbed three times. The wound was gone, his shirt clean of blood and gore.

"I missed that voice," he smiled, "But we don't have much time so we need to hurry."

I frowned. I wanted to stay with him forever, "I miss you."

"I know," he replied, sadness flooding his voice, "But you need to listen. Everyday more and more people are being captured by Cadell and the TAOC. What happened to you just before was the TAOC injecting you with a toxin that makes you hallucinate and forget all of your senses. You must of gotten injected while you were outside reading."

I didn't know what to feel shocked about. The fact I was shot with a toxin in my own backyard or the fact my father was really watching me.

"How did I not feel anything?" I said slowly, watching his eyes that were full of love and compassion.

"The shot of the toxin is too small to feel. They would of shot it from over the fence. That's why I made it rain, so you would've gone inside before they got you.

"You saw them?"

"No, I can't see the evil. I just knew."

I felt tears starting to form in my eyes and blinked heavily to fight them off, "How am I talking to you right now?"

"Your still hallucinating, so listen carefully Avia."







Sorry for the very short chapter, I'll try to make the next one extra long just for you guys :)

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