The Immortal

Would you fight the evil that surrounded you? Would you risk your life to save another's? Would you try to save the whole human race? Well, would you?

If anyone had told Avia Green she was the only person in the world that couldn't turn immortal she would of laughed. Immortality? Demons? Evil? Please. But what if one man is trying to destroy the human race with what Avia created inside her head. What if Avia is the only one that can destroy him? What if the whole world is relying on Avia to free them of their evil spirits? Yeah what if.


10. Fight for Me

In what seemed like forever my dream was somewhat sweet.

I was walking along a paddock of flowers, a field of red, yellow and purple brushing my ankles as I clutched a hand in my own. I didn't know who the hand belonged to but it was warm. Secure. I didn't want to let go.

To my disappointment, the dream came to a close way too soon. Something had jumped onto my bed and I squealed as a long tongue glided over my face.

"Romeo!" I squeaked, my eyelids shooting open to see the face of a German Shepard above me. Romeo jumped on my left leg and I yelped in pain, shoving his paws off and rubbing the tender muscle, "Dumb dog."

"He's all right once you get to know him."

I smiled sleepily as Grace walked in, a dressing gown dangling down her skinny figure all the way down to her ankles, "Morning Gracie."

I had only stayed two nights in the Wild's luxury retreat but even in that short period of time, Grace and I had grown to like each other. Havana was still snarly and Cole was sadly distant. He was to busy training the werewolf know-it-all out back to even notice me anyway.

"Was Avia being mean to you big boy?" Grace, puppy talked, stroking Romeo's head as he wagged his tail wildly.

I laughed, getting out of the king sized bed that sat at the back of the room and walking to the window. I looked out into the morning sky and saw Cole walking out of the Home Gym, Courtney whatever-her-name-is striding beside him. Pale pink lips were curved in a smile as he talked, her eyes watching his closely. I sighed and was about to step away before a familiar looking figure walked out of the shed door with a boy. Golden hair was stuck around her bare shoulders, her white smile causing me to remember her. It was Gemma from the cafe.

I watched as they disappeared to walk inside and I panicked.

"It's 6:30, I suggest getting ready. None the less, I don't thing Cole would mind seeing you in that."

I looked in the mirror that hung on the wall and looked at the short lace night gown that fell over my body. It was Grace's and I had never felt so mighty fine sleeping before.

"Hell no, I'll be out in a minute."


I walked into the kitchen that seemed more like half a house and felt my face go red as Cole, Gemma, Courtney and three other boys sat near the counters. All of their heads looked turned towards me as I rubbed my arms that were covered by the sleeves of a warm cardigan. Thank goodness Grace also had some reasonable clothes.

"Morning Avia," Mr.Wild smiled, stepping back from the stove to greet me, a frying pan clutched in one hand and a salt shaker in the other.


Havana was beside him, her nose in a fashion magazine as she glanced over at me. It didn't take her long to roll her eyes and look back at the article she was reading. Grace came from behind and walked past, catching their attention. Thank God.

"Hey Kian," Grace purred, walking into the arms of a boy with raven coloured hair and eyes ocean blue. She kissed him lightly on the lips before reaching behind him to get a waffle from a plate.

"You guys hungry? I would be more then happy to make you all something after you shower off," Mr.Wild smiled, putting a batch of pancakes on the tray.

"Thanks boss," Gemma replied, walking off with Kian and the two other boys. Courtney smirked and entwined Cole's fingers with hers.

"Like to join me?" I heard her whisper, looking at me and winking. I looked away, and started helping myself to the delicious food. I listened for a reply from Cole but I heard nothing. Footsteps. Silence.

I picked at the fruits that sat on the island counter. I grabbed some strawberries, whipped cream, honey and waffles and sat down beside Grace.

"I only thought this was a one day thing," I said, digging into the sweet goodness that sat on my plate.

"Only when dad has visitors which is like...everyday."

I grinned but it disappeared quickly. Was Courtney here everyday? Was she part of the crew?

"So how many are there in the group?" I asked, looking at my empty plate in disgust. Had I seriously eaten two waffles in 30 seconds?

"Eight but if you and Jamie join it will be ten. It also depends if his friends are up for some fun," Grace replied, wiping off every speck of whipped cream off her plate with one finger.

"So Kian's your boyfriend?"

Grace smiled sheepishly and got up, "Yeah. I met him a few months ago. He's an angel like me."

I laughed as Grace pretended to flutter across the room. Conversation was never dull with her, she always knew how to lighten the mood.

Minutes passed and three waffles later, the group returned in different clothing and a different attitude. The three boys were more comfortable, nudging Cole as they walked into the kitchen and digging their knuckles into his wet hair. Kian reached over my shoulder as I stood near the stove, cleaning up the mess and grabbed a pancake. I moved out of the way as they piled in, grabbing the rest of the batch. Courtney nudged me aside, laughing at something someone had said. Wet hair touched my hand and I backed away, not looking where I was going until I smashed into a firm chest.

I was expecting it to be Cole but when I turned around I looked into the eyes of a tall boy with blonde hair. Amber eyes looked down at me softly and I backed away, "Sorry."

"No need. I'm Evan and you must be the one and only Avia Green," the boy smiled, Courtney brushing past us and walking straight up to Cole who was talking to Kian and the other boy. He held out his hand and I shook it, starting to feel uncomfortable as Gemma walked over and tucked her arm around his bicep.

"He's also my boyfriend," Gemma said with a sparkle to her cat eyes.

"Hey Gemma, didn't see you there."

She laughed and tugged tighter on Evan's bare arm, "Trust me, you saw me. You can never miss a siren."

Oh, "Right."

I excused myself from the awkward conversation and found myself walking over to Courtney, Cole, Kian and a boy with dyed dark green hair. When he turned to look at me I found his eyes a dark violet, obviously contacts.

"Look who it is, Miss Don't-Talk-To-Me-I-Bite," Courtney smirked, Kian smiling at the remark.

"I don't bite," I spoke shyly, looking at the ground as laughter rang in my ears.

"Geez Cole, I thought she was tough like you said. Looking at her now I bet she won't even last 3 seconds in the ring with me," Courtney scoffed. She twisted long dark hair around her finger and looked at me like I was a tasty treat. Cole didn't reply, didn't even look at me. What was up with him?

"I will soon. Cole will train me, just like he's training you."

Cole looked up and met my eyes. His eyes were cold and distant, something I had noticed before. His eyes were like that the day I first met him, "Uh, sure."

Courtney snorted and was about to reply when Havana broke into the conversation, "Sorry to interrupt but school starts in like 20 minutes so we better get going."

As everyone started walking out to their cars, Courtney grabbed my arm and pulled me towards an empty space on the driveway, "Just so you know. Cole's mine so don't even think of getting in my way. I don't care if you have enough power to save the world, I could end you right here, right now in two seconds. Is that clear to you?"

I blinked and watched as she searched my eyes.



I looked at the display of weapons that hung on the wall of the gym in awe. Jamie stood beside me, admiring a silver dagger that gleamed from the help of the sky light.

"Where did they get these?"

I wrapped my scarf closer around my neck and laid my head on Jamie's shoulder, already tired. School had been quiet and dull. Usually Thea was my medicine to having a good day but even she was dark. I guess I was still in her bad books.

"I'm not sure, Cole hasn't really talked to me since Saturday."

"Really? Why?" He asked, still looking at the dagger and not down at me. Before I could reply the door opened and Kian and Grace walked in. Grace was in her workout shorts and tank and Kian had a towel wrapped around his neck.

"Hey idiot!" Grace grinned, Kian giving Jamie a weird stare as they got ready to work out. Jamie smiled and went up to shake Kian's hand.

"Jamie," he greeted, Kian taking his hand firmly.



I looked to my right to see Cole standing beside me with gym clothes in his hands. He flung them in my direction and I caught them in a haze. It was the second thing he had said to me all day.

I left Jamie alone to get to know the rest of the team and backed away into the Locker Room. Locker #9 was already open, everything I needed placed neatly inside. As I found a empty stall and got into my gym clothes I heard someone walk into the room.

"She's such a useless human being, there has to be someone else out there that has been blessed by a platinum hunter."

I pressed my ear and cheek against the stall door, listening with my heart going wild. It had to be Courtney who was saying all of those dirty comments.

"She's not so bad. She's actually really strong coming from Grace. All though, I don't have a clue how she will live a fight against Cadell and his army of immortals."

The next voice was sweet like honey and reminded me a lot like Havana's. After looking through many books in the Wild's library, I found out that sirens were the most attractive immortals. They had sweet voices, glowing skin and a sparkle to their eyes. I knew Havana would never compliment me in any way so it had to be Gemma.

"She wouldn't live a fight against me!" Courtney's voice echoed, a bunch of rattles and slams of locker doors coming after.

I was soon left alone in the room and I walked out of the stall, double checking my sports bra was adjusted properly before walking out. I suddenly felt insecure as I stood in front of everyone. My skin wasn't flawless like all of the other girls in the room and I kept tugging my shorts down lower so they didn't look too tight and short. The heat in the room wasn't helping warm up my bare arms and stomach and I quickly crossed my arms for extra coverage. Damn Cole and his tight, revealing clothing.

I looked over the group of staring teenagers, all silent with wondering eyes.

I cleared my throat and everyone started to breathe again, Gemma and Evan the first to get to the gym equipment. Evan smiled at me and I returned with my own awkward half grin.

"Okay!" Cole's voice shouted, everyone stopping and looking towards Cole that stood in the middle of the boxing ring, "This week is going to be tough. The TAOC is now alert that Avia is alive and we all need to work harder to beat them. This week's schedule will be posted at the end of this lesson so keep an eye out."

Everyone nodded and started walking over to anything they could train with. Some started on the treadmills, other's went straight to the training dummies. Courtney pushed past me with the boy with violet contacts to go fetch a sword, giving me a dirty glance.

"Jamie, what happened to the rest of your team?" Cole joked, walking over to us as we stood alone near the Locker Room.

"They said it was a bad idea to work with you so I came alone."

"Right. Well, go and choose a starter dummy, it may seem easy but those things are hard to pin down," Cole replied, Jamie giving me a smile for good luck as he approached the back of the shed, "That leaves us two."

I smiled weakly, "If you can train that wolf faced brat then you can train me."

Cole's lips curved into a smile as he lead me to the boxing ring. I gulped as he took my hand and helped me up.

"This is what we're starting with?" I said with alarm, my voice breaking mid sentence. Cole passed me a pair of gloves and I put them on with a sigh.

"We need to improve your power and your ability to stay alert."

He put on his own pair of dark blue gloves and stood opposite me, his eyes focused on mine, "Punch me."

"What?" I stuttered, my legs shaking, "I'm not punching you."

"Your such a girl," Cole laughed and that's when I threw a punch straight at his head. He ducked and threw a light punch at my stomach and I heaved over. He then entwined his leg around mine and swept me off my feet and onto the cold surface of the ring. Winded, I gasped for air and saw at of the corner of my eye Courtney watching.

"Well done mortal girl. He really swept you off your feet there."

I snarled at her and he helped me up, "Again."

I threw another punch but this time aimed for his chest. He grabbed my wrist and he pulled me towards him, my back on his chest and his arms wrapped around mine.

"Flip your hands the other way and on three I want you to pull me over you," Cole said.

"But I can't-"


"Cole, please-"


"Oh, hell-"


I pulled down and felt Cole fly over me and summersault down the ring. He got up and threw a punch but I dodged and struck him in the chest. He bent over, giving me good access to his head and I hit my glove hard into his nose. His head flicked to the side and my wrist cracked, pain shooting up to my elbow.

"Crap!" Cole groaned, looking up at me with shock, "When did you learn to hit like that?"

"Movies. Books. My dad."

I remember him teaching me the basic skills of combat. He told me that whenever I was being attacked I would use those tips to stay alive.

"Well congratulations. That hurt. A lot."

I laughed and he got up and we continued throwing punches at each other until we got tired and the sun started setting behind the hills of Colton.

"Alright crew. The schedule has been posted. Jamie, Kian and Gemma can take the west side of town. They don't always go around that area but just in case. Grace, Evan and Courtney can take the forest behind Avia's house and Havana, Avia, Lex and I will take the forest out back."

"What about my mum and my sisters?" I asked, "Aren't they meant to be here by now?"

"Evan will try and get them out tonight while distracting the TAOC. The problem is they are still watching your house like a hawk."

I panicked. They would be so worried if they couldn't get out without the TAOC getting suspicious and following them all the way back to the Wild's.

"I'll see you all tomorrow night."

As I went to clean up, Jamie approached me with sweat dripping down his biceps.

"That's gross," I said in disgust. He laughed and grabbed me, soaking the sweat into my already damp clothing.

"Be careful out there tomorrow night okay? If I lose you I will never be able to forgive myself."

I turned and looked up into his soft eyes and kissed him lightly on the cheek, "I will try my best."

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