My Missing Piece

I thought to myself, I can’t do that anymore she’s happy with someone else and I can’t disturb her, I’m gonna leave her forever I hope she’ll be fine.
I was about to jump when I heard a voice behind me, “Zayn !!!!!, If you jump I’ll follow you “ I looked at her and she looked very sad. I couldn’t put her life in danger so I stepped back. She came closer and hugged me from behind, “don’t leave me, I love you, I’ve never loved someone else, drake is my cousin. I just wanted to prove to you, that you really love me “.
Tears started running down my face…


5. Zayn's p.o.v

We were on our way out of the room when someone bumped into us, I looked at the guy and he was looking at Yasmin and smirking, his dirty look got on my nerves.

I looked at Yasmin, she was crying and looking at him when she said that his name is Ryan I understood what’s going on, first he broke her heart and now he wants to go to this school too. And she will see him every day and her heart will be broken every time she sees him.

I couldn’t control myself at the thought of him hurting her, and I just held him from his shirt, and punshed him in his face “ don’t you ever try to come near my girl again or try to hurt her cause then you’ll end up, facing me” I whispered in his ear, and pushed him away to hit the wall.

I looked behind me, to see Yasmin but she was no longer standing there, I just wanted to take her home and make sure she’s alright. I hope I didn’t freak her out, I would never hurt her, and I will never love her as well. But she means something to me.

I decided to take my bag, and walk back home I didn’t feel like taking the bus, when walk I stay much more time alone and I need that now.

The whole time when I was on my way home, she’s never left  my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about her, and about her beautiful voice, It’s just heaven for me.

I was almost home, passing in front of my neighbour’s house, when I saw lots of boxes in their garden, it was weird a little bit cause  they are too organized to have their boxes out in their garden, I shrugged it off, and went to my door and stepped in.

I went to the kitchen to find my mom busy making dinner, why is she so excited? I stood by the door and leaned onto it’s frame, “ hey mom” I said smiling at her excitement,  “heey, honey” she said and stood in her place and opened her arms for me to hug her, I went quickly and hugged her tight, “I love you, mum” she pulled away from me and held my cheeks in  her soft hands “ I’m proud of you babe, you’re the best thing that happened in my life” I didn’t say anything and hugged her again.

Just then I heard someone clearing their throat from behind us, I pulled away and looked at my dad “ what ?! she’s mine too” I winked at my mom and kissed her on her cheek, then I went to my dad and gave him a strong hug before picking up my bag and rushing upstairs to my room.

Few minutes later, my mom entered my room, “ hey, Zaynie. What about you get up take a shower and dress up properly, cause we’re having guests tonight, after dinner” I nodded, got up and went into the shower .

I didn’t even bother to ask who is coming, I just did as she said. 

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