My Missing Piece

I thought to myself, I can’t do that anymore she’s happy with someone else and I can’t disturb her, I’m gonna leave her forever I hope she’ll be fine.
I was about to jump when I heard a voice behind me, “Zayn !!!!!, If you jump I’ll follow you “ I looked at her and she looked very sad. I couldn’t put her life in danger so I stepped back. She came closer and hugged me from behind, “don’t leave me, I love you, I’ve never loved someone else, drake is my cousin. I just wanted to prove to you, that you really love me “.
Tears started running down my face…


3. Yasmin's P.O.V

He acts really weird, why is he shouting in my face and shaking me like that ?! what got into him ?! I was confused and scared so I didn’t react I didn’t do anything I just froze in my place. I don’t know why but I can feel that he has a big heart somewhere in his chest.

Whoever he is, I’m not going to fall in love with him. I don’t want to love again!. I’ve had enough, I still don’t get it how Ryan broke up with me at the most important point of my life.

We were supposed to perform together today, anyway it’s not going to happen now, and I just don’t want to see him or hear his voice ever again ! .

I looked at Zayn still shocked . I checked the lyrics of the song he gave me, “I don’t know it” I said looking at him again, he smiled pointing on five names that were written on top of the paper “ yeah babe, I wrote it with my friends”, I was blushing I felt like I’m going to explode NO! I guess I will just melt, he called me babe !!! I want to hear it one more time, I wish I had the courage to ask him to repeat what he’s just said, “beautiful names. Which one is yours ?” I wanted to know his name and expected him to tell me, but all he did is putting his headphones in my ears “ learn the song, I want to pass the test today.” I nodded smiling weakly, I didn’t feel like smiling today. He just walked away and left me alone to focus on the song.

It was a nice song,  so beautiful and sensitive, I can’t believe he wrote it. Ok he’s sensitive a little bit but I don’t know I feel like there’s something missing or he’s hiding something inside of him, but he’s really handsome I can’t resist looking at his beautiful eyes, I feel something weird I’ve never felt before, something I can’t describe. It can’t be love, I’ve experienced that before and I know how does it feel, it’s just not the same .

I listened to the song carefully, it wasn’t easy but I could learn it quickly, I kept repeating it all over again, I like the way he sings, I love his voice . I wish he could sing it to me. No wait, what am I thinking about now? It’s impossible!.

‘LATER’ ….

He came from behind me running, took the headphones out of my ears , grabbed my hand and walked quickly. I hardly could pick up my things, everything happened quickly and he didn’t say a word. And I was enjoying the moment of being cared of, I forgot about Ryan and about all the things that happened today. I felt this weird unknown feeling again and it was because he’s holding my hand, I felt like I don’t want anything else, I just lived the moment and felt safe with him holding my hand squeezing it a little but I didn’t mind.

He kept walking, until we reached a black closed door. Then he let go of my hand and looked at me directly his eyes meeting mine, he took my head between his hands, I thought he was about to kiss me. “ we’re about to enter the room, before we go in, do you have anything you’d like to tell me?” , I felt that I’m about to start crying, “ thank you” and hugged him quickly because a tear was about to fall and I didn’t want him to get mad at me again.

He pulled away and looked at me coldly, “let’s go in”. He grabbed my hand again, opened the door and entered the room with me following him.

We were standing on a stage, it was like a dream for me, the lights, the silence, the view of the empty chairs. It all made me feel nervous. There were four teachers sitting waiting for us to begin.

He left my hand and went to the table where the teachers were sitting, he gave them the paper with the music notes on it and came back to stand next to me and whispered in my ear “ we came here together and we’ll stay together, either both of us passing or not we won’t be separated” I felt like a different person is talking to me right now, he wasn’t the same when we were in the garden, it was a very awkward moment but I liked it his words made me feel warm and safe.


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