My Missing Piece

I thought to myself, I can’t do that anymore she’s happy with someone else and I can’t disturb her, I’m gonna leave her forever I hope she’ll be fine.
I was about to jump when I heard a voice behind me, “Zayn !!!!!, If you jump I’ll follow you “ I looked at her and she looked very sad. I couldn’t put her life in danger so I stepped back. She came closer and hugged me from behind, “don’t leave me, I love you, I’ve never loved someone else, drake is my cousin. I just wanted to prove to you, that you really love me “.
Tears started running down my face…


2. My beautiful girl <3

When the car stopped, I kissed my  mom quickly and jumped out of the car, smiling excitedly.

I entered the school building. As I walked in, the smile started to disappear. There was much more people than I thought, I took a number and looked at the screen, it showed number 55. And my number is 200 !!!. I tried to control my feelings, I sat down waiting, acting like I’m a patient person. But I just couldn’t stay still, I couldn’t handle the noises and the numbers are going slowly, so I decided to go out and wait for my turn there, got to be a screen like this somewhere there.

I walked out to the yard, it was very beautiful, I can tell it’s a garden more than a yard. It’s a very large garden with benches, flowers and fresh air. Ok, fine it’s not why I found it beautiful.  There was a pretty girl sitting alone on one of the benches, I couldn’t take my eyes of her.

She had a brown long hair, not straight but it’s not curly either. She looked happy, smiling at the papers she was holding in her hand like she was remembering something about them. Hell no!! what am I thinking about?!

I put on my headphones pretending that I’m listening to music while I sat on a bench next to hers. I didn’t stare at her but I was looking her way every now and then.

She was singing, practicing on her song, she has an amazing voice I just want to listen to her over and over again. But the song seemed like there was something missing or wrong, I don’t know maybe just the words, it just seemed like it’s not suitable for her voice, she has the ability for more than that.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated. She looked at it still smiling but now in a different way. She picked it up and started talking, her voice being more beautiful and cute I can hear her voice all day and night it’s just heaven for me. Then, she stopped talking and was just listening then I looked at her and noticed that tears were streaming down her face. It just broke my heart but I couldn’t do anything about that I just didn’t know why I cared that much for her.

Finally, I heard her saying “fine” like she didn’t want to hear more and turned her phone off. She grabbed her stuff and stood there looking at me with her blue, wet eyes, still crying. When her eyes met mine, I jumped in my place and turned my face to look the other way like nothing happened.

She was about to walk, but I was looking at her in the corner of my eye, her face looked pale suddenly, her eyes were half closed and she was losing consciousness. I got up quickly and caught her by her waste. she opened her eyes and looked into mine directly “don’t leave me Rayn”, she managed to put her hand to my cheek, then she blacked out completely.

It was weird to hear the words getting out of her mouth, but deep inside of me I felt something as if she light up something in my heart. I admired her face as she was resting her head on my chest I was holding her close to my heart as if she was something that I don’t want to loose .

I woke up from my day dream and put her on the bench carefully, then I noticed that she’s still holding a paper in her hand I looked at it, it was her number, I turned quickly to see the number on the screen, it was too late now she missed her turn.

She started to move and she opened her eyes slowly, I didn’t know what to say, “umm, you blacked out miss. When got up quickly” I stated and looked away. She sat up and started crying all over again. I felt angry at the sight of her crying, I don’t know why, but I care for this girl,“ please don’t start crying now, it won’t change anything. You missed your turn by the way” I didn’t mean to say it like that. She sat up collected her papers quickly  and got into the building not looking at me. Great, just great. I couldn’t help it I felt a little upset inside of me, but I don’t blame her I’m just an idiot!! How cold and senseless can I get?! , I just need to go back to the old me, maybe this girl is different and she’ll help me get the pieces of my broken heart together.

Seconds later, she came back, sat on the same bench and started crying. I was still standing there, I looked at her and siad “ why are you crying now?” she looked at me and started talking while she was crying, and all I colud hear was “ I.. wn tte an tidjkyjml to  fhdvbhftsgvdgf and they said no ”. I wanted to laugh but I controlled myself, and all I’ve done is to hold her small head in my hands making her look right into my eyes, “whatever happened with you today, forget it. I don’t want you to give up, fine?” I gave her the lyrics of the song that I’m going to sing today, “take this and learn it”, I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew it was the right thing to do.

She took the paper from me but she was still crying, she was killing me with those tears, “ STOP CRYING!!!” I shook her holding her shoulders. I realized that she was afraid and stopped crying instantly.

I smiled at her trying to make her feel comfortable, but she didn’t smile back and just looked at me with her wide, beautiful, blue eyes. At least she is not crying now.


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