5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences

Anonymous Imagines I write when I'm bored. I don't do requests, sorry.


3. Preference - Make Out On A Night Out


You were at a party which had dwindled down to about 8 people. Those 8 people were you, the boys from 5SOS and 3 others. You were all bored out of your minds until someone suggested to play 7 minutes in heaven. It was pretty obvious that you and Ashton liked each other, it was just that both of you were too afraid to say anything. So of course somebody, not to mention any names *cough* Luke *cough*, made you and Ashton go in the closet first. You both stood there in an awkward silence for a bit until Ashton said.


"Look, you know I really like you and I just wanted to tell you that. You don't have to make out with me because of the game. I just thought I'd tell you."


You looked at him in the darkness of the closet.


"Ashton, I like you too, I've wanted to tell you but I was too afraid," you mumbled as you both inched closer to each other. His lips hovering over yours, you started to kiss, both of you mimicking each other’s actions. He put his hands on your hips as yours went around his neck. He backed you up against the wall, suddenly lustful with every movement. He kissed down your jawline and left wet kisses on your neck. You reached for the hem of his shirt which was soon thrown on the floor. He bit your bottom lip and continued kissing you. You felt Ashton's back muscles under your fingertips.


You were suddenly blinded by light as Calum had opened the door.


"Time's up! Get your shirt on mate, come on!" You laughed at Calum's urgency and handed Ashton his shirt. Ashton then grabbed your hand and led you somewhere else to continue.



You were out at a nightclub in a booth with a few of your friends. You weren't drunk but you'd had enough as did everyone else that was with you. Throughout the evening you kept noticing a blonde, blue eyed guy with an Aussie accent that all your friends were mad about. You'd never met him before tonight but you wanted to get to know him better. You whisper in your friends ear that you're going to the toilet and you'll be back in a minute as you begin to walk over to the toilets.


You feel someone walking behind you and just as you were about to open the toilet door a hand appears at the top of the door opening it for you. You turn around and notice the guy you were looking at before with a smirk across his face. He puts his other hand at the bottom of your back and encourages you to go into the bathroom followed by him. It was one of those toilets where you could lock everybody else out and he took advantage, locking it after he closes the door. He turns you around to face him and he introduces himself, you telling him your name too. He looks into your eyes, the look of lust prominent in his, as he places his hand next to your head on the wall. His forehead comes down to meet yours and he connects your lips, energy sparking between you both. Your lips move in sync with each other.


You were in a deep kiss with Luke now until you heard a knock at the door and someone shouting to use the toilet. You look at Luke and laugh, a smile appearing on both of your faces. He grabs your hand, unlocks the door and begins to walk out of the club with you.



You were at a huge hotel with the boys for the band's event, they had won their first award, and you were so glad to be there. You were dressed in a long flowing gown and the boys were all in suits, looking real dapper. It was now the after party, you were in the ballroom of the hotel, and you felt like royalty. You were sitting by yourself because the boys went to speak to a few people. You felt someone sit beside you and to your pleasure it was Calum.


"Do you want to go outside for a bit? I'm boiling," he asked.


You nodded your head and walked side by side outside. It was nice to get some air but after a while you began to get cold. Calum put his arm around your waist and pulled you into his chest. He looked you in the eyes and began to move his face closer to yours, your lips meeting in a passionate kiss. As he pulls away you throw your arms around his neck and pull him back down for another kiss, this one more hungry than the first. He moves to your neck and begins leaving wet kisses all over trying to find your sweet spot, when he finds it you moan but remember you're outside a hotel full of people. He pulls away, the breeze giving you chills.


"We can warm up inside if you want," he says with a wink as he grabs your hand and pulls you back to the hotel to go back to the room you were staying in.



You were at a nightclub dancing on the dance floor with your friends. The night had been going great until you felt some guy's hands around your waist, dragging you out of the nightclub to back alley. You were pushed against a wall, a sweaty figure holding you in place, your heart racing.


"Help!" you shouted before his hand covered your mouth. Slowly he moved his hand to your cheek and leaned in to kiss you but before he could he was dragged away by a boy with purple-ish hair. You collapsed on the floor, knees up to your chin, crying. You remained there until the yelling stopped and someone sat down beside you.


"Are you ok?" They whisper.


You turned to face him, it was the boy with the purple-ish hair. It sorta looked like a galaxy.


"I am now. Thank you," you replied as you remained there with him for a bit.


"Do you want to go back in there and have a drink with me?"


You nodded your head, he grabbed your hand and you went back into the club. Ordering drinks and talking for a little bit, you found out his name was Michael. It was nearing the end of the night and people were beginning to leave. You turned to Michael and kissed him on the lips as a thank you for earlier then pulled away. He pulled you back and kissed you more passionately before whispering "Any time babe," against your lips. You smiled into the kiss, which was beginning to deepen, and put your arms around his neck while his arms snaked around your waist, hands resting on your hips.


You both pull away and he led you out of the club holding your hand as you both got into a cab back to his house.

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