5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences

Anonymous Imagines I write when I'm bored. I don't do requests, sorry.


2. Preference - First Kiss


You and Luke had been friends for a while now and you always used to do movie marathons when you were younger. You hadn't done one in a while, so one day you walk to his house with snacks and told him to put a movie on. After watching the movie, you look up at him. You had liked him for a while, but never wanted to tell him, after being too afraid to wreck your friendship. Butterflies erupted in your stomach as his eyes locked with yours.


"Can I?" he asks.


You nod, words unable to escape your lips. Slowly you move closer, his arm wraps around you, his hand on your waist. Your lips meet halfway and your eyes close. Your lips move in sync, they fit like a jigsaw, like they were meant to be. As your lips part, your eyes flutter open, meeting Luke's gaze, you rest on his shoulder, his arm around you. You fall asleep on his arm, all your worries slowly drifting away.



Walking along the beach, your finger entwined together, a connection established from the beginning of the date, your flip flops in your other hand. You had just finished your picnic on the beach, the romance radiating between you both. You have known Ashton for ages and only just began dating, you didn't want to rush into anything, you both wanted to take your time. The evening was getting colder now and you lean your head on his shoulder. He drops his flip flops on the sand and turns to face you.


"You look beautiful," he whispers in your ear.


He slowly pulls back and gazes into your eyes. Like in a movie, he tilts his head to the side, both of your eyes fluttering shut. Your lips meeting in a sweet, soft kiss, nothing too much. He pulls away slightly until you drop your flip flops and wrap your arms around his neck and pul him closer. Your lips meet again, moving in sync with each other, it was right to wait. Everything felt right.



You have been friends with Calum for years now and you were at his house play fighting like you always do. Calum was tickling your sides, you curled over in laughter, you loved how he always made you feel better. You couldn't stand it any longer so you pushed him off you and sat on the soffa, holding you sides to prevent him from doing it again. You were short of breath from laughing so much so Calum gave up and sat next to you on the couch. After a while, your arms retracted from your sides and you relaxed more, however Calum began to tickle you again. You fell off the couch and fell on the floor pulling Calum with you, him ending up on top of you, looking into your eyes, your elbows propping you up. You felt a spark between you then, one you've never felt before. You'd always liked Calum but you never thought you did that much. Not giving you another chance to think it through, Calum's lips came crashing down onto yours. Your lips moved in sync with each other, both of you savouring the moment, not wanting it to end. Your eyelashes brushing against one anothers as your eyes fluttered open, slowly retreating from the kiss, a blush creeping on your cheeks, realising that Calum now knew you had feelings for him. He cupped your face in his hands, his thumb brushing over your cheek.


"I feel the same," he said simply, the words relaxing you.


You rested your hand on his neck, slowly pulling him down for your lips to connect again, a kiss that just felt amazing.



You were friends with all of 5SOS, after being in the same classes as one of the members, Michael. You are at a sleepover at your house with the boys and your three best friends, after all it was your birthday. All of the mattresses were downstairs in the living room covered in blankets and pillows so you could all stay up together. It was now the morning and the light was beginning to seep through the window, lighting up the room. You thought you were the only one awake when you hear a "Good morning," coming from the person beside you.


"Morning Mikey," you replied yawning afterwards, because you all went to bed real late last night.


"Shall we go make breakfast for everyone?" he asked.


You nodded your head and went out into the kitchen, he turned around to face you, making you jump. He quickly looked into your eyes and began to kiss you, waiting for you to do the same. You were shocked at first so he began to pull away, a look of guilt on his face.


"Sorry Y/N, it was stu..."


You cut him off by placing your lips on his, locking your hands around his neck. You both ease slowly into the kiss, his hands resting on your hips. As you pull away from the kiss, he pulls you into a hug, both of you swaying slowly side to side, both of you realising how much you wanted this to happen.

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