5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences

Anonymous Imagines I write when I'm bored. I don't do requests, sorry.


16. Preference - First Kiss #2 (Calum)


"So you've never kissed anyone before?" your best friend Calum asked.


"Never," you mumbled, embarrassed over the fact you were seventeen and haven't been kissed.


"I can show you."


"What!?" you exclaimed.


"I can show you so you won't feel like a fool when you really kiss someone," Calum explained.


"I-I guess..."


Calum smiled and moved himself so that he was sitting in front you.


"Okay, we're gonna start with a simple peck. Don't purse your lips too much, it should be natural."


You nodded as Calum leaned in. He was right it was natural. You let in an inward sigh because he pulled away too soon.


"Great," he smiled. "This one will be a bit longer; your typical kiss."


Calum leaned in again and it felt just right, except he pulled away too soon again. It was longer than the last but still felt too short.


"You alright Y/N?" Calum asked.


You nodded your head giving him a weak smile, pulling yourself back into reality.


"W-what's the next one?" you asked already knowing the answer.


"Passionate," Calum replied.


Nodding again Calum leaned in yet again and put more pressure on your lips. It's wasn't rough, but you felt something. Not being able to control yourself you pushed harder onto his lips. Instead of pulling away he met your force, but after a while his lips left yours. Both of you breathing heavily, foreheads resting on each others.


"I've been waiting to do that for so long," Calum mumbled.


You gave him a smile and kissed him again harder and more passionate than before.

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