5 Seconds of Summer Imagines and Preferences

Anonymous Imagines I write when I'm bored. I don't do requests, sorry.


19. Preference - First Kiss #2 (Ashton)


Ashton made sure to never rush you in your relationship. He always told you that he'd let you go at your own pace and sooner or later you decided to give him a try. For your second date Ashton decided to have a movie night and you knew it was his 'move'. When he was planning on kissing a girl he'd take her somewhere where they wouldn't be bothered just in case. You were excited to hear that but you were also freaking out because you had never kissed anyone.


"So what do you want to watch first?" Ashton asked.


"Um... a comedy?" you suggested.


Ashton smiled back at you, popped in a movie and then came over and sat next to you. When you felt his warmth you relaxed and snuggled into him, his arm wrapping around you protectively. Throughout the night you avoided his moves to kiss you and hoped he got the point.


"Okay Ash, I have to tell you something."


He paused the movie and looked at you concerned.




"I've never kissed anyone before and I do want to kiss you, it's just that I'm nervous," you mumbled.


"Oh, Y/N, I won't rush you, I'll wait."


"No Ash! I want to, I just don't want to mess up," you exclaimed which made Ashton laugh.


"What's so funny?" you asked.


"Kissing comes naturally baby. You don't need to be nervous. Do you want me to show you?" he asked sweetly.


"Is that just an excuse to kiss me?" you giggled poking his chest.


Ashton winked to give you an answer. He looked at you and leaned in hoping for you not to pull back which you didn't. When your lips touched his you felt sparks, it was perfect. Ashton soon pulled and looked at you.


"You okay?" he asked.


You responded by kissing him harder and with more passion.

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