The boy on the stairs.

He smiled at me and I smiled at him. I walked inside slowly. All I felt was butterflies. Maybe this immersion wasn't going to be so bad after all?


1. Seeing the boy on the stairs.

I didn't want to go to my aunts and grandmothers house. I never really did much there! But of course another summer I had to spend there! Mom stopped the car. "We are here" she said smiling. She took out our bags and we walked in. I smiled. Everyone said hi and stuff. 

I walked into the guest room and layed on the bed. I could already feel this summer was going to be terrible! My mom was leaving tomorrow anyways. My mom walked in the room. we had to sleep on the same bed because they only had one extra room. 

"goodnight" my mother said as she layed down under the blankets.

"Goodnight" I said as I layed on the bed. 

I turned out the lights and layed there. Awake until about two hours later. Then I finally fell asleep! 

I woke up to an empty bed. I rubbed my eyes. I put on my glasses. I walked out to the kitchen. I sat down at the table. My grandmother saw me and smiled. "Goodmorning" she said. I smiled. . "Goodmorning" I said. 

I sorta figured since I wasn't going anywhere or doing anything I might as well stay in my sweats and this old t shirt. And I was okay with just having my hair up in a bun. And with goin without makeup. It's not like I was going to do anything!

I walked to my aunts house. Which is right next door. "Hey" I said as I walked in. "They all said hey. My cousins and my uncle and aunt. We at down and watched tv for a while. Then I went back to the house. My grandmother had made me coffee and a plate with eggs. "Thanks" I said. I ate them and drank my coffee. 

It was about 7:30 now. Like I said we hadn't done anything all day! I was still looking terrible but I didn't care! I walked to my aunts. I talked with my cousins a little. Then while I was walking back. Well right in front of my aunts and grandmothers house is stairs that leads up to the upstairs apartments. I noticed a bike was leaning against the stairs. I kept walking and noticed a boy sitting on the stairs. I looked at him. He was...cute. I walked in thinking maybe he thought I was cute.

Then I walked in front of a mirror realizing that I still looked terrible! I freaked out. My cousin came to my grandmothers house. "Hey" he said. "Hey who is that?" I said as I pointed to the boy. "Oh that's Anthony" he said. I smiled at the name. 


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