i wonder what life is...

Emily is 16 year old girl that have been thru a lot.
She gets bullied everywhere, cuts herself, and the worst is always coming next. “Why me god?”
Her biggest dream is our smallest. She never wanted more than a normal life. Her parents are divorced, and she lives with her mum that is married again to a man that forbids her to spend a lot of time with her children. Emily’s brother is one of the most “popular” kids at school, so he don’t care about his sister even when people bully her. She wonders what LIFE is because she thinks her, is HELL…


2. chapter 2

Britney 's pov (Emily's mum)

"Emily ! come on honey lunch's ready !" I was standing at the end of the stairs calling my daughter for lunch. that was weird. she didn't answer or show up. I would have went to see her in her bed room but she didn't like me to enter. 10 minutes later, Emily didn't show up and I was calling her every 3 minutes. I was worried, I didn't care if she liked it or not, I'm coming in. I knocked at her door but she didn't answer too. I barged in, she left me no choice. but what I saw was the most unexpected thing to see. she was lying on the floor, with blood covering her hand and the ground. I wanted to vomit but seeing my daughter that way made me stronger. I took my phone and called the ambulance.

They didn’t take much time to arrive. But by that time Emily was already awake. I didn’t even ask her how she hurt herself. I thought later would be a better time. They said there was no need to take her to the hospital. They cleaned her hand and banded it. “Ma’am, you were lucky the blood dried on the cut, otherwise she would have lost half of her body blood.

Once they left, I let Emily sleep and rest alone. When she’ll get better I’ll see what happened.

Emily’s pov:

I am so busted. What am I gonna say to my mum ? I harm myself because I hate my life and I hate all of you? I had to figure out a way to cover up my actions. An accident, yes it was an accident. But what if she asks me why I’m keeping a knife in my room. I’ll tell her I wanted to cut one of my shirts, and I was keeping the knife on the highest shelf and it felt on my hand and that’s how everything happened. Oh my god. It was so clear that it’s not true. What girl would cut her shirt anyway? I was so confused. I had no other excuse. I’ll give it a shot.

Later on, I heard a knock on my door, it was surely mum. “Come in” I answered. The door opened and there was mum holding my lunch. Great, just on time , I was starving. She sat next to me and asked me : “so Emily, how did this happen?” I was extremely worried about her reply to my lie, I thought she would figure it out. But she didn’t. she just gave me a smile and said: “take care next time” and left. She didn’t interrogate me about anything, like if everything I said was normal. Don’t she not care about me that much? Or my brother and step father that didn’t even ask what happened. I love the days when I travel to Mexico to see my father. At least he cares about me, and there, nobody knows me which means no bullying. I only go to my father on holidays. Christmas was the closer holiday, but still far.

I wonder if I’ll be going to school on Monday or not…   

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