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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


17. Valka's Talk.

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Chapter 17. Valka's Talk.


Hiccup sat with Valka in the living room, he had only been starring at her since she had told those small words. It wasn't like he was uncomfortable, he just didn't know how to react to all this.

Could Valka really be his mother? Well, he do have some of her features. The green eyes, the brown hair, even his close to female body.

His eyes were on her, she had been looking at the photo of Hiccup and Stoick for a long time. What did she maybe think? He wasn't sure, maybe she wanted to be in that photo too?

"Your tea, I only put one spoon sugar in it as you asked Mrs. Haddock." Jack said kindly, as he had placed a cup of tea in front at her.

"Ya such a sweetheart Mr. Frost, no wonder my boy loves ya." Valka said with a soft chuckle, she sat the photo on the sofa table again

"Right, I believe we got a lot to talk about. If you rather want to talk along with Hiccup, it's understandable." Jack said with a small smile, his ice blue eyes looked at Hiccup. Then his smile slowly vanished, he could see Hiccup were deep thinking. His eyes were only at his mother, while they looked empty of emotions.

"Hiccup?" Jack asked, he sat gently beside him and held his hand at Hiccup's cheek.

"Sorry what?" Hiccup asked, he looked at Jack where he smiled a bit at him.

"I spaced out didn't I?" He mumbled, the brunette slowly leaned against Jack's hand while he let his eyes close for a moment.

"Maybe a bit, but that doesn't matter." Jack whispered, he held his hand away again and was about to stand. Even though, Hiccup pulled him down and sat his fake leg over Jack so he couldn't get away.

"I don't want any secrets, so you can stay and listen too." Hiccup said, his voice slightly demanding, but Jack also knew it meant Hiccup would feel more comfortable if Jack were around him.

"Ya like a cute couple, if ya father could see this he do be proud of ya." Valka said, she smiled softly at Hiccup and Jack while she sipped to her tea.

"I have so many questions, I just don't know where I shall start." Hiccup said, while his green eyes looked at her for a while.

"Let me explain for ya what happened, and then ya can ask questions afterwards, sounds good?" Valka asked, she let the cup down on the sofa table again.

"Yeah, it does." Hiccup agreed.

"Ya see, "Valka started, she fold her hands at her lap while she looked at the table as she started to speak.

"When ya just was a tiny babe, ya father were head chief for the Police forces. I always told him, that one day it would go wrong if he didn't stop his work and found something smaller. Ya father thought, is…was a very stubborn man. He only wanted his family safe, so he worked hard on making our city safe." She explained.

"He were on a case, a mafia boss named Pitch Black were the head point of the case. They needed to stop him for dealing with many deaths, many drug deals and many crimes going around in our city." She told, while she looked at Hiccup.

"I told him so many times, that he should calm down and be off his job. But as your stubborn father now was, he denied listening to me." She explained, while he voice got low.

"One night, your father were out when he got a call about Mr. Black. I only stood in the doorway when he left, neither of us knew that it was a trap." She explained, while her gaze went to the framing photo again.

"I heard you cry from your room, so of course I do run up to see what's wrong. One of Pitch's fellows were in your room, I know a bit of them. They are trained to kill without hesitation, so it meant you could have been dead." She told, Valka fold her hands and looked a bit down.

"This one though, he looked at you as If he never had seen a child before. I stood with my own gun in my hand, just a fact to you Hiccup. I normally don't go with violence, but as soon someone or something threat my family. I can handle a gun, perfectly." She told him, while her eyes went over to Jack and Hiccup.

"I just stared at him for a moment, he handled your very nice." She whispered. "I tried to speak to him, he looked at me and almost wanted to kill me. However, he didn't, your father just got home after a while. The house slowly were on fire, some of Mr. Black's fellows sat it on fire from the outside." Valka looked like she remembered the horrible things right now, she looked at the photo again. Her mind got calm, where she took a deep breath.

"The fellow near you grabbed me and took me away. Stoick saw that they took me, but he wanted to protect you instead. Since then, he thought I was dead. I wanted to come back when things were calmer, but with…old Cloudjumper at my side. I couldn't handle to leave him, he was confused." She explained, while she looked at Hiccup.

"I couldn't handle to leave him, I am so sorry Hiccup. I sounds so selfish." She whispered.

"Hey…" Hiccup said, while he stood from his seat beside Jack. "For all I care, you are alive and my mother. The story behind you didn't returned to me, that's alright. If I stood the same place, I would maybe had done the same thing." Hiccup said, as he sat down beside Valka.

"Not to interrupt, but who is Cloudjumper again?" Jack asked, as he looked t Valka.

"A mute man, he cannot speak but he is as harmless now as a small puppy." Valka said with a chuckle.

"Where is the then? If you don't mind me asking." Jack said, while he leaned a bit forward and fold his hands in front at him.

"He is home, I told him this was a thing I wanted to do myself." Valka explained kindly, she looked at Hiccup and smiled a bit. Right before she placed her hand at Hiccup's cheek.

"You look like me, but you got a few of your father's features too." She said softly, Hiccup couldn't handle but lean into her hand. His green eyes looked into hers.

"Are you going to stay around, Mrs. Haddock?" Jack asked curiously.

"Of course I will stay around, well in my own house. If Hiccup ever needs me, I will be there for him now." Valka said with a soft smile, her eyes locked with Hiccup's.

"At least ya are healthy, strong and in age." Valka said with a low chuckle, as she studied Hiccup a bit more.

"Almost healthy…" Hiccup mumbled, he made a node down to his fake leg.

"Oh my." Valka said, she let her hand ran down at the fake leg.

"How in Thor's name did ya get that?" She asked, her voice already sounded worried.

"Around two years ago…." Hiccup mumbled, he looked a bit away as he felt awkward right now.

"Mrs. Haddock." Jack said, as he grabbed her hand gently and pulled her a bit away from Hiccup.

"I know you are his mother, forgive me for interrupt this between you and him." Jack said kindly while he let go at Valka again.

"Two years ago, Hiccup were kidnapped by Mr. Black. It wasn't pleasant for him, neither was it for us. He lost his leg, the same day he lost his father too. We don't want to talk in details, so if you do be kind enough not to ask." He said, Jack turned a bit to look at Hiccup. But the brunette had already been out from the living room.

"Did Mr. Black do something?" Valka asked, she had looked after Hiccup, but now she looked at Jack instead.

"Hiccup haven't told what he did to him, but it was easy enough to guess if you found him." Jack mumbled, he looked at Valka again while he buried his hands into his pockets.

"He got flashbacks about it, but as soon I manage to calm him down. He is fine again, right now he is starting to be a famous artist." Jack said with a proud smile.

"HE don't know that I know it, at least not until last night." He said with a chuckle, before he held his hand behind his head.

"He got home pretty drunk, don't ask me how he manage to get out here on his own." He explained.

"Drunk? Oh right, I always see Hiccup as a young boy. I hardly remembered his age by now." Valka said, as she looked out to the hallway.

"Don't worry, Hiccup will be fine. He just need a bit of time, It would be a please to have you over for dinner someday. Tonight is a bit busy night, we are going to a ball by one of Aster's friends." Jack explained to her.

"I will certain keep that in mind, how about Monday?" Valka asked with a smile.

"Sounds good, oh uhm, here." Jack said, as he held out a card from his pocket.

"My number, Hiccup don't really use his phone. So it's normally through me it goes." Jack explained with a chuckle.

"Thank you, I will be heading off. It's also time for me to get home before Cloudjumper awakes, I will see you later." Valka said with a smile before she left the room.

Jack had looked after her, this morning couldn't be more crazy, now could it?

~Hours later~

The brunette looked into the mirror, he tried to adjust his bowtie, but the damn thing just wouldn't work for him!

"Urgh!" he groaned, as he untied the damn thing again and held it off him again.

"Having troubles, Sweetheart?" Jack asked, as he stood behind Hiccup. He slowly wrapped his arms around Hiccup and rested his head on top at the brunettes.

"Stupid bowtie." were the only thing Hiccup mumbled, he sighed as he closed his eyes while he leaned back against Jack.

Jack slipped the bowtie out from Hiccup's hand, he slowly held it around Hiccup's neck and looked into the mirror.

"You look very handsome, do you know that?" Jack whispered, he slowly tied the bowtie proper.

"So you keep telling me, yet I cannot see how you can look at me and say it." Hiccup mumbled.

"Because it's all the truth." Jack said while he adjusted the bowtie and smiled. He then held his arms out "Eh? Who is proof here?" Jack asked with a chuckle, he wrapped his arms around Hiccup's shoulders again.

Hiccup smiled a bit, he closed his eyes and rested his head back against Jack's shoulder. "Thanks for last night by the way, you don't know how amazing it was." Hiccup whispered.

"You wished it, then you should get it." Jack whispered, he pressed a soft kiss at Hiccup's hair.

"Ready?" Jack asked, he smiled softly into the mirror so Hiccup could see him.

The brunette nodded, he smiled back while he slipped his hand into Jack's.

"Let's get the others, maybe we can get earlier home." Jack said, he slowly took Hiccup with him out from their bathroom.

With Aster and Toothless, they all went down to the car.

This would be a perfect night for them all, a night they could enjoy without any worries.

Or could they?


End of this chapter!

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