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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


16. Two years after with another surprise.

Hey readers! Yes this time I got another chapter out, even this one is very looooong.

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Chapter 16. Two years after with another surprise.


How fast the time can go when you had a true lover at your side, at least that's what Hiccup thought. Doing the two years there had passed since he was recused, since his father died to get him safe and protect him. It had been as if it happened only yesterday.

By now things changed, a lot in fact. Hiccup was now in Jack's care, since he had no family members left, the police who knew Jack too made sure that he would be sat in Jack's care.

Doing the first year, Hiccup had needed to learn and walk again with a fake leg. At least it wasn't as bad as he thought, with a lot of support from Jack, Toothless and even Aster. It had been the best way for him to learn it from the start, a few times he did need a wheelchair. Even thought, it was hardly necessary anymore.

The second year, were a bit more difficult than any of them thought.

Jack continued to be a professor at the collage Hiccup once had been on, he like teaching the kids about things. Even make a few funny pranks with them once and a while, it was the best work for him.

Toothless were around Hiccup too, even so he had a work as well. Since he were with Aster, he had gotten a work in the same place as Aster. Aster were a professional cook, he worked on a five star restaurant. Toothless were a waiter in that restaurant, he did his job well and the payment were the best.

Now people might wonder what Hiccup ended up as, correct? Truly, with only one healthy leg and the other a fake one. What could he possibly be doing then?

Hiccup were great at drawing, so he ended to make his own art. Being home and paint when he wanted, that was one of the times he could truly be happy at. Not that he weren't happy, of course he were.

Whenever Jack, Toothless or even Aster were around, Hiccup couldn't be happier.

Now, people might ask about Jack and Hiccup too. How do they find time to each other? How did they turn out to be lovers?

The answers are simply…

The love between them never died, it never grew away and it never once faded.

Each day, since Hiccup woke up from the hospital, Jack had told how beautiful and amazing he were. He had promised Hiccup to take care of him, promised him that he would wait until Hiccup were ready himself to sleep with Jack.

It was not like it was a surprise, doing all the rape Pitch Black had done over Hiccup. It wasn't like he was ready for it just yet, he could only see Pitch each time Jack touched a wrong place.

Of course, Jack didn't knew that he did. Hiccup had also explained to him when he got uncomfortable, each time he needed to listen to Jack, apologizing for what he did.

Even so…

Hiccup kept telling him not to worry, that one day he do be ready.

So there, it had been the two years after. Hiccup could only tell that he was happy, happy about being with his best friend and his beloved Jack.

~ Midnight at Jack's house. ~

It had been a long evening for Hiccup, he had been to another party that his manager had sat up since he sold his last art piece for a high value of money. They had needed to celebrate that thing, so of course a lot of those people Hiccup know into his work was there. All expect Toothless, Jack and Aster.

They actually didn't know…yet.

The half-drunk brunette went to the house, he held out his key from his pocket and unlocked the door. It was all dark inside the house, as he had expected it to be since it was very late at night.

Hiccup closed the door behind him, he leaned against it while he tried to lock it again. Why did door locks need to be that small?

When he had fiddled with it for a t least five minutes, it finally worked for him and he locked the door again.

"Next time, I don't want to have that much to drink." He mumbled under his breath, he ran a hand through his brown hair. He was tired but also thirsty for water, since he only had a few drinks at the celebration.

Hiccup slowly managed to walk himself to the kitchen, it was actually only a few steps away, but his brain made it as if It took him miles.

Stupid alcohol. He thought, as he turned the light on into the kitchen. He yawned as he walked over to the fridge.

"See, that's a sight I never expected to see you in, Hiccup." A silky voice spoke from behind him.

Hiccup froze, that voice would he never forget, not when he was half-drunk as he were.

"Please tell me you are asleep, tell me you aren't looking at me." Hiccup begged, he closed his eyes tightly.

The funny fact about this, Hiccup had never been drinking alcohol around Jack. He simply couldn't handle the thought of Jack seeing him in such state, what if he thought badly about him? He felt more embarrassed than ever, Jack might had told a few jokes that he would maybe look cute in a drinking state that had been all thought. Jack had never seeing him in such state.

"If I am asleep, I am definitely in a funny dream." Jack's voice said, as a chuckle went on for a moment.

Hiccup covert his face, he felt so embarrassed. Could he die for that?

He yelped while a pair of arms wrap around him, a shiver went down at his spine when he felt a ghostly breathe over his ear.

"But you are looking cute, I couldn't really recognize you at first. Your clothes in fact, that wasn't anything I had expected to see you in." Jack whispered, he kissed Hiccup down at his neck and nuzzled his ear gently with his nose.

"S-So that's all? Y-You only think I-I'm cute?" Hiccup's stuttering voice spoke out, he kept his eyes closed while his hand were tightly on Jack's arm.

"Hmm, maybe. Even though it's quite funny seeing you like this, while I'm used to your perfectly sober state." Jack whispered, he rested his head against Hiccup's

"You look beautiful, but admit it, this is quite funny even Toothless would laugh to death right now if he saw you." Jack chuckled, he held his hand under Hiccup's chin and lifted his lovers head gently.

Their eyes met, Hiccup felt a few tears welling up.

"Hey, why are you crying?" Jack asked, his voice getting concerned as he cupped Hiccup's cheeks.

"It's n-not funny J-Jack, I-I really w-work ha-hard on my art. E-Even they are laughing a-at times. I don't k-know why b-but I always ge-get so f-funny in my head." Hiccup croaked weakly.

"Hey, don't feel ashamed over this and don't feel any sort of that alright? I just never though I do see you in a drinking state, you really look beautiful." Jack whispered, he stroked his thumb over Hiccup's cheek, wiping the running tears away from Hiccup's cheek.

"I-I might l-look ridicules, maybe I sh-shouldn't have a-accepted to drink at first. Y-You were right, I don't feel comfortable under such state." Hiccup mumbled, he buried his head into Jack's chest.

"Hiccup." Jack whispered, he wrapped his arms around Hiccup and hugged him close.

"If you like to paint and draw, go for it alright? Just because you had a bit of alcohol tonight and a few things might not match in your head, that isn't the end of it." Jack explained, he pressed a soft kiss at Hiccup's forehead, where he slowly swayed them for a bit.

"Sober or drunk, you are still my perfect Hiccup." He whispered, his hand gently went to Hiccup's cheek and stroked it gently.

"I-I just…I just wanted to try it, it's not a thing I want to do every single day. I also just w-wanted to earn some money home too. I was tired to watch all of you having such perfect jobs, what could I do? Only sit home and draw and paint. I-I really…."

Hiccup were interrupted by Jack's lips being on his own, he was shocked at first, but slowly he closed his eyes and leaned into Jack.

They shared a passion and tends moment, Jack's hand kept being on Hiccup's cheek. He hold him in the right position, as he slipped his tongue inside Hiccup's mouth.

The warmth, the heat that they shared, it was so lovely and pleasant.

They broke apart, Hiccup looked up at Jack with lustful green eyes.

"Jack…" He whispered, he leaned into Jack's neck and pressed a soft tending kiss.

"I think that I, "He paused for a moment, Jack's hand had gently stroked his shoulder. "I think I'm ready to take you, making love with you Jack. Jack I- Please?" The brunette whispered, his voice sounded so embarrassed to request Jack about this, even though he really wanted Jack.

He didn't wanted to be ashamed about this any longer, he didn't want to think about Pitch taking his first time.

He just wanted to feel Jack now, making sure those memories about Pitch would be forgotten, and that Jack would always be the one he would be reminded of when they were together.

"Please…" The brunette pleaded, his arms wrapped around Jack's neck.

"With pleasure." Jack whispered, he held his arm under Hiccup's legs and lifted him in bridal style.

Hiccup let a yelp escape his lips, he held his arms tightly around Jack's neck so he wouldn't be falling from his grab.

"I got you sweetheart, I just want you to be in a comfortable place." Jack Whispered, he leaned his head down to Hiccup's and captured the brunettes lips, they kissed each other softly where Hiccup let a moan escape his throat.

Those noises, they were so sweet when they escaped Hiccup's throat. He almost felt embarrassed to let them out, his cheeks burned with a blushing red color.

As soon Jack got to their bedroom, he placed Hiccup down in the bed ever so gently. Hiccup had lied back against the bed, he looked all flushed and like a blushing virgin.

The sight was just beautiful, even by the way Hiccup looked half-drunk at made some extra points. It made him look adorable and cute, the thought only made Jack laugh gently.

The sight was just beautiful, even the dress gave some extra points if you asked Jack.

Jack had leaned over Hiccup, he ran his cool hand up along Hiccup's body, studying it very gently. He wouldn't like his Hiccup to break, not after two years where he have gotten nothing but hugs and kisses. Not that he weren't happy about that too, he had just carved for something more. But as promised, he would wait for Hiccup to tell him yes.

"You are so beautiful, Hiccup." Jack whispered, he leaned over Hiccup and captured his lips into another deep and passion kiss.

The brunette whimpered in need, his hands went to Jack's shirt and made a tight hold on it.

Jack broke their kiss again, he looked into the forest green eyes that he always loved.

"P-Please, Jack…don't tease me." Hiccup whispered, his hands kept being on Jack's shirt, he tried to tug Jack's shirt off but it wouldn't come off him.

"Patient, my love." Jack whispered, he let his hand run under Hiccup's shirt, he looked at it with a soft smile.

"You got too much clothes on yourself, helping me to get it off?" Jack asked, he chucked a bit while Hiccup sat a bit up.

Hiccup held his hands on his shirt, he pulled it over his head and threw it away from him.

The sight was perfect, so dirty and intends for Jack. It only made him hard down there, not that he already weren't that.

When they slowly got undressed, throwing the clothes everywhere in the room. They lied together on the bed, Jack on top at Hiccup as his hands explored Hiccup's freckled body.

Every freckle dot were special, in fact for Jack. It showed how much Hiccup's body could be perfect.

He pressed a kiss at Hiccup's neck, ran his tongue down along his chest and made small trails of kisses.

Hiccup gasped, the feeling of Jack's tongue and lips on his chest were lovely, pleasant and enjoyable.

"Jack…" Hiccup moaned, his hands grabbed the bed sheets tightly as his head turned to the right.

Jack found a weak spot, just above his bellybutton. It felt so wonderful, the hot tongue there licked around it. The pleasant feeling building around his stomach, it was so good!

"P-Please Jack, more…" The brunette begged, his voice trembling with pleasure.

"As you wish, my little brunette." Jack whispered, he smiled a bit while he leaned up at Hiccup's body. He kissed him softly at his lips, his hand stroking down along Hiccup's body.

He found wanted he wanted, Jack took Hiccup's cock in his hand. His thumb lightly brushed over the tip, feeling the pre-come dripping so greedily out.

He broke the kiss, hearing Hiccup's moaned escaping his brunettes' ever so sweet lips.

"You are so damn hot, Hiccup. Sexy and all mine, you are only mine." Jack whispered, he leaned down at Hiccup's body again. His hand kept stroking Hiccup's cock, his ice blue eyes looked up at Hiccup's pleasant face.

"Aha!... Ugh!. Nrgh…!" The moaning sounds escaped Hiccup's lips, his hands tightly wrapped around the bed sheets again.

"You are so adorable." Jack whispered, he smiled a bit as he pressed a kiss against Hiccup's thigh. He felt how it sent a shiver down at Hiccup's body.

"Please!" Hiccup begged again a bit louder, he couldn't take the torture anymore. Jack weren't nice to him, he was a meanie!

Jack let his tongue out, he licked the tip of Hiccup's cock. He couldn't handle but chuckle when the brunette moaned again.

Enough playing, he should take the huge step and please his brunette instead.

Jack held his body up along Hiccup's, he had let go at Hiccup's cock and kissed him at his lips very lustful. When he leaned back again, he placed two fingers in Hiccup's mouth.

"Make them wet, I don't want to hurt you while doing this. That's the last thing I ever would do, so please. Make them good wet, it will help." Jack whispered, he kissed Hiccup at his throat, feeling the vibration moan at Hiccup's throat.

Jack moaned himself, the feeling of Hiccup's hot tongue licking around his fingers were so good.

When he felt they were proper wet, Jack held them out again from Hiccup's mouth and got his hand down to Hiccup's entrance.

He pressed a finger against the hole, working one finger inside Hiccup. The moans continued coming, but on a time he looked up. Seeing Hiccup bite into his arm, he looked so pleasant at his face.

"Shhh it's alright Hiccup, I just prepare you before I will get in myself." Jack said with a chuckle, he leaned up at Hiccup. Kissing him at his lips while his finger gently pushed in and out from his beloved.

He chuckled when he found the spot inside Hiccup that made the brunette jump a bit in the bed. "Found it did I?" He chuckled and licked his tongue along Hiccup's neck.

Another finger slowly went inside Hiccup, Jack made a scissoring motion to loosen his brunette up. "It's going to feel good." He said and then made sure to press the right spot, the moaning told him that he were right. Jack then added the third finger before taking them all out.

The whimpered voice escaped Hiccup's lips, he couldn't take it. He had felt so good before, why should he also take them out?!

Jack helped Hiccup to get up from the bed, he sat the brunette on top at him. Making sure Hiccup's legs were spread out, their cocks touched each other as they shared the pre-come.

Jack kissed Hiccup along his neck, his hand went between them and took their cocks in his hand. He stroked them lightly, feeling the heat they shared again.

"J-Jack, please!" Hiccup whined, he really wanted to feel more. He wanted Jack to get inside him, fill him up.

"You will, Hiccup." Jack breathed against his neck, he lifted Hiccup's body a few inches, where he adjusted his cock at Hiccup's entrance.

Jack slowly sank Hiccup down on top at his cock, he felt the tight hot walls surround his harden cock. Jack groaned on the same time Hiccup moaned, he could feel Hiccup grabbed onto his shoulder. Just so he had something to grab onto, they sat quite.

Jack didn't wanted to hurt Hiccup, so he would let his lover adjust his size.

Hiccup rested his head at Jack's neck, he kept moaning so pitiful. Special when Jack started to kiss him down at his neck, how pleasant it all became.

"J-Jack, move p-please." Hiccup's voice came out in another pitiful moaning.

Jack gently bite Hiccup's ear, he lifted his lovers body a few inches only to let go so Hiccup ended deep down against Jack again.

The brunette moaned, his arms wrapped around Jack's neck as his nails dug into Jack's back.

This evening couldn't be better.

~the next morning~

Toothless stood outside a balcony, a blanket around his shoulders as he watched the morning sun raising over the trees. He always loved the sight of nature in the morning.

Toothless turned his head a bit, he felt a hand at his shoulder and that he slowly were pulled into Aster's side.

"Morning Toothless, I didn't thought you do be up this early." Aster said, he ran his hand through Toothless' long black hair. Seeing that his young lover enjoyed it very much.

"You know I'm a morning person, I like to watch the nature, especially when it's starting to make a new day." Toothless mumbled, he leaned into Aster's side and rested his head against Aster's chest.

"Maybe you should get dressed, we need to head to the town for Jack." Aster explained, he rested his head aside so he could look at Toothless. Even his smile showed the softness Aster really could be, though many people only see him as a grumpy chief.

"Why? Its weekend and we do not need to work either, so why should I get dressed?" Toothless asked, he looked up at Aster with a raised eyebrow.

"It's convenient, the clothes I mean." Aster explained, he slowly held away from Toothless and walked inside their room.

"Since when did you find me convenient with clothes on? You normally rip it off me before you take me." Toothless said with a chuckle, he saw Aster made a small 'don't start on that' look at him.

"What? It's true! You always complain I got too much clothes on, so you rip it off me so easily. Which I also need to speak with you about!" Toothless explained, he went inside and had let the blanket drop from his shoulders. There he already was, naked in the middle of the room.

"You ripped my favorite shirt last night, how dare you? How dump weren't you then?" Toothless asked him, he fold his arms as he cocked his head to the side while he looked at Aster.

"Toothless, get clothes on. That sight is only me who shall see that, no one else." Aster said, he already grabbed the blanket from the floor and dapped it around Toothless' body so he wouldn't appear naked.

"I buy you a new one, you know I can't handle it when you tease me the whole day." Aster whispered, he cupped Toothless cheeks where he kissed him softly at his lips.

Toothless hummed, he leaned into Aster's lips and kissed him more roughly back. His hand grabbed Aster's shirt to pull him closer, oh how he also love morning sex.

"One more time?" Toothless managed to speak between their lips, his hand grabbed Aster's silver-grey hair and tugged it gently.

"Didn't you have enough last night?" Aster asked, his arms wrapped around Toothless waist as he lifted his little lover up to him.

"Nope, you know how I love it." Toothless laughed, he wrapped his legs around Aster's waist so he could keep himself closer to Aster.

"I shou-" Before Aster could speak, they could hear the doorbell rang down at the hallway.

"Who in the bloody hell is at the door this early in the morning?!" Toothless snapped, he got down from Aster again and sat on the bed.

"Go get the bloody door, don't think about me all needy already. I have a hand who can take care of me, so go." Toothless grumbled.

"You never change do you?" Aster asked with a laugh, he walked out from their room and went down at the stairs. It was a bit weird, who would be out this far from the city to visit them?

Far and far, it was only five miles away from the nearby city.

When Aster got to the door, he opened it and looked at a woman standing outside the door.

"Hello, excuse me that I'm bothering you this morning." She said, as she looked at Aster with soft green eyes. How they look so familiar, even her brown hair too.

"Don't excuse yourself, can I help you by any chance?" Aster asked, he let the door be a bit more opened.

"Hiccup….Hiccup Haddock, should he by any chance live here?" She asked him, she looked like she were nervous about a thing.

"What is the matter if he does?" Aster asked, he fold his arms lightly as he narrowed his eyes.

He always should be prepared, who knows if Pitch Black ever would try to get Hiccup again?

"I just want to know, if he is can I see him? Just for a moment?" She asked him.

Aster studied her for a moment, he made a short node as he let her inside.

"A fast warning, if you by any chance are trying to hurt him. We got a lot of people who can get on you so easily and knock you down." Aster warned, he made a hand for her to wait in the living room.

She didn't comment, as she stood in there and waited while Aster went up at the stairs.

She saw a few photos on the walls around the living room, but the one there catch her eye most was a picture of Hiccup and Stoick.

She slowly walked near it, her hand went on the frame as she took it down from the fire cabinet it stood above.

"She is in there, if you feel uncomfortable by any chance just call on us." Asters mumbling voice was heard, the woman turned as she looked over at the entrance to the living room.

There he was, Hiccup stood there and looked at her. Only dressed in a pair of jeans and a long old and big shirt. He do never admit it for anyone, but the big shirt were his father's once.

"Hiccup? Could it be? After all these years…how is this possible?" She mumbled, as she slowly walked closer to Hiccup.

"I-Im sorry, but should I know you?" Hiccup asked, he looked her over for a moment. The uncomfortable feeling started to well up into his stomach.

He saw her hand getting near his cheek, he tried to lean a bit back as his eyes studied her for a moment. She then held her hand a bit back, as she took a step away from him.

"No, you were only a babe. But a mother never forgets." She whispered, her eyes soon looked into Hiccup's. She saw how shocked he looked like, almost as if he had seen a ghost.


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