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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


3. The Hint.

The Hint.

It was late at night, Hiccup knew he needed to get early to bed since the school was starting again tomorrow. However, that didn’t stop him for playing late at night with his best friends.

“I’m counting on you Toothy, do you have my back?” Hiccup asked through his microphone, as his character in the game was about to get in a hard battle. He, Toothless and their new hunter friend Frost318, had all made new characters for the last couple of days.

Toothless had chosen to be a Human Priest, Hiccup himself was better at being a Human Warlock. Frost318 only liked being a Hunter, but neither Hiccup nor Toothless complained about it.

Since Hiccup had bought the game, a new update had been on it. Now their characters could get to a higher level, way up to level 80. Even a new story line was getting in the game, and some few more quests they can go through.

“You know I always got your back, besides Frost here can also have it.” Toothless said, as they had been speaking over Skype for the last couple of hours.

“This will be my last game for tonight you two, I got some work tomorrow I need to get to.” Frost318 spoke right after, as Hiccup had chuckled a bit.

“It’s still funny, we have known you for what? Around three weeks now?” Hiccup asked him, his character was getting in a hard battle.

“Toothless heal please?” He requested his friend.

“Got your back I told you!” Toothless said with a bit snappy voice.

“Don’t snap at him, when he do ask you nicely.” Frost318 said with a small chuckle, before he added “And yes Hickey, around three weeks. But what’s about it?” He asked him.

“I was just wondering, how come you not say what’s your name is?” Hiccup asked him, he then bit his lower lip for a moment. He was just stupid that he had asked for such thing, of course gamers can be anonymous, then again he do like to know who he really was. You could call it a curious side that Hiccup got, then again he was always curious about most of the things.

“I might tell you, and I might not. All depends on if I can trust you.” Frost318 said with a small chuckle.

“Annnnnnd I’m out! Thanks guys for letting me die.” Toothless grumbled a bit.

“You are the priest! You should heal yourself and survive!” Both Frost318 and Hiccup said at once, then there was silent for a moment over the skype call.

Toothless suddenly busted out laughing, as both Frost318 and Hiccup could hear he fell out of his chair.

“What’s so funny?” Hiccup asked him, while Toothless had gotten back on his seat again.

“You two… just scold at me…at the same time and with the same words. Oh god that was gold!” Toothless said with a small laughing, as Hiccup could hear he tried to catch his breath.

“I think…” Toothless said while he took a deep breath, he had then tried to calm down again.

“I think I will call off for tonight too, it’s school day tomorrow” He told them.

“Night Toothy, remember to text me after your lessons.” Hiccup told him, as he couldn’t handle but make a small smile.

“Shall do, night with you Frostbite.” Toothless said, before the Icon of Toothless Avatar showed he logged offline.

“Just you and I left….Hiccup.” Frost318 said with a silky voice, which made Hiccup blushing a bit. Frost never spoke like that before to him, or was it only when Toothless shouldn’t be around?

“Sure, uhm I do go in a moment too so….” Hiccup tried to explain, but he were cut off after a moment.

“Just stay for like 10 more minutes please? I do like to speak a few words with you, that is…if you don’t mind it?” Frost asked him.

“Alright, I guess I can stay 10 more minutes.” Hiccup said with a soft chuckle, he slowly had logged his character out from the game while he just had skype opened along with a holiday essay he almost was finish with.

“So what do you like to say, Frost?” the brunette asked him, while he slowly started to type on to his essay.

“Well first off all, I’m a 28 year old male. I might be the youngest person to teach on a collage tomorrow, I just want to hear what you think about a teacher actually should teach. Give me a few tips since, oh well, since you are a student and that.” Frost told him, while Hiccup looked a bit up at the skype-call right at Frost’s photo.

“Well, it depends on what you are teaching, but most students do like a funny teacher. Not just someone who make us do a lot of work, just letting in some funny things if so. It’s….not that I can tell to much.” Hiccup mumbled, his eyes looked down at his desk for a moment.

“Why are you suddenly so sad, Hiccup?” Frost asked him, while hiccup clearly could hear how concerned Frost sounded like.

“N-Nothing really, you know me and Toothless are best friends right?” Hiccup asked him a bit low.

“Yeah? Should there be something wrong in being friends, Hiccup?” Frost asked him, while there had been a noise over the call. It was not that Hiccup bothered, skype at times would just be a bitch to them.

“Toothless is…well…he is my only friend actually, he moved long time ago. Since then, I didn’t really had any friends in school. Don’t tell him this but, I got bullied a lot after he moved.” Hiccup explained to him, he had inhale a shakly breath. “You see, when Toothless still was around, he was like my bodyguard on a way. He always made sure that I was fine, always made sure no one bothered me or bullied me. He thought it stopped, since people didn’t wanted to get near us. But the day he moved, it all happened all over again.” Hiccup explained, his voice getting a bit lower and weak.

“Hiccup, drink some water please. I can hear your voice are about to crack.” Frost told him kindly, which made Hiccup a bit more comfortable. He didn’t care how old Frost was, this…..this was just a thing he thought that Frost should know.

“S-Sorry it’s, at times hard to speak about.” Hiccup whispered, he reached out for his can of soda and slowly gulped the rest of the liquid down in his throat.

“Tell me more Hiccup, you sound like you need to get it out. I can understand you won’t tell it to your friend, don’t worry I won’t say a word to anyone. Hunter promise.” He said, as he made a light chuckle. It happened to cheer Hiccup a bit more up, Frost and his Hunter promises.

“Well, a week after Toothless moved. I got pushed around, people stole my things or locked me in my closet. But it started to get better after my father changed job to a police officer, people don’t harass me that much more.” Hiccup told him, his hands slowly slide over the keyboard again as he typed in the rest of the lines he needed for his essay.

“You also sounds like a smart kid, after what I heard from Toothless. You was the top student in your young classes?” Frost asked him, Hiccup could almost see the smile in front at him by the way Frost spoke to him. He wish he could met Frost person to person, sadly Frost could live somewhere else in the world.

“I was, still am actually. The reason I’m gaming right now, is to stress my brain down from all the work. Around half a year ago, I got on the hospital because I was too stressed. It was that time I quit gaming, which just ended bad you see. My father actually told me to get back on gaming again, so I could get my stress level down and be better in the school.” The brunette explained, he had soon been finish with his essay so he just needed to read it through, and edit the few parts he had.

“Well, gaming over Computers, Xboxe’s, Playstations or well any consoles can be a good thing, as long you know how to handle it at times. I heard once a guy got so hooked up at a game, which he didn’t eat, slept, or went to the toilet for a week. They found him sick and pale after a month too.” Frost explained to him, Hiccup just smiled a bit while he dragged his mouse over to the ‘print’ icon at his word program.

“Don’t worry, I won’t get that bad. My dad controls me with the games too, I promised him no shooting gaming’s like GTA or COD.” Hiccup explained to him, he could hear Frost chuckled a bit at the other end of the skype call.

“Well, now I do want to tell you a small story too Hiccup.” Frost told him with a soft and silky voice, it made Hiccup blush a bit again by it. Why did his voice affect him so much?

“Two seconds, I will need to get my essay in my folder first. Brb” He told him, as he clicked on the mute button on skype. Hiccup let out a breath as he closed his eyes, he ran a hand through his hair as he stood and went over to his printer. He got the papers from it, gently enough he got them in his folder to his English lesson.

Hiccup soon sat back again on his gaming chair, he held his headset on again and unmute his microphone.

“Back again, sorry but it needed to be done.” Hiccup said with a small chuckle, as he fold his arms on his desk.

“Welcome back, Hiccup.” Frost said yet again with the soft and silky voice.

“So uhm, the thing you wanted to say? Story rather told?” Hiccup asked him, he had slowly rested his head down in his arms, his eyes got closed as he listened to Frost’s voice.

“For around, three and a half week ago. I met a person while I was in the town nearby my new apartment, it happen to be he was…buying this new game.” Frost explained to him with his soft and low voice. “I ran into him, sadly I made him fall on the ground. But he didn’t get hurt which made me glad, I hate when people gets hurt because of me.” He explained, while Hiccup slowly had lifted his head a bit. That story sounds so…familiar. But why?

“I ended to follow him to his bus, great guy I must say. I’m glad that I, even got to speak with him after that. Oh well, I will log off now Hiccup. Sleep well and have a good day tomorrow. Good night” Frost said with his silky voice.

“Wait! Frost!?” Hiccup asked, but he already saw the sign to that Frost had logged off.

He sighed a bit right after, could he really be the person he met that long time ago?

Hiccup sighed, before he turned off his computer. He slowly stood from his chair, where he stripped down to his shirt and underwear. He then got under his bed sheets on his bed, tomorrow would be a long day.

Hiccup slowly fixed his headphones up from his school back, he plugged them to his Ipod and sat it on shuffle before he relaxed a bit in the bed. Very slowly he fell asleep to the sweet tunes through his headphones, he knew tomorrow do be a long day. Who knows, maybe something surprising would happen.


Yep, Chapter 3 finish.

Now I like to hear what your guys might want to see in this story. I do not want to make any Spoilers but Frost318 will maaaaaaaybe appear in the next chapter. WHO KNOWS!! Im just saying he Might do…uhm hehehe?...alright not funny I got it… o(>< )o

So anyways, Please review this chapter ^^ I like to get comments and sorry again for the grammar mistakes and misspellings.

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