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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


4. School

Chapter 4. School

Hiccup was awoke around half an hour before he should meet in school, his father had been in his room to wake up him. He do agree on it was a bad thing to be up late at night, since Hiccup barely could stay awake right now in his father's police car. He had stared tiredly out at the window, as the school was in his sight. His father had parked just outside, were he waited for his son to get out.

"If you need anything son, just give me a call then I will be here as fast that I can be" Stoick told him, as he had his hand on his son's shoulder.

"Can't you set me in prison instead? I think it would be a nicer place for me." Hiccup mumbled, as he had looked at his father. The sternly look at his father's face was enough for him to unbuckled his seatbelt.

"I will get home myself, thanks for driving me." Hiccup said fast enough, before he got out from the car and closed the door. He looked over his shoulder, were he saw his father drove away again. People had already been mumbling around him, sure his dad was a police officer, so what strange thing is it then to be drove in school in a police car?

Hiccup let out a sigh, as he slowly walked toward the school. His hand was on the strap to his shoulder bag, at least he would have an easy day. English the first two lessons, then Art class and gym in the end.

Monday's were always sort for him, well at least he thought so. The brunette managed to get over to his locker, before anyone really noticed him. He got his books from his locket, where he put them into his bag. When he closed his lockers door, he yelped a bit as Dagur had been standing next to him.

"Geez don't scare me like that!" he cursed, as he held his hand at his chest while the other rested on the locket.

"Then it wouldn't be fun." Dagur comment, as he studied the brunette for a moment.

"What do you want, Dagur?" Hiccup asked him, as he turned his back on Dagur so he could walk to his class.

"Simply annoy you, the rest of the day that is." Dagur said with a chuckle, as he followed the brunette.

"Didn't you annoy me enough last year? Or is this some sort of game you like, Dagur?" Hiccup asked him, but he kept his gaze away from the auburn haired.

"Game, boringness, and other stuff too. Oh and Hic-cup, I will get your lunch today. Forgot mine at home so," Dagur said, as he had dug his hand in Hiccup's bag and grabbed his lunch bag. "Thank you." He said before he walked off, even so Hiccup couldn't stop him.

"Great, no lunch for me today then." Hiccup mumbled while he entered the classroom, he took a seat at the back of the class. He let out a sigh, before he took his text book out from his bag.

This would be a long day, just like he thought last evening.

The bell had soon rang, which told the students to take their seats in the class. Hiccup had only his gaze down at his text book, a paper beside him that had a few dragon doodles on it. People were a bit loud in the class, well when wasn't they loud?

"Morning students, sorry that I'm late but I had a few problems with the printer this morning." A new voice spoke, as a male entered the classroom.

People started to laugh in the class, wait laugh? What was so funny? Hiccup had looked up from his doodling paper, seeing a white haired male in front at the class with a clown nose on, it made him look ridicules.

Hiccup's eyes then wide, he noticed the white and the ice blue eyes. Jack…right? Wasn't it that name the man had told him that day? The very one who bumped into him or rather, Hiccup bumped into him.

"Well I'm glad that I made people laugh, I got a good advice that you needed a funny teacher." The teacher told them, before he took of the red clown nose.

"My Name is Jack Frost, but you all will need to call me Professor Frost. Sadly I know, but that's how the school is." Jack told them, while he clapped his hands together. "But in here, we screw a bit on the rules. Call me whatever you wish to do, even if it's funny or not" he explained to them with a bright smile.

"Frost? Isn't that a weird name to have?" One of Hiccup's classmates had asked, as she looked at their new teacher.

"Oh yeah it is, I bet my parents just loved the cold weather when they got me." Jack told her with a small chuckle, before he sat on top at the teachers desk. He had slowly rolled up his sleeves, so they was just below his elbows.

"Now since him a new teacher here, I do like to know my students." Jack explained, as he held his hand in his bag and draw out a ball.

"This is a ball, which is a round thing you can throw around. It is bouncing and can hurt like hell if you get it thrown in your groin." Jack explained them, while a few of the students laughed a bit.

"Uhm Professor, we do know what a round thing is." The blonde girl said again, as she had rested her arms on her desk and looked at Jack.

"Oh that is good, well I don't know if people knew it or not. Besides that, it's good to loosen up some tending in the class before I needed to teach you the real deal." He explained, while he slowly threw the ball up in the air and grabbed it again.

"Alright now to the fun part, I do like to keep some respect between each other in here. So whoever there have the ball, is the only one who speaks in here. I will be speaking too, but only to ask questions. If you got a question, raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. Are we clear?" Jack asked them, as he saw most of his students nodded a bit.

"Alright, the first few questions is simple. The one who have the ball will answer on what is your Name? Your Age? What is your favorite hobby?" He explained them, as he rolled the ball between his hands.

"Let's start then, here you go." Jack said, as he threw the ball out in the class a bit randomly.

The ball ended a bit around, as the different student spoke their name, age and what their hobbies were. Jack had paid attention, he had asked into a few things that he either didn't understood or was interesting to hear more about.

"Oi Nerd! Your turn!" Snotloud said, as he had threw the ball a bit hard toward Hiccup. It hit him at his chest, Hiccup wasn't even prepared to get the ball at him. He had been too busy to think, the last thing he spoke with Frost318 was running in his head. Was Frost318 Professor Frost?

Hiccup had just rubbed his chest a bit, while he had held the ball in his hand.

"Snotloud, that wasn't very kind of you to do such thing. Why did you throw the ball at him?" Jack asked with a sternly voice, as he had fold his crossed his arms over his chest.

"He is a nerd, that's why. Beside that he deserves a lot of trouble." Snotloud said, as he had glared a bit over at Hiccup. "Sneaky bastard he and his friend was." Snotloud mumbled under his breath, as he leaned back against his seat.

"Out now, Snotloud." Jack said, as he had his hand pointed toward the door.

"Fine whatever. "Snotloud said, he grabbed his bag and walked out from the class.

"Now we got that fixed, would you mind telling your name, age and hobbies?" Jack asked the brunette, as he made a kind smile toward him.

Hiccup just stared at Jack for a moment, Jack already knew his name, so why did he needed him to say it here? Even his age and hobbies?

"Well?" Jack asked him, as he had his arms fold over his chest while he leaned against the teacher's desk. A few of the girls in front at Hiccup had let out a weirdly sigh, almost as if they were in a dream or something. Did they fancy their teacher already?

Hiccup had cleared his throat again, his hands played a bit with the ball while he kept his gaze down at his desk. Best not to make eye contact right?

"I'm…Hiccup Haddock….21 years old, and my hobbies…." He paused for a moment, as a girl nearby him coughed 'Nerd' another cough 'loser' even a few of the students laughed a bit over it. Hiccup only bent his head a bit more, as he clung his hand a bit at the ball.

"Reading…," he answered the last question, as he threw the ball back toward the teacher.

Jack caught the ball, as he held it in his bag right after. His eyes had been over the class, as he noticed many of the students was making fun of Hiccup.

"I want to make this clear, "Jack said, while he stood proper again and fold his arms over his chest.

"In my lessons there will not be tolerated any sort of bullying, coughing words like that, call another person 'nerd, loser, freak' whatever the words might be. If I caught someone in here, making any sort of bullying against another student. I will give the bully detention the rest of the year, am I clear for you all?" Jack asked them, his eyes scanned the classroom while he saw a few of the students sat better in their seats and looked at their desk.

"Good, I will let the last few things pass, but if I caught someone doing this one more time. Detention rest of the year, you are warned." He said with a firm sternly voice, so they could know he meant it.

"Alright, now that's settled let's take our books out." He said, as he had smiled soon after.

This was getting weirder and stranger for each minute there go, Hiccup thought while he ran a hand through his brown hair. He let out a sigh, as he had opened his textbook to the page Jack told them to get on.


Yeah so that was Chapter 4 xD

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