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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


13. No one will safe him.

Hey readers.

Now Chapter 13 is updated too! I hope you all will enjoy it :3


Chapter 13. No one will safe him.

He hated doing what Mr. Black said, he hated to be bound and recorded to show he was captured. The speech that Pitch always gave in the videos, they were truly horrible. Even without acting, Hiccup was scared for the words Pitch spoke out.

If his father were ever to see him again, he should stop the whole case burn everything they knew about Pitch and his gang members, first then he might give Hiccup back again.

Each time they were finished to record another video, Hiccup got loose from his bounds. He do never speak to Pitch afterwards, but on a time when the Mafia boss ordered him to answer. That had been the horrible mistake he ever did, not answering at all.

He remember when Pitch told him, he would not be harmed unless he deserved it.

So there he was, his wrists tied against the headboard of a large king size bed. Even a blindfold had been covering his eyes, oh and the fact to that his clothes were gone too.

He hated this!

He whimpered for the hand there stroked his stomach, down below his navel and right above his member.

It had happened so many times now, but he still weren't used to the touch. Even though Pitch had told he would be, that he would obey his every touch and lean closer to beg for more.

Hiccup didn't….

He hated the touch, he hated how his body at times found it pleasant, and he hated that Jack weren't his first time at all.


Where was Jack? Didn't he try to find him? Didn't he promise he would never get hurt?

Didn't Jack promise him, that he would be safe and sound?


It was all just lies…

That's what Pitch told him by now, people lies because they think they can make a safe ball around them. Make them believe that the world is safe without anything to harm it, making them believe that they wouldn't get hurt at all.


Hiccup do know how long he had been kidnapped, he know that it had been over two months now.

Three long months.

8 videos made.

Over 23 punishments for disobeying Pitch, he couldn't remember the correct number since he stopped counting at 23.

And yet…

He think he is still sane, at least that's what is mind and brain trying to tell him.

He didn't struggle more, he didn't try to speak against Pitch. He just let him now, he let Pitch touch him, he let Pitch use him, and he let him do whatever he pleased.

He didn't have a hope any longer, he don't thought that his father would do as Pitch told him.

He was going to be like the last kid who was kidnapped, buried away somewhere in the world where he never would be found again.

It was November the 3th, he know because a calendar had been on the nightstand, showing off what days it had been.

Hiccup only stared on a wall, his hands chained together and rested beside his head. He was tired, just exhausted after a long night where Pitch had kept him awake. Yet, he couldn't find his peace to sleep at all.

His body were in pain, his mind didn't register anything at all. It was just a plane dead Hiccup, or rather said, a hiccup without his happy spirit.

The brunette had closed his eyes, he tried to at least relax a bit. Even though he couldn't find a comfortable moment to relax at, he knew Pitch would return in some hours.

His body slowly started to calm down, it was like he were floating for a moment. A peace he had waited for in a long time, it just felt like minutes passing away, if not hours.

"Hiccup…" A soft voice whispered, a stroking were on his cheek too.

"P-Please no more…" Hiccup mumbled, he thought Pitch wanted another round with him. Maybe it had been lunch time, so the Mafia Boss wanted to 'visit' him.

"Hiccup open your eyes…It's me, Jack remember?" The soft silky voice spoke, the stroking kept being gently against his cheek.

"Jack…." The brunette mumbled, his eyes slowly opened, seeing a form in front at him. "No…you can't be…he doesn't care, he won't find me. Mr. Black said that…" The brunette mumbled, his voice broke half the way.

"Shhh Hiccup, it is me, I'm here now." Jack whispered, he cupped the younger male's cheeks, stroking them softly with his thumbs while he pressed a soft kiss at Hiccup's lips.

The brunette slowly closed his eyes, the soft lips against his own, they were real. Jack was really here, Jack…he…he couldn't believe it.

The brunette clung his chained hands on Jack's shirt, he tried to get closer, tried to get the safe feeling to him.


He felt Jack's arm around his shoulders, the kiss broke where the soft white haired touched his cheek.


"I got you Hiccup, your father is nearby too. So is Toothless, we went to search for you as soon we got a trace." Jack whispered, he ran his hand along Hiccup's cheek. He tried to calm the young male down.


"Let's get you out from here, alright?" Jack whispered, he got his hands to the chains, trying to figure out how to get them away from Hiccup.

"Not so fast, Mr. Frost." A voice spoke nearby the door, Hiccup's eyes went wide by the voice. He knew whom it belong to…

Pitch Black…


That's the end of this chapter.

Sooo? I know it isn't as bad as people might think, but come on…I couldn't make myself write a Rape scene with Pitch and Hiccup. Not that I can't do it, I just won't do it because I would safe the smut to when Jack and Hiccup should do it.

Eh? Good enough? That's great!

What shall happen next? :3

Since I asked what should happened before, I have a small…spoiler till next chapter.

Someone will get badly hurt, and a person Hiccup haven't seeing in a loooooong time will return.

So now, give me ideas?! Please? xD

Until next time.

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