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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


11. It just went so well…

Hey Readers. Yes now Chapter 11 is here :3

I do want to make a warning now, the next few chapters might not be to pleasant to read. I promised you that I would do something horrible, sooooo.

Just read and figure it out. ;3



Chapter 11. It just went so well…

Hiccup woke the next morning, by the feeling of something caressing his cheek. The brunette fluttered his eyes opened, he saw a tall person lying next to him. At first he thought it was Toothless, the way Toothless always hold him after a thundering storm. He let out a soft breath, his eyes gently closed again. He was too comfortable to move, too lazy to get out from the bed, which was until he heard a voice.

"Did you know, that you look very adorable and beautiful in your sleep?" Jack's voice murmured against Hiccup's head, Hiccup let out a squeal, he had pushed himself away from Jack also out from the bed so he landed on the floor with a thump.

"Ouch…" he groaned, as he rubbed his head a bit, he do get easy scared when things weren't as he expected them to be.

"Hiccup!" Jack's worried voice called out, he had jumped down in front at Hiccup and held a hand at his head.

"Did you hurt yourself? Pain anywhere?" Jack asked, he made Hiccup look up at him so he could check if he were injured.

"I'm fine, just shocked over finding you next to me." Hiccup mumbled, he made Jack let go at him.

"So you forgot?" Jack asked, his chuckle gave Hiccup a shiver down at his spine. So silky and soft, oh Thor! He needs to stop thinking like a damn girl!

"No….I remember, I just didn't let the thought stroke my mind." The brunette mumbled, he got helped up on his feet where he stood against Jack's chest. He felt his cheeks blushed a bit by the way Jack hold him, this was getting ridiculous!

"Do you mind to answer on what I told you last night, Hiccup?" Jack asked him, he had rested his head against Hiccup's.

"Don't you see it yourself?" Hiccup mumbled, his gaze went away from Jack as he tried to hide his blushing cheeks.

"Cute, so very adorable you can be when you get all red." Jack whispered in his ear, he leaned closer and pressed a soft tends kiss at Hiccup's neck.

"Tickles!" Hiccup said, as he had let out a chuckle. He was very ticklish at his neck, so it didn't help the way Jack tried to kiss his neck.

"I could do this all day, if it wasn't because we needed to leave soon." Jack whispered, he smiled a bit before he pressed a soft kiss at Hiccup's forehead.

"Get dressed, pack your last things and get down to the car. We can find a place to eat breakfast on our way, sounds good?" Jack asked him, he had hold his arms around Hiccup and swayed a bit with him.

Hiccup nodded, he closed his eyes while he rested his head against Jack's chest. Was this really the choice he should make? Stay with Jack as….as what?

"Jack?" Hiccup mumbled, he looked a bit up at the elder male.

"Uhmm?" Jack hummed, his eyes had been closed while he had hold Hiccup close to him. This was just too precious for him to let go at right now, the moment at least, a thing he had wished for in weeks if not months.

"W-What am I to you, now I mean. " The brunette mumbled, he hide his head against Jack's chest.

"If you accept my love, I do claim you as my lover." Jack whispered, he had held his head down to Hiccup's shoulder. "That is only if you wish me to be that, I promise you Hiccup. I will do my very best to protect you, make sure you are happy." He whispered, as he ran a hand through Hiccup's hair.

Hiccup smiled a bit, he leaned a bit against Jack's hand and looked up into the ice blue eyes.

"I do love that." He whispered, he let Jack press another soft kiss at his forehead. This might be a good thing, he really like the idea by now. Toothless would be so jealous of him now!

That thought made him chuckle a bit, as he wrapped his arms around Jack's neck and hugged him closer to him.

~ A few hours later ~

Hiccup got out from Jack's car, he stretched his legs and arms a bit, yawning as he saw Jack getting over to the small store. They needed gas on the car, so they could get to the town again soon.

"I will need to use the toilet before we continue!" He called at Jack, as he waved his hand at him. The brunette then walked over behind the store, using the customer's toilets behind it.

He waited a moment, as someone already where in there.

The brunette held his phone out, as he heard it made a small noise. He know it was his text Tone, so he had simply just gotten a text.

He looked at the text, getting his phone closer to him so he could read the message:

Unknown Person: It's a bad thing to be on your own, special when your dear father isn't around. Hiccup Haddock.

Alright, this started to creep him out. Who was this per-

An arm wrap around his waist, a cloth went over his mouth and noise as he were held in a firm grab. Hiccup had dropped his phone, he tried to struggle and get free, he tried to scream out.

He was so tired….

He felt his body slowly relaxed in the hold, his eyes went heavy and he slowly closed them. He just fell asleep like that, because someone drugged him.

It was all darkness around him, he couldn't do anything but wait until he do wake up again.

Jack had only gotten out from the store, he had a bag in his hand and looked over toward the corner to the bathrooms. What he saw made him drop his bag, he saw Hiccup getting into a van by two men.

"HICCUP!" He shouted, as he ran toward the van. The men already closed it, as they had gotten in the van. They drove away very fast, Jack turned back. His eyes were on the van to see where it drove to, he quickly got into his car and got it in gear.

There was no way Hiccup should get kidnapped under his watch! He won't let him get hurt!

With that in mind, Jack speeded up on the car to drive after the van.


End of Chapter 11.

Soooo? I told it wasn't going to end well now xD

This is a part of a plan, since I told Stoick were going on a long case. This is one thing which is involve about it too :3

Until next time readers!

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