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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


9. He wanted to tell.

Yay im finish with chapter 9 :3

Remember to enjoy, even though im going a bit slow with the characters, trust me it will end in a smut scene very soon! :D Maybe even in this one x3


Enjoy :3



Chapter 9. He wanted to tell.


Being with Jack was the amazing thing, but the ever best thing was that Toothless was around him again. He wish the summer never would end, he wish he could stay at the summerhouse with Jack, Aster and Toothless.

It had been one and a half month, the summer holiday was soon over, and Hiccup had enjoyed it so much. Even thought he had work once and a while, it had been the best summer ever!

It was his second last night at the summerhouse, Hiccup sat outside in the garden on top at a blanket, which was unfold. He had looked over the trees there had been around, the sunset lightly shined between the trees as it went down.

He loved the nature, it was beautiful out here. If Jack was to take care of him, even after they return home. He would like them to stay, not because it was a big house, but also because the place was beautiful. Hiccup had never felt more calm and rested like he had this summer, it was new, and it was lovely.

The brunette closed his eyes, he enjoyed the last piece of sun shine upon his body. He had just a shirt along with some shorts on, not much to be honest.

Hiccup felt something getting around his shoulders, he softly opened his eyes and looked up, seeing that Jack were putting a blanket around him.

“It will get cold between seconds after the sun has gone down, we don’t need you to get a cold.” Jack said, he smiled a bit as he sat behind Hiccup. The brunette had leaned back, resting his back against Jack’s chest his head rested on Jack’s left shoulder.

Jack took his arms around Hiccup, he hugged the brunette close, his arms firmly around him. “Been a good summer, Hiccup?” Jack asked him, he rested his head against Hiccup’s as he watched the sunset with the brunette.

Hiccup only nodded against Jack’s shoulder, he fold his legs to him so he sat in a ball against Jack. He rested his head into Jack’s neck, his eyes almost closed but not fully.

“The best I ever had, thank you.” The brunette whispered, he felt Jack softly ran a hand through his hair. This was getting more awkward now, Hiccup’s cheeks started to be red. He know it was because he was this close to Jack, also on the time they should sleep in the same tent to the Medieval Festival conference. Even there Hiccup found it awkward, that he needed to lie close up to Jack so they wouldn’t be cold doing the night.

Hiccup opened his eyes again, he felt Jack’s hand at his cheek. Why did he start to feel awkward? It was so wrong at him to do, or was it right for him to feel this? He was getting confused, he didn’t know what he should do or say.

“Hiccup…” Jack breathe his name into his ear, it sent a shiver down at his spine.

“Yes Jack?” Hiccup asked, he tried not to show what his body really tried to do.

“What am I for you?” Jack asked him, he rested his head on top at Hiccup’s again, his arms soft but firm around Hiccup.

Hiccup shrugged a bit, he had just closed his eyes again. He felt safe even comfortable the way Jack hold him, it was almost loving.

Hiccup opened his eyes, he felt Jack’s hand had been under his chin and lifted his head.

“Wh-“Hiccup couldn’t get a word out, before he felt Jack’s lips against his own. His eyes went wide, he had not expected Jack to do this. Why did he even do it?!

Hiccup clung his hand at Jack’s shirt, his mind shouted at him to hit Jack. Even thought, his heart told him not to, that he only should let it flow.

Confused, Hiccup didn’t thought he could do anything. He felt Jack’s hand got on his cheek, caressing it softly as the kiss had go on.

The brunette closed his eyes, the feeling of this it was so…. Strange. Yet it was lovely to feel the strong arms around him, the soft and tends kiss.

He couldn’t handle but let a moaned escape his throat, his mind slowly wash away the thoughts, so he had let his body react to all this instead.

He could feel his body flushed, the feeling of need and pleasure went through it too.

Jack had let go at Hiccup’s lips, he had leaned down at his neck where he placed a soft and teasing kiss.

“Urgh…” Hiccup whined pitiful, his hands tight at Jack’s shirt while he felt his cheeks heat up.

“You alright, Hiccup?” Jack breathed into his ear, Hiccup could only feel how his cheeks got hot, if he know himself, then they might be a scarlet color right now.

The brunette nodded, he kept his head into Jack’s neck, just so Jack couldn’t see his cheeks and flushed face.

Jack smiled a bit, he ran a hand through Hiccup’s hair and leaned to his ear. “You sure? Because if I did something wrong, I’m sorry about it. I just wanted you to know that…” Jack whispered, his voice silky, soft and tends. It gave another shiver don at Hiccup’s spine, how could it be only Jack made him like this?

“JACK! HICCUP!” A voice called from the balcony, Jack leaned back that moment, he had looked back and saw it was Aster.

“Get in, there is a rain coming!” He said, as he pointed toward the dark clouds.

“Right a moment to interrupt this, rude little rabbit. “ Jack mumbled, he helped Hiccup to his feet, but as he tried to say something, Hiccup already had gone toward the Mansion.

Jack sighed, he held his hand out as he felt a raindrop at his cheek. He looked up at the sky, the rain started to get heavy as it slowly began.

Jack went inside after a moment, he looked after Hiccup, but he saw that Hiccup already was walking up at the stairs with Toothless.

“Right a moment, Aster.” Jack said, he fold his arms and glared a bit at his best friend.

“I didn’t want any of you to get a cold! How can that be ‘right a moment’ ?” Aster asked him, he too fold his arms as he glared at Jack.

“I was so close!” Jack snapped, before he walked away from Aster. True Jack could be mad, even for such small thing.

He would just need to try again soon, before Hiccup needed to return back again to his father.

there you got it, chapter 9 finish :3

What did you think? Did I tease you guys a bit? 

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