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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


2. Frost318 appears.

About six weeks had passed by since Hiccup had gotten into World Of Warcraft. He was starting to get better at the game as long Toothless had been helping him, but slowly he managed to get his night elf mage up to level 45 and was a very strong character by now. In the meantime, he and Toothless had made a guild together where they had added a few people here and there that had been strong enough to be into their guild.

It was Friday morning, Hiccup yawned and turned onto his fluffy bed and rested his head into the pillows, nuzzling them sleepily. It the winter holidays, so he just loved sleeping in mornings, long after gaming all night with Toothless and a few of their guilds friends. He heard his phone go off next to his bed and blankly stared into it. 10:30 A.M. Hiccup groaned and turned back over to flop around his bed. He was going to play again today, but he needed to do something first, providing he could drag his own ass out of bed.

Around 11:20, Hiccup decided to get up. He put some jeans on along with a new shirt and his favourite leather jacket. He grabbed his energy drink from last night and emptied the last few sips before he snatched up his wallet, keys, and bag.

Hiccup walked outside the house after he had left a note to his father that he had gone into town. Hiccup left the bike this time since he wanted to ride the bus instead. He waited at the bus stop for a couple minutes as he pulled out his lovely headphones with the best surround-sound that could be bought with money. He dug out his Ipod from his pocket and plugged the headphone jack into it. He set his music on shuffle, so he could listen to random music.

As soon the bus had gotten there, Hiccup slid his bus card through and got himself a seat where he could look outside the window as he listened to the sweet tunes. He figured he should try and find a new easel for his room since his old one was about to break. Maybe a Bamboo tablet pen and digital tablet for his computer too so he could be a bit creative at times when he needed a break from his game.

It took half an hour before he reached the town. He stepped off of the bus and yawned as he still felt the tiredness of his body. Hiccup stopped his music and took his headphones off and placed them in his bag. He slowly walked into the midcenter of the town and looked around him.

Hiccup soon found the store he was searching for; a specialty art store called Sam Flax. He looked around the store for a new easel and wanted to see the different prices for them. He found a cheap one with a few more items and tools that came with it. Besides the board, there was an A3 size drawing block and a package with quality drawing pens. He to found the Bamboo mark technolagy pen for his computer so he could draw on SAI and Photoshop.

Soon after, Hiccup jogged out of the store with his plastic bag full of new electronics along with his shoulder bag. He dug into his should bag looking for his Ipod as he was walking, so he wasn't paying any attention to where he was going. The brunette had soon turned a corner and collided with a tall male,which made him fall and drop a few things out from his bag.

"Ouch!" Hiccup winced when he made contact with the cement ground and rubbed his arm for a moment. "Sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I walking." Hiccup apoligized as he got on his knees and reach out for his stuff to gather back up into his bag.

"Hey, it's alright. It was my fault too." The mysterious stranger bent down and picked up Hiccup's headphones and phone; it was strange because the guy was just staring athis stuff that was in his hand. Hiccup's eyes looked up towards the other and took a good look at him. The other male had white hair (bleached?) along with beautiful bright aqua eyes, a standard royal blue hoodie that was from H & M, brown designer skinny jeans with a pattern of some sort, and light blue Chuck Taylors.

"That's a nice headset you got there, Kiddo! " The white-haired male smiled a bit and held his hand out with said headset over to Hiccup.

"Er..thank you." Hiccup said as he managed to show a little smile of gratitude before collecting his items and placed them into his bag . "I'm still sorry though. I didn't pay attention and ran straight into you." Hiccup apologized yet again.

"Nah, it's cool." The white haired chuckled as he smiled at Hiccup. "You're not hurt at all by the fall, are you?" He asked, circling Hiccup like a buzzard, checking for any visible injuries.

"No, I'm fine. I didn't fall that hard onto the ground enough to hurt myself." Hiccup brushed off his tight black pants and looked up at the concerned white-haired guy. "Er..Hiccup...Hiccup Haddock." Hiccup introduced himself as he held his hand out for a hand shake.

The other smiled a bit as he grabbed Hiccup's hand and shook it. "Jack." He stated with a nod as he smiled at Hiccup.

"So Hiccup...Where are you on your way to now?" Jack asked him as he released Hiccup's hand slowly.

"I am actually just on my way home to..well, to relax a bit and get some gaming done." Hiccup walked towards the bus stop as Jack followed closely beside him.

"Gaming you say?" Jack asked him with a cheeky smile.

"Yeah. I just bought a game called World of Warcraft a few weeks ago." Hiccup explained to him."My bestfriend and I created a guild on it, but we need a good hunter and no one we had was skilled or a high enough level for it."

"Oh! I see. Well, maybe it takes time to find a good enough player. Just give it time is all you should do." Jack twiddled with the hem of his hoodie."I, at times, play it myself as well."

"You do?" Hiccup asked as they had reached the bus stop where Hiccup's bus was about to leave, but he caught it just in time. "Well, I hope you will find your hunter, Mr. Haddock!" Jack made a salute in a joking manner, making Hiccup burst out into laughter. The way Jack said it reminded Hiccup of this character off of a movie named Spock.

"Haha, thanks." Hiccup wiped the light tears from his eye as he stepped inside the bus and showed his buscard to the driver. He sat in a window seat and grinned, waving to Jack outside of the window.

The bus soon took off and went to a bus stop near Hiccup's house. He got off it and walked the 100 feet way toward his home, which really wasn't a lot. Hiccup opened the door and let himself inside where he dropped his bag on the floor along with the plastic bag. He took his jacket off and hung it up on the coat rack. "Dad! I'm home!" He called out. He knew by now that his father would be home, so it was just nice of him to inform his father of his presence.

"Hiccup, can I have a word with you for two minutes?" Stoick called from the kitchen. "I'm a bit busy at the moment setting my new things up, Dad. Later! " He shouted back as he grabbed his bags and went upstairs to his room and locked the door behind him.

Hiccup turned on his computer and sat his bag near his bed; he opened the plastic bag and poured out the new digital drawing stuff for his easel he had to wait for, leaving it at the store when he bought it. He had it arranged for it to be delivered to the house when he talked to the store owner.

Hiccup settled himself into his chair and got his headphones out for his computer where he turned on skype and saw that Toothless was offline for now.

"Hmm, I can just log on then and wait till he gets on." He mumbled as he logged himself into World Of warcraft. For around an hour, he played alone and completed a few quests, but then as he was about to return to Stormwind City, a pack of wolves ambushed Hiccup out of no where. Hiccup stood his ground, lifting his sword towards them. "S-shit...I don't think I can take all of them without losing a lot of stamina..." Hiccup looked around for an escape route, but to no avail, he was surrounded. This wasn't just one pack of wolves, he concluded, it was about three. Hiccup bit his lip and closed his eyes tightly, waiting for the attack to come. It never did. Swoosh! Thwack! Was what he heard and opened his eyes in time to see someone shooting the wolves down one by one, to clear a path to escape.

The marksmanship of the shot of each arrow was so precise; directly embedded into the middle of each wolves head, scoring a killing blow in one hit, sending the red life bars down to zero. Hiccup figured it was a hunter. Damn, he's good! Hiccup thought. He had yet to see a hunter with that kind of skill level before. Hiccup ran through the cleared path that was made for him and made his way towards the hunter into safety.

"Oh." Hiccup said as he looked at the hunter in the game. "He's perfect." He mumbled when he dragged his mouse over towards the player and looked at his username. "Frost318..." He hummed in thought.

Hiccup walked his character over to the hunter and sent him a message.

"Hey Frost318. I was wondering if you were in a guild? If not, I'd like to ask you to join mine."

Hiccup then waited for a moment as the Hunter typed his reply to Hiccup. The hunter character was facing towards Hiccup's to acknowlege that it was he, whom he was talking to.

"Oh well, I won't mind joining a guild. It could be fun! ;) By the way Hickey713, are you are Boy or a Girl in real life?"

Hiccup looked at the text for a moment as he blinked. "Do I look like a girl to you?" He 'pffted' as he chuckled and typed back to Frost318.

"Sounds Great! And I'm a Boy. Age 21. I am a college student who is on winter break right now, so I have plenty of time to play."

Hiccup sent a friends and guild request to Frost318, hoping he'd accept it right away.

He looked at the screen for a while when he leaned back in his chair and read the message he recieved from Frost318.

"Sounds good. So shall you and I find some more quests so that we can learn a bit more about each other? Do you have a skype? Then maybe we can talk in 'person' some time!"

Hiccup smiled a bit as he looked at the text before he leaned forward and typed back again.

"Add Hickey713 on skype, then we can figure something out."

Hiccup looked at the right corner of his screen when he was alerted of a friends request from Frost318. He added him as his friend and then leaned back when he looked at the skype avatar. It was just a picture of some snow where a heart was drawn into the snow. Nothing more.

It was then Hiccup started to speak with the hunter called Frost318, but he didn't know what the twist of fate truly had in store for him and this hunter.

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