In Games We Find Love

AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


5. Friends Again?

Hey Readers.

I am back again with chapter 5, I hope you do like it :3

Again, I know my grammar isn’t perfect, but I will mention this one more time. I am Dyslexic, so that’s mostly the reason why I keep having mistakes, but don’t judge me alright? No one is born perfect.

If some of you happen to read my other fanfic “The Black Phoenix” Then I will mention this like I did in that one.

“Haters Gonna Hate”

I need to keep saying that to myself, a lot of inbox message have only been hate message over how much my grammar sucked.

So again, I do like to remind all of you that im Dyslexic, I cannot handle it, im only trying to create a good fanfic that I can be proud of.

But anyways, here is chapter 5 of In Games We Find Love.

Enjoy :3



Chapter 5.


It’s been over a week now since Hiccup figured out about Jack, however, he haven’t really been near Jack in the school. Mostly he hold him far away from the white haired teacher, even when classes were done he was fast out so Jack didn’t have a chance to be alone with him.

Really what was he going to say anyway? They were student and Teachers right now, he couldn’t do anything. Even at home when he was gaming with Toothless, they had moved over to another Server so Jack couldn’t contact them. When Toothless had asked him about Frost318, Hiccup only said that he was busy right now and he would contact him when he wasn’t busy.

Another lesson were over on a Friday, it was 14:01 right now, so school was finish for Hiccup today. He had been at his locket, getting a few books out from his bag and settled them into his locket. He only needed his sketchbook for the weekend, since he didn’t have homework.

“Mr. Haddock.” A silky voice called nearby.

Hiccup froze, he could always hear who that was since he listen to that voice almost every day. He just closed his locker, getting his bag proper on his shoulder as he were about to get out from the school.

“Hiccup!” the voice called more firmly, this time Hiccup needed to stop.

He couldn’t avoid it any longer, maybe the three weeks had been enough to avoid him in?

Hiccup then saw his teacher getting in front at him, he didn’t wanted to look up. A small voice in his head, just told him not to look up.

“Hiccup, I didn’t thought something will change when you found out.” Jack said, as he held his hand at Hiccup’s shoulder, while he knelt a bit down so they were in eye level.

“Please look at me Hiccup, it’s been three weeks now that you avoid me. Don’t avoid me please, speak to me.” He pleading him.

“What is there to speak about, Professor?” Hiccup said, as he had kept his head away from Jack.

“Hiccup, come with me for a while alright? Let’s have a talk together, I’m asking you as a friend.” Jack said softly, as he held his hand away from Hiccup’s shoulder again.

“I’m Sorry professor, but my dad is picking me up.” Hiccup said, he knew his dad would be waiting outside, also he had promise his dad he would spent some time with him today.

He heard Jack sighing, but he didn’t wanted to look at him.

“Could you at least get on skype tonight, Hiccup?” Jack asked him, this was maybe the last thing he could try on right now.

“I will see if I get home before 10, then maybe I can get on.” Hiccup said, while he walked past Jack. “Excuse me Professor, my dad is here.” He mumbled, his hand clung onto his bag, as he walked out from the school.

He looked a bit back, seeing Jack already had turned and walked down at the hallway. Hiccup’s hand were resting on the door, he just looked after Jack, his thoughts filled with so many questions and emotions. He didn’t know what he should do about them, lock them away maybe? Like he always did after Toothless had moved away.

He heard his dad voice soon after, his eyes looked over at the police car. Seeing his dad stood halfway out from the car and looked over at him, he could see that his dad looked worried.

Without another look back, Hiccup went over to the car and got inside it.

He was silent on the way home, he didn’t really know what he should say. Mostly he looked down at the car’s floor, his hands fiddled a bit with the strap of his bag.

He knew he had told Jack he were to spent the day with his father, the truth was simply. He just wanted to get away from Jack, his heart was beating weird each time he saw him by now. He wasn’t sure about what it was, maybe he should speak with Toothless? His best friend already know a lot of stuff he didn’t, heck it was even Toothless who showed him a porn-magazine once.

The police car drove up on the parking spot in front at the house, Hiccup then unbuckled his seatbelt and went to get out from the car. It was there he felt his dad’s hand on his shoulder, stopping him from leaving the car.

“Hiccup, we need to speak.” Stoick said, as he tried to sound soft and gentle to his son.

“Can’t we speak later? I really just want to be alone dad, would you mind that?” Hiccup asked, as he kept his gaze away even from his father.

“No Hiccup, this can’t wait for later.” Stoic said, as he turned his son so they were looking at each other.

“I’m worried for you, you are 21 and still living home Hiccup. It’s not that I don’t want you home, but you aren’t doing much other than play games all day.” He told him, where Hiccup looked a bit down, his hand tight around the strap from his bag.

“I can try to find an apartment, moving out and do like another boring person can do.” Hiccup said back to his father.

“Hiccup it’s not what I’m saying, I just want you to start and think about your future. I have seeing your art Hiccup, a friend from the police station. His wife is in a company who creates animations, I can try and get her number so you can have a chance to get a job there.” Stoick told him, trying to lift his son’s mode a bit.

Hiccup had sighed, his green eyes locked with his fathers for short moment.

“Will it make you happy, dad?” He asked him, as he kept his hand on the door grab to the car. “I’m not that talented into animation yet, dad, besides if I should get into a job. It surely should be about gaming things, I do like to make a game, see how a game is made from the bottom.” Hiccup explained to him, as he tried to focus a bit on this.

He knew his dad wouldn’t give up such talk, special not when they talk that rarely with each other.

“It will make me happy, if you are happy, son.” Stoick said back to him, as he placed his hand on Hiccup’s shoulder.

Oh dear, now we go on with the sympathy thing again. Hiccup thought, as he managed not to roll his eyes at his dad.

“Can I go in now, dad?” He asked him, as he looked away from Stoick.

“Yes, Hiccup, but be down to dinner at 8Pm, alright?” Stoick asked him, as he saw Hiccup only nodded while he got out from the car.

“Thanks Dad, I see you at dinner.” Hiccup said, as he walked toward the house.

“I will be back later, Hiccup, I still got a few cases going on at the station. Lock the door behind you, and don’t let strangers inside!” Stoick called out for his son, as Hiccup had turned and glared a bit at his dad.

“I’m not five years old, dad!” Hiccup called back, as he rolled his eyes. He got his key’s out from his bag, where he then unlocked the door and got inside. Doing as Stoick said, he locked the door behind him and went upstairs to his bedroom.

Hiccup turned his computer on, he got his bag beside his desk and walked out again. He slowly got downstairs to the fridge, he would just need an energy drink maybe even a sandwich. For the last week, his cousin Dagur had stolen his lunch bag.

Hiccup had made his sandwich finish, he hold the energy drink in his other hand where he went upstairs to his room.

He sat in front at his computer, his headset hanging on the second screen to his right. Hiccup typed in his password, as soon as the computer turned on, Skype popped up and logged in automatically.

He had his Skype on ‘Invisible’ so Jack had no chance to see when he were on, also because Hiccup thought he do like to be alone for a time.

Hiccup sighed, he dragged his mouse over to the settings. He sat his Skype to be ‘Online’ since he saw Jack weren’t on yet.

Hiccup opened Photoshop after a moment, he could try and make a picture finish that he had started a long time ago. When the program got opened, Hiccup opened a file from his computer. He looked at the half finished drawing of a Dragon, he had only been finish to clean out the sketching of it.

The brunette had used around two hours on his picture, his eyes looked down at the right corner of his screen.

Frost318 Is Online.

Hiccup fast enough dragged his mouse down to the Skype Icon, he went over to ‘invisible’, but too late.

Frost318 sent you a message.

The text appeared down in the corner, he could see the orange color around the Skype Icon. Hiccup sighed, he knew he should just had been invisible the rest of the time.

He clicked on the Skype Icon, the box got on the right side of his screen, so he could see Frost318 had wrote to him.

Frost318: I hope you wanted to talk Hiccup, do write to me when you see this.

Hiccup read the text a few times, he made sure about he was reading it right. For a reason he just felt like he wouldn’t do anything, but on the other hand, he do own Jack just one talk. Maybe they can still appear as teacher and student at the school, that wouldn’t be bad, right?

Hiccup then took his headset, he made it over his eyes so they sat firmly around them. His hands were above his keyboard, as he were about to write. What should he write?

Hickey713: Call me, please?

He had sent it without thinking about it, but as he read it, he almost sounded desperate. A small blushed had creep up on his cheeks, why did he sound that desperate? 

Frost318 is calling: Accept or Decline.

He could hear the sound of the Skype calling melody, he looked at Frost318’s picture. It was new, it were Jack there appeared on the photo, but with someone else too. Jack were smiling on the photo along with the other male standing next to him. Who was that?

Hiccup blinked a bit, he dragged his mouse over to ‘Accept’ where he clicked it.

“I didn’t thought you do wanted to speak, are you alright, Hiccup?” Jack’s soft silky voice spoke through the speakers in Hiccup’s headset, the blush kept being on his cheeks. Why did he blush? He wasn’t some got damn teen!

“I-I’m fine, I just…had a rather shock to find out the truth about you.” Hiccup said, as he rested his elbows on his desk. His gaze was even on the desk too, even though he wasn’t standing in front at Jack, he still couldn’t handle to look up at the screen either.

“I might should have told you before, Hiccup, but I wouldn’t risk that you wouldn’t come to school that day, Hiccup.” Jack explained, as Hiccup heard a deep sigh at Jack’s end.

“Why did you wanted to talk with me, Professor?” Hiccup asked, he fold his arms against the desk and rested his head down on top at his arm.

“Hiccup, I would set big price on that you don’t call me ‘Professor’ when we are out from school. Look I’m very sorry over what happen, bu-“

“But you couldn’t make the fact to me, that you were a professor and elder than you told you were?” Hiccup interrupted, his eyes looked on the screen for a while as silence filled the Skype-Call.

“Hiccup….”  Jack said, as he had taken a deep breath. It were so easy for Hiccup to hear Jack’s surroundings too, he could hear something boiled nearby, where Jack about to make food?

“How about I make it up to you? Tomorrow, meet me at the park nearby the school. We can do whatever you want, or we can play all day if you wish. I just want to make it up to you, alright? I don’t like a good friend of mine is getting sad or angry with me, I don’t want to get through that again.” Jack said, as he whispered the last part very low.

“Again?” Hiccup asked, even with a whispering voice. What did Jack mean?

“A friend of mine, he got mad at me because I…sort of ruined his Easter Party at his company. I accidently added some nitrogen into the punch, someone spilt it over the floor and well….welcome to ice rink for half of the floor.” Jack mumbled, he then froze as he heard Hiccup had chuckled a bit.

“What?” Jack asked curious.

“Nothing it’s just, the thing you told. It’s funny, but I honestly didn’t thought you would be able to do such thing.” Hiccup said, he had looked up at the screen of his computer. “Is it him you stand next to, Jack?” He asked him.

“Stand….next….to?” Jack questioned.

“Yes, your new profile photo.” Hiccup said, his eyes had been on the photo the moment he mention it.

“Oh, that one. Uhm, well yes, that’s E. Aster . Bunnymund. He have been a friend of mine, I can’t even remember when I met him.” Jack admitted, Hiccup could almost hear how awkward Jack was scratching the back of his head.

They both sat for hours and spoke with each other, Hiccup did started to get more comfortable again with Jack. But the feeling inside him, he kept blushing each time Jack were laughing or tried to tell a joke, which was pretty lame if you do asked Hiccup.

When Hiccup went to be that night, he couldn’t handle but think about Jack. His soft and silky voice kept replay in his mind, speaking of everything they had talked about over Skype. The blushing heat got up on Hiccup’s cheeks again, he closed his eyes, groaned, as he held his pillow over his head. He was so stupid, right?


That was the end of this chapter, don’t worry there will be more. However, I do believe I will ship almost half a year, you know? Getting to all the good stuff :3 I will get a good scene where Jack and Hiccup ‘Might’ admit their feelings for each other ;) if ya know what I mean xD

But as always, I do like to ask. What do people like to get in the next chapter?

I got one thing I have been thinking about, some of you might not find that pleasant at all. But here’s what I got.

Toothless disappear and Stoick is the one to try and find him. Hiccup gets into an accident, Stoick is out on a loooong case in another part of the town. So  Jack is the one to take care of him. Hiccup’s mother appears. Smut, but not the pleasant sort.



That’s what I sort of got for now, I would like people to tell what you think could happen. :3 I will check the comments if you give them to me!

Until then my readers ^^ 

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