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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


12. Fearing the worst

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Chapter 12. Fearing the worst

It had been a lost for Jack, he had been so close to get to the van, but sadly they had made a hard move and drove off while the traffic had been around him.

He hated himself, he hated how Hiccup just were taken like that, he hated that he couldn't safe him. He hated himself, that he let Hiccup be out of sight.

So now he sat there, at the police station nearby Hiccup's hometown, the only thing he had, was Hiccup's phone as prove for anything they could find. He had drove back at the store, to see if he could find anything there could show Hiccup was taken. It had been there he had found the phone, he had seeing a number there was unknown, and the texts had been weird.

Jack stood while he looked at the huge form of Hiccup's father, for some reason he felt bad over this. It was his job to take care of Hiccup, not letting him be kidnapped.

"Mr. Haddock I-"

"You don't need to say anything, Mr. Frost. It could even happen to me, so don't blame yourself." Stoick said, even though Jack could see Stoick had a sad feeling over his face.

"I-I should had been there, I should had walked with him and looked after him." Jack said, he felt his chest tight around his heart. Something just told him, it was only him people should blame.

Stoick was about to say something, but he heard his phone rang in his pocket.

"Excuse me." The elder Haddock said, as he walked a bit away from Jack to take his phone.

They could only wait, they could just try and make the hours, days or weeks go until they got a trace of Hiccup.

Jack stood nearby a window, he looked outside and saw the rain making the streets wet outside. Perfect weather to a perfect mode, Jack then sighed, he held his hood over his head and took a seat again on a chair.

"Please be alright, Hiccup." He whispered, his head buried down into his hands as he felt a tears escaping his eyes.

It was all his fault.

~Unknown Place 3 days later~

Being kidnapped, tied up and blindfolded wasn't the best thing Hiccup had been out for. When he had woke up, maybe a few days before, he had not been able to see a thing.

He had been drugged, he had felt that since he hardly could move his body. The brunette kept hearing voices, by his kidnappers' maybe? He wasn't sure, the only thing he could be sure about, was that he must be behind a van or anything like it. He could easy tell he was being drove around with, so he must be in a car or anything alike.

He was tired, his body weak and he felt that he trembled lightly, his stomach growled. When was the last time he ate? Drank? Just got something in his stomach?

He couldn't remember that neither, the brunette let out a shakily breath. The car or van had stopped, he heard some doors opened and closed again.

Where was they?

He heard the doors to where he had been placed opened up, he felt a hand at grabbed his arm and pulled him out.

"Let's get him up, unless our boss will shoot our asses." A voice spoke, Hiccup just felt he got held over a shoulder. Really, he wasn't that heavy even Jack had done that at times for fun.

"What do you think he will treat us with this time? I'm sure he do be happy that we got the chiefs son, maybe he do give us some time off! That do be lovely!" The voice spoke again, the brunette only choose to be quite. He had heard from his dad about kidnaps, they could end so bad if the one who was kidnapped did a wrong move.

He could remember his father once had a case, a person were kidnapped and they weren't able to safe that person. Not in time at least, but they got the corps of the person to the family.

"Hpmfs!" he whined, as he just was thrown down on something hard. How long had they carried him?

"Look what we got here, I think I can finally be proud of my boys." A silky and playful voice spoke, Hiccup could hear someone moved closer. He just tried his best to stay calm, not freak out and hoping for the best.

"The treatment though, is a thing we need to work with. I told you two idiots to bring him here, safe and sound. Not drugged and tied up! As if he were a swine for slaughtering!" The voice snapped angrily, even two voices whine by the scolding.

"Forgive me Mr. Haddock, this wasn't the treatment I had expected you to get." Again the silky and playful voice returned, it scared him a bit.

"Out!" It snapped, Hiccup could then hear the two other people went out, a door closed firmly behind them.

"Now, if I untie you Mr. Haddock I will expect you to be calm and not run away." The soft breath hit his ear, a shiver went down at his spine, but he told not a word. Only his head manage to nod a bit, his wrists sore after being tied tight together.

"That's a good boy, very good." The playful voice spoke, he could feel a fast tug and the ropes around his wrists were gone. The brunette then slowly sat up, his hands getting to his wrists to rub them a bit.

"Keep the blindfold on a bit longer, I will just adjust the light in here so it won't hurt your eyes."

The brunette nodded again, he heard a few footstep and a sound of a switch getting turned off.

"There we go, can you take it off by yourself?" The voice asked, the brunette heard the footsteps got closer to him again.

He made a nod, his hands shakily grabbed the cloth around his eyes. He slowly pulled it over his head, but his eyes remind shut. He wasn't sure if he was ready to see who was in front at him, he wasn't sure if he could deal with this.

"There we go, you really have learn to listen to those who is older than you. Your father do be proud, if he was here to see how you obey me." A small chuckle were there, Hiccup couldn't take it more. His forest green eyes opened, he looked up at a pale man, silver-golden eyes, black hair and a nice looking suit there matched him. It was all black, the man were only wearing black clothes.

The brunettes' heart shipped a beat, fear was in his eyes as he stumbled back from the elder male. He know who it was now, he had seeing him before in one of his dad's case folders.

"Know who I am? Good, then this shouldn't be a surprise for you." The silver-golden eyes looked right into the forest green eyes, a smirk curled up at the man's lips.

"P-Pitch Black, Mafia b-boss, already c-cleaned out three other m-mafia gangs in this c-country." Hiccup stuttered, this was getting serious now. Pitch Black could make him vanish, as if he never were born. Pitch Black could kill him, making sure his body were never found again.

He didn't want that, he didn't want to be buried somewhere or burned to ashes. H-He want to get home, he want his dad here! H-He wanted….Jack…

"Clever boy, I did heard Mr. Haddock's heir was very clever. " Pitch said, his smile kept being on his lips, as he watched the teen.

"W-What do you want from me, Sir?" Hiccup managed to ask, his eyes still locked on the Mafia boss.

"I thought you were clever, Hiccup Haddock. Your father is so close to catch me, so to make sure he won't, I will sent him small presents once and a while." Pitch said, he chuckled a bit while he stood on his feet again.

His body started to trembling, he could figure out what Pitch meant, inside he wished he was wrong. For once let him be wrong!

"P-Please don't hurt me, Sir. " Hiccup whispered, he clung his knee to his chest, trying to make him small as possible.

"Hurt you? Oh that only depends on how you behave, Hiccup Haddock. You see, I will record you. So I simply want you to act, I have no intentions on hurting you, unless you really deserves it." Pitch said, his eyes looked at the younger boy again.

"I can be nice, only if you are nice too. So do as I say and no harm will get to you. Understood, Hiccup Haddock?" Pitch asked, he smirked a bit as the boy nodded.

"That's a good boy, don't forget who is in charge here now." Pitch said, he had pushed a button on his desk. Two of his guards got inside after a while, Hiccup gulped.

He wish his father could find him soon, he didn't like this place.


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