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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


18. Broken

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Chapter 18. Broken.


~one year later~


Hiccup starred at his empty canvas, he haven't painted anything for a time. It wasn't because he had a deadline of his art, he just didn't feel like doing anything at the time.

The brunette held the whiskey bottle to his mouth, he took a sip before he sat the bottle down again. He was tired, but he couldn't sleep at all those nights.

Hiccup slowly walked over to the window nearby, it was raining outside as he looked down at the streets in the busy city.

Yes, he was living in the city now, alone. Oh well, his mother do live nearby, but she didn't come over unless he asked her too.

It always happen that he needed home cooked food, lately he had burned everything he tried to make, even burned his hands without feeling the pain.

Now, people might ask what happened. It all happened the night when Hiccup, Jack, Aster and Toothless went to a ball from Asters friend.

Hiccup rested his forehead against the cold windows glass, he stared at the rain outside. The evening slowly got darker, as the night were over the city.

~Memory of the ball~

Hiccup had his head rested against the window in the car, his right hand hold onto the seatbelt, while he watched the buildings passing by as Jack drove them to the place the ball were supposed to be.

The radio was on, just because Toothless somehow couldn't relax in a car, so he demanded some sort of distraction. He never liked being in a car, it was so….un-natural for him. He couldn't feel any wind, or take in some fresh air from a car.

It was only by a motorbike he could that, or a normal bike for that matter.

However, the radio made him calm, he could listen to the news while Aster sat beside him and nuzzled his neck gently with his fingers.

Jack had looked in the small mirror, so he could look at the backseats. He smiled a bit while he saw Aster having Toothless close, it had been the first time he had seeing Aster care for someone other than Jack.

He looked back at the road again, his hand slowly rested on top at Hiccup's knee.

"You are shaking, are you alright?" Jack asked, he looked a few seconds at Hiccup before his gaze returned to the road.

"Fine, just…I can't handle but think something will go wrong tonight. I don't know where the feeling is from, I just don't think we will be able to enjoy this night." Hiccup mumbled, he sighed right after as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Everything will be alright, we just need to be there for dinner then we can get home again. It's just a couple of hours." Jack promised him, he held his hand at Hiccup's shoulder

The brunette had only nodded a bit, he took Jack's hand in his own where he calmed down after a few minutes.

They arrived at the ball around 10 minutes later, they all went inside where people greeted them with a kind smile and a handshake.

With a glass of champagne in their hands, they had been around with the other people at the ball. Jack kept his arm around Hiccup's shoulders, while they were speaking with a couple.

Aster and Toothless had been nearby Aster's friend, even thought Toothless had other plans. He kept teasing Aster, on a very bad way to lure him away from people.

Yes, Toothless were annoying when he wanted sex with Aster, he wasn't the shy guy. He didn't care where it was, just that he got some from Aster. Only Aster, no one else.

Aster though, had kept himself calm and denied his young love. Even to the thought that he would get back later, this was still a party they needed to focus on.

The announce had soon slipped out, as people were gathered in the ballroom. Aster where the new owner of the restaurant he worked at, after years hard working it had finally worked out.

Jack, Toothless and Hiccup had of course cheered at Aster, they all congratulated him for the good work and effort.

As the time slowly go on at the ball, they had a lovely dinner and people soon went on the dance floor.

Hiccup didn't dance, he had told Jack that a lot of times. He didn't thought his fake leg could handle it either, lately It had been a pain for him. Not that he spoke about it, he never wanted to be a burden for Jack or the others for that sake.

"Come on Hiccup, I promise it won't be bad." Jack said softly, he had held Hiccup's hand while he had stood in front at his seat.

"Just one single dance, does it hurt that much?" He asked him, while his thumb stroked Hiccup's handback softly.

"It does, I do not dance and you know that. I will just look ridicules." Hiccup mumbled, he slowly took his hand away from Jack's and looked at the table.

"I don't mind you being with someone else, really I don't." He told him, as he smiled softly at Jack.

"On that part, I do got a lot of requests for that." Jack said with a chuckle, he leaned over Hiccup and pressed a soft kiss at his forehead.

"Just don't feel like you are alone here, if you need anything come get me." Jack whispered. He smiled at Hiccup, he then kissed Hiccup at his lips.

"Trust me, I will do that." Hiccup mumbled against Jack's lips, he watched to that Jack left right after.

Seeing him dancing with a few girls, something inside his chest burned, almost as if he wanted to snap at them to get the hell away from Jack.

No, no, Hiccup! You aren't a jealous person, you never will be. He thought to himself, as he took a glass wine to his lips.

"You sure you aren't getting a drinking problem, Hiccup?" Toothless asked, he rocked on a chair beside Hiccup and watched him carefully.

"I don't, I just enjoy a good glass of wine once and a while." Hiccup comment back, he looked at Toothless as he leaned his head back.

"You are sure you aren't getting a sex problem?" Hiccup mumbled, he chuckled a bit as Toothless grumbled a bit and held his head in his arms.

"You two are like two bunnies, can't get enough of each other." Hiccup teased, he held his hand at Toothless' hair and ruffled it lightly.

"Why don't you accept to dance with Jack, Hiccup?" Toothless asked, he adjusted his hair a bit before he looked at Hiccup.

"I simply do not dance, I don't like it and I will look like a retard with two left feet." Hiccup explained.

"You know, even I don't dance. But I do it to make Aster glad, just because I like seeing him smile." Toothless explained, as he took his seat closer to Hiccup.

"A relationship is built by two, not one. It's like this, it takes two for a tango." Toothless said, while he held his hand at Hiccup's shoulder.

"You cannot expect Jack to keep up with all this, he might be old, and so are Aster. They have been through a lot too, tell me this Hiccup." Toothless said, while he sat himself closer to his best friend.

"Have Jack ever cried in front at you? Have you ever hold him for once, trying to calm him down? Have he told about his past? Even taking you into his life more?" Toothless asked, he could see it slowly started to make sense for Hiccup.

"I'm not saying that Jack will leave you, I don't think he is capable doing that." Toothless admitted.

"So, you are saying that Jack….might hate that I don't asked into his life?" Hiccup asked him, he looked a bit at his wineglass.

"What I'm trying to say Hiccup, is that it takes two for a tango. Rome wasn't built on a day, neither is a relationship. However, to make it strong and keep it in one piece. You both need to speak out, it's not only you who have pain, it's also Jack." Toothless explained him, he rested his head against Hiccup's shoulder.

"How do you know?" Hiccup asked him.

"Because I saw Jack cry one night in Aster's arms, I thought he could do that with you. Apparently, I was wrong in that." Toothless mumbled.

"Jack never speak out of his feelings to me, he always ask me what's wrong." Hiccup admitted, he closed his eyes for a moment and bent his head.

"Am I really that careless, Toothless?" He asked his best friend.

"You aren't careless, you have just been through things that you can't keep more than one thought in mind." Toothless said, he held a hand at Hiccup's cheek.

"If you were careless, you wouldn't even allow Jack near you. Nor me for that sake, simply you wouldn't care for anyone. But you do, you care for me, you care for Jack and you care for Aster." Toothless told him softly, he smiled a bit at Hiccup right after.

"Why not for once be silly and ridicules? Go dance with Jack, no matter how big of a fool you look on the dance floor, it's worth it if Jack is smiling, am I right?" Toothless asked him.

"You are right, thanks Tooth." Hiccup said with a soft smile, he chuckled a bit while Toothless ruffled his hair this time.

"Hey stop that! Compared to you, I actually like my hair not-messy." He said, before he stood from his seat.

"But you look cuter with ruffled messy hair." Toothless comment.

Hiccup smiled a bit, he then walked away from Toothless so he could find Jack.

Hiccup really tried to find Jack, the only problem was. Jack weren't at the dance floor, he wasn't near the food table nor around that people had seeing.

Where was he?

Hiccup went upstairs, he could take a piss now he was having a look around.

The brunette stopped in front at the bathroom door, his hand had been close to the door grab, but something stopped him for going in.

A girl's soft chuckle escaped from the door, her voice speaking softly out as her voice went to a moan.

"Oh Jack, you really are a good one aren't you?"

Another moaned from her, almost as if…


Jack wouldn't do such thing, or would he?

'I don't mind you being with someone else, really I don't ' Hiccup's own words went through his head, his eyes kept being on the door.

He didn't meant it like that, he just thought that Jack could dance with someone else.

"J-Jack slow down, I think someone is outside!" The girl voice spoke, her moans kept getting through the door.

A groan from a male were heard in the room after that, it was as if something shattered in Hiccup's heart.

"S-Sorry, I will just leave." Hiccup couldn't handle but saying that, he turned away and walked fast from the place.

He felt hot tears behind his eyes, his body started to shake, while he ran downstairs again.

He passed a few people, getting toward the exit.

"Hiccup?!" Toothless called out, but Hiccup kept on going.

Toothless got up from his seat, he ran after Hiccup. He only managed to catch him just outside, a hand being on Hiccup's arm.

"Hiccup stop! What are you doing? Where are you going?" Toothless asked, he saw his friends face and could see the pain.

"What happened?" He asked with a low voice, as he held Hiccup closer.

"Maybe I was wrong Toothless, I'm so careless I didn't see Jack's needs. J-Just don't, I want to go." Hiccup said, as he made Toothless let go at him.

"Hiccup! What happened! You are not making sens-"

"Hiccup?" Toothless' voice were interrupt by Jack's voice, he looked all flushed but breathless too.

"See for yourself." Hiccup said, he had tears in his eyes while he looked at Jack.

"I never though you do be like that, Jack. Thanks, thanks for letting me think you actually cared, to let me think someone could love a hopeless kid like me." Hiccup said, he saw Jack tried to say something. But he didn't let him.

"JUST THANKS A LOT FOR THAT! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!" He shouted, Hiccup then turned and started to go fast. He didn't care how far away his hom – no Jack's home were.

He didn't want to get back, he didn't wanted to see Jack.

His heart ached, he started to sob while he walked away.

It wasn't enough that he had lost his father, now he also lost the only person he had dared to love.

Why was the world against him?

Maybe because he was a Hiccup, someone so useless no one only want to abuse him and hurt him more.


~end of memory~


Hiccup didn't even notice a tear escaped his eye, he had opened his eyes and looked at the rain outside. He could need a walk, get the fresh rain air in his lungs.

He had been isolated himself in here for half a year now, never been outside.

He had lived on his mum's cooking or ordering food from outside. Just simple ways for him to survive at, it wasn't healthy he know, but he didn't really show anything to that he wasn't healthy.

The brunette went away from the window, he dragged his feet along the wooden floor and got to his jacket.

He didn't take his umbrella, since he wanted to feel the rain. Just something there could be fresh and clean.


Sooo, now the end of his chapter.

Just a little thing I want to tell, this will be the 1 of the last 2-3 chapters. Then the fanfic is ending.

I do like to hear what people want it to end like. Sad? Happy? Someone dies? Someone getting married? It's all up to you guys! UNTIL NEXT TIME! :D

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