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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


8. A warming embrace.

Chapter 8 out now guys! Yes this is going fast actually, I just like to write today, mostly because I needed to get things off my mind.

Anyways, I take it slow, publishing the things as they come.


Enjoy :3


Chapter 8. A warming embrace.

Hiccup woke up by a small poking at his cheek, his eyes fluttered opened as he let out a groaned. He looked up, seeing Jack had half leaned over him.

"Wakey Wakey Sleepy." He said, as he smiled a bit. Hiccup yawned a bit, he let the blanket slide down from his shoulder, as he sat proper up in the car seat.

"Are we there?" He asked, while he rubbed some sleep out from his eyes.

"Yes, we are indeed." Jack said with a chuckle, he opened the door and got out from the car. All while Hiccup had fold the blanket and placed it at the backseats where Jack had taken it from. He got his seat belt away, getting his bag and got out from the car.

A shiver got down at his spine, it was a bit cold outside. No wonder, it was a bit dark at the sky, was it already evening?

"How long did I sleep, Jack?" He asked, as he looked at the white haired professor getting some bags out from the back of the car.

"Around three hours, I know I said we would be here in one when you went to sleep. I just needed to do a few things, so while you were asleep, I didn't saw the wrong in doing that." Jack explained, he closed the back of the car and clicked on a button on his keys so the car locked.

"I can take my bag if needed, you don't need to take it." Hiccup said, as he got over to Jack. Jack simply held it away from Hiccup, while his smile appeared at his lips.

"I think it's best I take it, you got some important things there can break, if you do drop it." He told him, as he made a node toward a small road. "That way, we need to walk 2 minutes. The house is up there, "Jack said, as he made a node up to a small piece of the summerhouse.

Hiccup looked at the direction Jack had nodded up at, his eyes wide a bit. THAT?!

The house didn't even look like a summerhouse, more like a smaller form of a mansion. Jack must be kidding him, he must be playing a joke on him!

"Come on, don't be shy now." Jack teased, as he made a lightly nudge again Hiccup while he started to walk along the road.

Hiccup followed Jack, he looked up at the mansion as they got closer to it.

"You said it was a summerhouse, you do know you have lied to me, right?" Hiccup said, he had got up beside Jack and looked at him, his hand buried deep into his pockets.

"I wouldn't say I have, this is a summerhouse, if you saw my real house, and you do be more wide mouthed and eyed." Jack said with a wink, he had chuckled a bit by the way Hiccup glared at him.

They had soon gotten to the front door at the mansion, Jack sat the bags down just nearby the door. He looked a bit unsure if he should open the door or not, even thought when he was about to do so, the door swung opened and Hiccup were attacked with arms around his neck.

"Hickey!" A familiar voice said with joy and happiness.

Hiccup had needed to stumble a bit back, to get his balance in place as the extra weight got on him.

As soon he saw the black hair, Hiccup wrapped his arms tightly around the attacker of the tight embrace.

"Toothless…." The brunette whispered, he had hugged his best friend tightly to him. Not wanting to let go at him, it had been long time since he had seeing Toothless. He had only heard his voice over Skype, since Toothless keep breaking the Webcam he always got.

The brunette let out a chuckle, he ran his hand up along the hoodie Toothless wore. The hoodie he had giving Toothless for years back. Amazing that he still kept it, even still fit in it.

"You and that hoodie, do you even get it off to wash it?" Hiccup asked him, Toothless had just let out a deeply sigh, he buried his head into Hiccup's neck and hugged him tight.

"Squeeze me more, then you squeeze the life out from me." The brunette mumbled, as he rested his head on top at Toothless' head.

"Don't care, its hugging time and you better like it." Toothless mumbled.

"Oh, that's why you planned on getting a double date thing." Aster said, as he leaned against the door. His green eyes looked at Jack, as he cocked his head aside.

"Alright, blame me for making them see each other." Jack said, as he had walked beside Aster with his and Hiccup's stuff.

"But don't blame me for loving the black haired one, that's your own fault." Jack whispered, he saw the roll of Aster's eyes and he just chuckled as he walked inside to get the things in.

Aster slowly walked along with Jack, he let the two young people have some time.

"It's been months, if not years. I can't quiet remember it." Hiccup mumbled, he had closed his eyes while he hugged his best friend close to him.

"It have, I'm just glad to see you again Hickey. You don't know how much I missed being around you, take care of you and just help you." Toothless mumbled, he held his body a bit away from Hiccup, just so he could look at him. He chuckled a bit, Hiccup was shorter than he remembered, if not a head shorter than he was.

"Shortie…" Toothless comment, he laughed a bit while Hiccup poked him in his chest.

"You aren't fair, you know I always have been short." He said, as he fold his arms. Even though, the bruntte chuckled a bit while Toothless had ruffled his hair.

"Let's go for a walk, I want to hear everything about what happened. Other than we always talk about over skype, I really like to hear it in person now." Toothless said, he grabbed Hiccup's hand and walked away from the front door.

"Bunny! We are out!" Toothless called, he only got a thumb up from the front door, that's how he know he had gotten permission to go.

Toothless wrapped his arm around Hiccup's waist, they slowly walked a bit away from the mansion, just into the huge backyard there was.

"So it was pure luck?" Aster asked, he had been looking at Jack as he stood in the kitchen after a while, Aster had only just finished the dinner for them all four this night. He just needed a few more things, before he was all finish with it.

"I do say yes, even though Hiccup acted very stranger after he got the information that I was his teacher." Jack said, he had snatch a small cherry from the top of a cake. He chuckled a bit, as Aster had growled a bit at him.

"What, you know they are tasty." Jack said, he chuckled a bit while he had munched on the cherry.

"It's for dinner! Mind your hands away from it until we eat, beside you are ruin your appetite!" Aster snapped, he had taken the cake away and put it in the fridge so it could stay cool.

"You know as good as I, that my appetite is always ruin." Jack said with a gleeful smile, he had looked out at the window, seeing the two younglings outside walking close. It made him happy to see Hiccup like that, it was he always wanted to see Hiccup so happy.

"How far are you then?" Aster asked, he had rolled up his sleeves, showing off his tattoos along his arms and shoulder.

Jack had known Aster almost half of his life, he know that Aster were from Australian. Even though, his speech into the English culture had been better.

"How far?" Jack asked, his head titled a bit as he smiled at Aster.

"As far that I allow Hiccup to think, how about you and little Toothy?" He asked him.

"No way, don't Ya try to get information about us, we can fully handle this ourselves mate." Aster said, then he started to curse over himself as he heard Jack laughed a bit.

"E'h know, don't ya think Toothy out there makes fun of e'it too?" Aster asked him, he just smiled a bit as Jack looked out at the window again.

"Well at least he tease you, that's the thing I really can't do anymore." Jack sighed, he stood proper from the kitchen table.

"I will pack out, tell them there is dinner soon." Jack said, he had then walked out from the huge kitchen and grabbed his and Hiccup's bags.

This would be a fun way to start a summer at, a lovely dinner between them all four.


Finish with chapter 8. :3 What did you think?

Also do people want Aster and Toothless together? It's a small thing I wanted to try out, my true thought had been a crossover story actually, with a humanoid Smaug from The Hobbit. Even though, I walked away from that though again, thinking it should be only between Rise Of The Guardians and How To Train Your Dragon. :3 Just tell me though I do be happy to get comments :3

I also want to make a special thanks for those who had stick around my story from the start, even those who had waited over a year for an update. Im glad to have you readers at my side, I enjoy the comments you make.

For that, thank you!

I might publish another chapter soon :3

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