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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


7. A surprise he never expected

Chapter 7 now here! Again I will apologies for not getting the plot in, I just thought this should be a small important thing. xD

Oh well, I got a small plot of it in, but then again not the fully. :3 I think I make it over a few chapters.




Chapter 7. A surprise he never expected.


Hiccup was getting scared, Jack didn’t answer him, and Jack didn’t even looked at him. Why didn’t he?!

Hiccup cleared his throat, he looked out at the window, his hand tight on his bag. He started to feel awkward too, what were Jack doing? He should just drive him home, not out of town.

“Here.” Jack said, he held an envelope over to Hiccup, his voice though had been calm and silky like always.

Alright, not gone insane, that’s a good thing, right?

The brunette took the envelope, he saw his name on the front and that it was his dad’s handwritten. No one could mistake his father’s cursive letters, Hiccup then turned the envelope around. He carefully opened it and took out the letter that it contained, truly this was his father’s handwritten.

Hiccup then looked at Jack, what was all this about.

“Read it.” Jack said, as he had hold back a small smile so the brunette wouldn’t be suspected.

The brunette then looked at the letter again, something weren’t right. He let out a sigh, a hand ran through his hair before he looked at the letters and started to read.


Dear Hiccup.

I’m sorry I couldn’t get you today, I got a big case at my work and I will be gone for a few months. It means you do be alone my son, oh well not really alone. I got a call one day, a male named Jack Frost introduced himself as your English teacher.

I heard you two were good friends too, even before the school had started. Why haven’t you told?

Alright, I know you can’t answer me now. That’s why I wrote this letter, so you can get an explanation.

I made an agreement with Mr. Frost, he will take you to his home and look after you. He promised me he will make sure you do be fine, since I couldn’t get a hold on your uncle, and since I needed to get out fast. This was sort of the last choice I had, your cousin Dagur won’t be taking care of you again, special not after last time when he hold that party at our house.

Anyway, as a late, alright a very late Happy Birthday at your 22 years on February 29. You have permission to do what you wish while I’m gone, however, Mr. Frost promised me he do give a call if something is wrong.

You are in age to have a choice now Hiccup, you can also prove to me now, that you not just want to play games all the day.

I hope you have a good summer with Mr. Frost, I wish you the best and Mr. Frost have a present from me to you.

Take good care, with all the love. –Stoick.


Hiccup couldn’t believe what he just read, he read it over again, another time, and a third time. He wanted to be sure, but he didn’t quite understand. When did his father and Jack speak with each other?

“So?” Jack asked, his eyes were a bit on Hiccup, before they went on the road again.

“I-I don’t really…” Hiccup mumbled, he had fold the letter again and looked ahead for him.

“I’m going to take care of you for a long time, it’s not that your father don’t trust you, Hiccup. He just don’t want you to get hurt, so I spoke with him a week ago. Trust me, you aren’t easy to try and keep a secret from.” Jack explained, he had chuckled a bit.

There, it was right there! That’s the Jack he knew of, not the creepy silence Jack there was with him before.

“You know, you did creep me out before right?” Hiccup asked him, he had looked a bit out at his window, seeing a forest soon appeared around them the farther they drove away.

“But where are we going, Jack?” Hiccup asked him, he had fold the letter back in the envelope again and made it down into his bag.

“Well first, we are going to my sharing summerhouse. That’s where we will live for a few weeks, there is a special thing happening around in the forest nearby the summerhouse.” Jack explained, he had turned to the left when a dirt road appeared.

“What should that be?” Hiccup asked, his eyes were still outside the window. It’s been a long time since he had been near a forest, since he lived inside a city there wasn’t too much nature other than the garden.

“A Medieval Festival conference, I heard from your father that you like the old times. Special the Medieval time, we are written up so we can get out there, even go to Roleplay from the old times.” Jack said, as he smiled a bit before he looked at Hiccup.

“Really?” Hiccup asked, his breath were hold back as he looked at Jack. Had he done all this just for him?

“If it wasn’t real, do you really believe I would be evil to tell you about it?” Jack questioned him instead, as he chuckled a bit. “Of course it’s real, but there are certain rules you do be under.” He explained.

“Of course, like you can’t have a phone, or any sort of new day’s technology, right?” Hiccup asked him.

“Yep, that too, but we also need to dress up like the old days. We got a few roles we can play, I got them in envelopes at home. You can choose one, but we are playing out a plot too.” He explained.

“What is that plot? Sorry if I’m asking too much, I just want to know.” The brunette said, his eyes went down to his bag as he felt the heat getting to his cheeks again.

“Better ask too much, than not at all.” Jack said, he smiled a bit as he held his hand to the gears, he started to drive a bit more careful.

“Two sides, almost like WoW an Alliance side and a Horde Side. We are on Alliance side, since I know you are terrible at the Hordes side. Beside, you won’t look good as a Troll or an undead person.” Jack said, he laughed a bit over it, even Hiccup chuckled as he had rubbed the back of his neck.

“True, so what more?” The brunette asked, his eyes looked up at Jack again.

“You know the small mini game in Wow? Tag the Flag? The Allis got a Flag, so do the Hordes. Protect it, steal the other and get it to our camp. We do have roles, it means we get a card only you shall read.” Jack explained, he had drove up on a small hill after a while.

“Uhm, only we shall read?” Hiccup asked him.

“Yes, I remember last year. I got a card, where I was secretly a murder under a dark spell. I was on the Alliance side, but I was cursed so I should murder the rest of my team without getting caught. Horrible, special when you got near them.” Jack explained, he had chuckled a bit, as he looked at Hiccup.

“But the thing was, we act dead and all that. So it’s good, even thought my team-mates hated me for killing them in the night.” He explained.

“I see, good you don’t get such card this year eh?” Hiccup asked, he looked a bit down at his bag again. Inside he was getting excited, the things sounded so cool.

“Oh, by the way Hiccup. I do be careful when we get to the house, my friend Aster he took got a small….person on visit. We are sharing the summerhouse with each other, so we need to be alright with his guest too.” Jack explained, he had placed a hand at Hiccup’s shoulder.

“That’s fine, I won’t be there too much.” Hiccup said, he had looked up at Jack and saw the question look at his face. “I-I mean, if I don’t like being around, I normally just go to a room for myself.” He mumbled a bit nervous, he had looked away again from Jack and bite his lower lip.

He know he had been stupid right there, he know already Jack would scold him for saying that. However, it was really like that he was. If things got to awkward, or he felt uncomfortable around people. He just walked away, wanting to be alone.

“Wait! What about my stuff?! My clothes, things i-“

“Relax Hiccup, It’s alright, your father packed a huge bag for you this morning, right after you left.” Jack said, as he looked at Hiccup with a soft smile.

“He also told me about your allergic for nuts, really he was all prepared and gave me a note about the things. I didn’t thought you were sick, or at least had some allergic reactions for some certain food.” Jack explained, he could see that Hiccup’s cheeks went red.

“That’s because it’s not an important information for people, why would they want to know what I can’t eat? It’s not like I am stupid to take what I can’t handle, I’m not stupid.” Hiccup mumbled the last words, as he had been looking out at the window again.

“Of course you aren’t, Hiccup.” Jack said a bit low, but with a comforting voice, as he held his hand at Hiccup’s knee.

“You are an intelligent boy- man!” Jack correct himself, as he looked a bit forward. Yep he screwed this up already.

“Just call me a boy, I know I’m just a boy for people.” Hiccup mumbled, he had looked down into his lap, as his hands played a bit with the hem of his shirt.

“In mind, you might be a boy, Hiccup.” Jack said, as he patted Hiccup’s knee a bit. “But outside, you are truly a man. Even your father told me that, he might not have told it to you, but he is very proud over you.” Jack explained to him.

Hiccup just nodded, he looked a bit out at the window again.

“How long before we are there, Jack?” He asked him, he felt a bit tired, maybe he could get a nap before they arrive to the place.

“In an hour or so, there is a lot forest road toward the place.” Jack said, he slowed down a bit, as he reached his hand to the backseats. He got a blanket to him, where he held it over Hiccup.

“Take a nap, I will wake you up when we arrive to the place.” He told him, Hiccup had just nodded as he pulled the blanket close around him.

He slowly closed his eyes, letting his body relax a bit. In the end, he heard Jack set on the radio. A small smile appeared at Hiccup’s lips, the song which played was amazing.

To the sweet tunes, the brunette gently fell asleep against the window. The blanket soft wrapped around him.

This had been a surprise for him, he only hope the things can be better now.

Maybe for once, he can have a time that he enjoy.


Chapter 7 Finished!

So, what do you guys think? Was it good? I hope it was, even thought I creep some of you guys out with what Jack were doing in the last chapter xD Omg I got you guys! Those PM’s and Inbox message I got just for a few hours.

That’s just gold for me, but I like the comments too!

Remember to comment! I always like that! 

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