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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


10. A Stormy Night

Yep! Chapter 10 is now out, again I will remind people I take it a bit slow, just so it won't get in a 30 pages long chapter or what so ever…

Haters gonna hate, I know that but still….i feel like I shall repeat myself over and over.

I have writing problems, I am dyslexic so try and understand. I don't like to get an Inbox/Pm or whatever they are called, where the person writes to me that I should get a beta because my grammar sucks.

I mostly ignore the haters, but I admit, they at times gets to me. I am not good with big difficult words, where I instead can use smaller easier words there means just the same thing. I rather want to make it like that, then making a spelling mistake that other people shall point out for me.

No one is perfect in the world.


Enjoy this chapter :3


Chapter 10. A stormy night

That night did Hiccup not really sleep, he turned in his bed, tried to find a comfortable way to lie on. Nothing helped, everything he tried didn't help at all. He couldn't forget what happened out in the garden with Jack, also those lips, they were on his mind all the time.

The brunette held his fingers to his lips, how Jack's lips had been so soft and warming. A blush crept up on Hiccup's cheeks, just the thought made him.

Hiccup looked at his phone, it had light up, as he got a message. The brunette slowly took it, the light hurt his eyes for a short moment, and he had been used to the dark so it was a small pain.

He rubbed his eyes, getting used to the small light from the screen of his phone. A text? He unlocked his phone, looked at the number, it wasn't familiar to him. He then took a look at the text:

Unknown Number: Are you asleep, Hiccup Haddock?

Hiccup frowned a bit, who would know him like that? Who would even say his last name in a text? This was getting weird.

The brunette slowly sat up in his bed, he looked at the text, trying to see if it could be someone familiar.

He thought maybe he should text back? Would that be a bad idea?

Hiccup yelped, as a flash of light and a loud thunder were just outside his window.

He held himself to a ball, his head rested against his knees. He hated thunder, it was one of his fears and mostly it had been Toothless who spoke to him when there was a thunder storm around him.

Even by the thought, Hiccup felt a hand at his back and a warm body sat down beside him. He clung his hand at the shirt, holding him close as he were shaking a bit.

His mind thought it was Toothless, Toothless always know how to calm him down under such storms.

He felt a hand through his hair, a soft humming too. It was there Hiccup realized it, this wasn't Toothless. Toothless never hummed to him, then who-

"Oh god!" he said, as he pushed him away from Jack and sat on the other end of the bed.

"Sorry Hiccup, I did not have in mind to scare you." Jack said, as he hold a hand out for Hiccup.

"I heard you yelp, Toothless was already on his way, but I told him I could take you. He haven't slept yet, so I thought he could sleep." Jack explained to him, he could see that Hiccup still were shaking a bit.

"C-Could you please go?" The brunette asked, his eyes didn't look at Jack at all.

"Hiccup, if it's what I did in the garden….please tell me alright?" Jack said, he moved a bit closer and grabbed Hiccup's hand gently.

"I just wanted you to know…" Jack whispered, he tried to get eye contact to Hiccup. However, the way Hiccup only looked away from him was a bit annoying too.

"K-Know what?" Hiccup mumbled, he really couldn't move out from his place. He could hear the heavy rain outside, a few times he saw a lightning bolt, even though the thunder sound was seconds after. He tends each time the sound was there, he always hated it.

Jack crawled closer over to Hiccup, he held his hand at Hiccup's shoulder and pulled him closer. He took the blanket from the bed, wrapping it around them both as he hugged Hiccup close to his chest.

Hiccup couldn't handle himself, he leaned closer into Jack, his head rested against Jack's shoulder while he closed his eyes. It was a good comforting, even the smooth hand on his back, which calmed him even more by now.

"I wanted you to know, that I love you. More as a student, more as a friend. I love you like a lover, from the day we first met. You just look so…" Jack mumbled, he rested his head down to Hiccup's.

"So sweet and adorable, it was almost an innocent look you had that day." He whispered, his hand gently caressed Hiccup's cheek.

Hiccup looked up at Jack with his forest green eyes, Jack only smiled so sweet and softly at him. When Hiccup opened his mouth to say something, a loud thunder rumbled outside and almost made the mansion trembling.

Hiccup yelped, he hugged tightly into Jack and buried his face into Jack's chest. His body shook, but he soon got calm as Jack hushed him and rocked him gently. The hand got through his hair, he could feel how Jack really wanted to comfort him through this.

That's why Hiccup didn't spoke a word, he just kept him close to Jack and let him hold him. It was until he couldn't stay awake any longer, he had wanted to tell Jack the same. Even though, now he was asleep against Jack's firm chest.

Jack had only lied down in the bed, he kept Hiccup close to his chest and hold the blanket around them both close. Gently, Jack had kissed Hiccup at his forehead. He just smiled a bit at the sweet and peaceful sleep Hiccup had now, knowing he made Hiccup that calm to sleep.

"Adorable…" he whispered, he rested his head on top at Hiccup's. After a few minutes, Jack were asleep too. His arms firmly around Hiccup, hugging the brunette close to his chest to protect him from the terrible thunder storm.

At least Hiccup know his feelings toward him now, at least he could listen to Hiccup tomorrow and hear what he have to say. Right now though, he was glad he finally could hold Hiccup the way he had wished for.


Short for now, I know xD but aww what a moment right? :3

In next chapter, I will start with a warning. *Evil Grin*

No one should read, if they don't like to see precious little Hiccup getting hurt.

*Whispers* Im just saying!

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