In Games We Find Love

AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


20. A last moment to ask.

Hey readers!

Yes now I'm finish with this chapter, but I also want to say this is the LAST chapter too.
I can only thanks people for liking and following the story to the end, I love the comments, even though there had been haters around.

Again. "Haters Gonna Hate" I don't care in the end. This is my story, I like it and it's been a good time for me to write on.

I can only say Enjoy the last chapter of In games we find love. :3


Chapter 20. A last moment to ask.


It was so weird for Hiccup to walk up at the familiar road to Jack and Aster's house. It was late at night, the rain had stopped some hours ago. That didn't meant though, that Hiccup weren't cold and wet doing his soaking clothes.

Jack unlocked the door to the house, his arm that he had kept around Hiccup's shoulders slowly held the brunette inside.

"Let's get you out from the wet clothes, maybe we shall make a warm bath for you." Jack whispered, he had pressed a soft kiss at Hiccup's forehead.

"That do sounds nice, will you be joining?" Hiccup asked, he held his hand into Jack's while they slowly walked up the stairs.

"Maybe, depends on if you want me too. To be honest, I don't look very nice anymore." Jack explained, he had gotten Hiccup into the bathroom there was nearby Jack's room. He let go at Hiccup, so he could get over to the bathtub and turn on the warm water.

"Strip quickly, we don't need you to get a cold." Jack said over his shoulder, while he hold his hand under the warm water.

"Last time you said that, you couldn't get enough of the sight of me." Hiccup mumbled, he smiled a bit by the way Jack looked over his shoulder.

"This is different you know, please do?" Jack asked him, he hissed when he held his hand out from the hot water.

"To warm." He mumbled, as he adjusted it a bit.

When the tub were filled with the warm water, Jack turned to see that Hiccup took his shirt off. His eyes wide a bit, seeing Hiccup's back with a long scar across it.

Jack slowly stepped near, he let his fingertips brush gently at Hiccup's skin. So cold and….soft

"What happened?" He whispered, his voice coming out in a shock but yet still soft voice.

Hiccup looked a bit distend, he had let his wet shirt drop to the floor, as he started to undo his pants.

"Alone at evening in the city, being dragged into an alleyway by a few gang members. I didn't knew them, they didn't knew me either. I was just a random victim for their funny games, it ended with they dragged a knife across my back." Hiccup said, he had let his pants drop to the floor right after.

"My mum was mad, she made Cloudjumper find those who did it. I don't know what happened to them." He whispered, he felt Jack's fingers grabbed his chin and lifted his head a bit.

The brunette looked into the ice blue eyes, seeing a few tear almost escaping Jack's eyes were heartbreaking to look at.

Hiccup closed his eyes again, he rested his head against Jack's shoulder.

"It was nothing there could be stopped, even you couldn't." he whispered, he ran his hand along Jack's left cheek.

"Don't feel down alright?" He whispered.

"I don't feel down, I feel guilt over I wasn't there to protect you." Jack whispered, he rested his head against Hiccup's before he easily enough let the brunette get his underwear's off.

Jack helped Hiccup to get in the bathtub, with the fake leg that they had removed too.

Hiccup was so used to it by now, it was an everyday thing for him to take it off when it hurts to have it on.

Heck, even Jack remembered how much Hiccup needed to go through because of his leg.

The warm bath were just lovely, after being out in the cold weather for a few hours. This had been one of Hiccup's favorite things he could do, when he got home, special when Jack joined him.

The brunette looked at Jack taking of his own clothes, seeing how thin he actually were underneath the clothes. It hurts, knowing somehow this was his fault.

He moved gently, when Jack sat himself behind Hiccup. The brunette rested his head against Jack's shoulder, he had let Jack embrace him as they sat there in the bath together.

He already loved the feeling of Jack's fingers running along his skin, it was a softly touch and he know that Jack had longed for this in a long time.

Hiccup gently closed his eyes, they just sat in silence while they stayed close together.

Both of them know, this was a new start for them.

It was a new relationship, but with the same love, they always had shared with each other.

When they had been finish with the bath, they had dried themselves and went to bed with each other. Jack had his arms protective around Hiccup, making sure he do be fine in his sleep.

For once, Hiccup had a good sleep again. The last past year he had always cried himself to sleep, but now, he was peaceful and back in Jack's arms.

Even in the morning, they stayed in bed. Aster and Toothless had peaked in, just because they normally wanted to see if Jack were alright. It was a shock for them both to see Hiccup, soft asleep next to Jack.

Even the thought that Jack were awake, only stroking Hiccup's cheek or hair gently.

One thing, Toothless were happy that his best friend where back. It had been pure torture for him not to hear or speak with Hiccup, but now, he was glad that his best friend where back again.

Aster had been down in the kitchen after he had let Toothless stay in Jack's room, he made some good breakfast while his own lover were with Jack and Hiccup.

"I found him in the park, sitting alone in the rain." Jack whispered, his hand gently stroked Hiccup's cheek again, a smile never left his lips by now.

"Sounds like a stupid romantic movie." Toothless said, while he had lied next to Hiccup and hold around him.

He didn't care if that looked wrong, he was used to being like this with Hiccup.

He remembered when they were younger, Hiccup simply denied to sleep on his own, if not Toothless even was in the room or next to him in bed. Some sort of nightmare always haunted him back then, but now he was already fine again about it.

Toothless rested his head against Hiccup's shoulder, he had his eyes closed as well. It was so great he was back, he had missed him so much. Just the fact that he had his best friend about, the fact that he could speak with Hiccup.

That's why he had choose to stay in this house, but the day Hiccup ran off, not giving up where he lived or where he was. Not even his damn mother told it! He had been so broken over it, he had wanted Hiccup around.

Even Toothless caressed Hiccup's arm a bit, feeling how soft and relaxed Hiccup were beside him.

"What did you do after finding him? Did you tell him the truth?" Toothless asked, his eyes went over to Jack.

"What else should I do?" Jack asked him. "I heard he listen to the songs we used to listen to together, one of them came up and I just wanted him to know I was there." Jack explained.

"One thing leaded to another, then we suddenly danced a little." Jack said as he smiled right after.

"Danced?" Toothless whispered, he looked at Jack a bit disbelieving written in his eyes.

Jack nodded, his smile only grew wider as he looked at Hiccup's face. "He offered it himself, even when I told him he didn't needed to. He said he do own me it, what the thought behind it was, it's a thing I don't really know." Jack explained.

He lied quite, as Hiccup moved a bit. The brunette turned on his side and rested his head close to Toothless chest. He had fold himself into a ball, his arms getting under his head.

"I always liked watching him sleep, not that I want to sound like a creep." Jack said, as he leaned a bit over Hiccup.

"He just look more calm in his sleep, calmer than I ever had seeing him before. He is also so cute and adorable like this, like nothing worries him into the world." Jack whispered, he had ran his hand down at Hiccup's cheek, stroking it softly and smiled when Hiccup leaned a bit against it.

"You already sound like a creep, just by telling you won't sound like one." Toothless comment, he rested his head against Hiccup's after a time.

The brunette started to stare a bit in his sleep, his eyes half opened while he looked at Toothless beside him.

"You awake sweetheart?" Jack asked, his voice softly and low so Hiccup at least could wake up on a sweet way.

"Hickey wakey wakey!" Toothless said louder, with a small chuckle. Hiccup had opened his eyes and glared a bit at Toothless.

"I knew that do work, welcome home!" Toothless said, while he wrapped his arms around Hiccup and hugged him close.

"You always love waking me up, don't you?" Hiccup asked, he nuzzled his head in Toothless neck and hold him close to his best friend.

"That do only be to annoy you." Toothless replied, his voice low but softly as well.

"Aster made breakfast, we should get down to get some. Please? You look thin too, maybe you and Jack could match to a model thing." Toothless joked, he felt a poke from Hiccup in his stomach.

"Sorry, I'm just glad to have you back Hickey. I really missed you being around, really." Toothless said, while he nuzzled his face in Hiccup's neck.

"Don't do that again, at least stay for my sake if Jack is being an ass." He mumbled.

"When isn't he an ass?" Hiccup asked, but he chuckled while he felt Jack's hand at his shoulder.

"At least I get your ass, that's the point for us both." Jack whispered in his ear.

"EWWW! STOP SUCH TALK WHILE IM AROUND!" Toothless complained, he had held his hands for his ears to show he meant it.

They chuckled a bit at Toothless, while Hiccup leaned over against Jack.

"Let's get down to get breakfast, Aster do his best to make what we like." Jack said, he then kissed Hiccup at his neck.

"I'm off." Toothless said, he jumped out from the bed and ran out from Jack and Hiccup's bedroom.

"I wonder how he is like when Aster and him are together." Hiccup mumbled, he chuckled a bit when Jack slightly tickled him at his sides.

"J-Jack s-stop!" Hiccup laughed, he tried to let Jack's hands off him.

Jack chuckled a bit, he had wrapped his arms around Hiccup's waist and hugged him close. "I missed your laughing, the joyful mode you could be into." He whispered, while he placed a soft kiss at Hiccup's ear.

"Admit it, you missed teasing me." Hiccup whispered, he rested his head back at Jack's shoulder and smiled up at him.

"Breakfast? I think my stomach won't mind that right now." He told him, Hiccup slowly kissed Jack at his neck.

Jack had smiled at Hiccup, he had hugged him one last time before they both went up from bed and got downstairs.

Life were already getting better.

~five years later~

Over the years, Hiccup and Jack had only build up their relationship stronger and better.

Jack always protected Hiccup, no matter what small case it might be. Even Hiccup was there for Jack now, for once Jack came to him when he needed to speak.

Hiccup started to know more about Jack, learning about his past and what Jack had going through.

They always sat in their room, speaking with each other when needed.

Jack told Hiccup about his time as the guardian of fun and snow, how he had been alone for already 300 years on that time. No one never saw him, no one noticed him. It was only him and the other guardians that could see each other.

He explained the kid there had been his first believer, how the kid had grown up and just forgotten about him all at once.

It was there Jack made a deal with The man in the moon, that if he could become Human so people could see him. He would do his best to live a human life, he wanted that thing back there had been taken away from him.

He told about his own family, how his sister almost had went through the ice, but that Jack saved her from it.

He told everything to Hiccup, even the great battle between the guardians and the nightmare king.

Hiccup didn't question into many things, he simply let Jack speak and when he saw it was too much for Jack. Hiccup had been at Jack's side and hugged him, calmed him down again so he at least could relax a bit.

If they didn't talk with each other, they would do things for each other or stay with Aster and Toothless.

After three years, Toothless didn't make it too well. He ended to get sick, not just a cold or a fever, but one of the worst.

It had started slowly out, something none of them thought would end like this.

One morning Toothless just didn't felt well, he had a high body temperature. He coughed, he vomited. Just everything was wrong with him that day, Aster tried to take care of him. With his herbs, he do thought that he could help Toothless, but none of it worked.

Soon, the coughing had been worst, blood got up along with it. It was there Aster couldn't take it longer, so he had taken Toothless to the hospital.

Even so, the doctors at the Hospital couldn't tell what was wrong with him. They had different thoughts, but a few of the symptoms didn't match to it after all.

It always changed, when they thought Toothless finally were healthy. He had another breakdown at home, where he got to the hospital again for weeks.

They had tried to see if something at their home affected him that bad, but nothing they thought about could have an explanation about it.

Two years was it now, for two whole years Toothless were sick like this.

One evening when Hiccup had visit Toothless, he had spoken softly with him. Asking him how he was, even some other funny things they had between them.

It ended that Hiccup had held Toothless hand, while he had fallen asleep over Toothless legs. Later that night, Jack had been there to take Hiccup home.

The one thing Jack won't ever forget, was the moment Toothless asked him for a favor.

Take care of Hiccup, if you do not do that. I will personal haunt you until you do, he is too precious and too good to be unhappy. Promise me, will you do that?

Jack of course had promised that, he had spoken to Toothless and he knew the reason behind it that day.

The next morning Hiccup were still in the room. His hand softly into Toothless, but as Hiccup awoke. He felt the different between the hot and cold hand. Last night, Toothless hand were burning.

This morning, it was ice cold.

When a doctor had been into the room, he had told that Toothless passed away a little over 02:00 in the nights.

Of course Hiccup cried when he heard the news, his best friend had passed away while they still had hold hands.

What bothered Hiccup, was that he didn't said any last words to Toothless. But the thing which made him alright again, was that at least he had been at Toothless side when it happened.

Aster haven't manage to be that, he had been out country that week for a contract with another firm so his place could get around the world.

So there, it was the story behind to why they now stood in front at a tombstone. Hiccup, Jack and Aster all stood in black clothes, while Hiccup stood close to Jack's side.

He could feel the tears in his eyes, when he looked at the tombstone.

Here lies:

Toothless Nightfury.

Born: 1991.

Died: 2019

A good friend until the end.

May he rest in peace.

A few flowers were on top at the grave along with a few candles there had light in them.

After they had stood there for a while, Hiccup had excused himself from them as he slowly walked away.

"How do you feel Ast?" Jack asked to break the silence between them.

"It's hard to know I wasn't there for him, but I'm not sad." Aster said, he even smiled a bit while he looked at Jack.

"Because I know that he had a good life, he had what he wanted and he got what he needed. He wasn't a person there would give up life, the sad thing here is that life just surprised him with a sickness no one could explain what was." Aster explained, he had held his hands in his pockets while he looked at the grave again.

"He was the best lover I ever had, no one can be replaced by him. "Aster explained, he let out a soft breath before he looked at Jack again.

"I was thinking, maybe it's time for me to return as a Guardian again. I don't have a life as a human being anymore Jack, you have." He said, as he looked back over his shoulder, he saw Hiccup sat on a bench.

"You still got Hiccup, he needs you more than you know." Aster explained, he looked at Jack again right after.

"I know, but I need you too Aster. You know how I am with this Human life, there are certain things I cannot do without your help." Jack whispered, his eyes gazed at the grave for a moment before he slowly turned away from it and looked at Aster.

"I need to be strong, I am that since I know it. But I don't think Toothless Death was a normal one. I think Pitch stood behind this, he wants to curse us trouble." Jack whispered.

"You can't just think it's always bloody Pitch who is doing this, Jack! This is a human thing there can happen to anyone!" Aster hissed a bit low.

"How?" Jack asked, he held his hands out from his pockets. "They couldn't find anything! They couldn't even tell what's wrong, or what he actually had for a sickness. It isn't normal!" Jack snapped back.

"Listen!" Aster said, as he held a hand between them.

"It doesn't matter now, Toothless is in a better place." Aster said calmly, he looked over his shoulder and saw that Hiccup still sat on the bench.

"To be honest Jack, we need to move on. You need to take care of Hiccup, we can talk about this later." Aster whispered, he made a patting at Jack's shoulder before he slowly walked off.

"It still doesn't make sense." Jack mumbled, he looked at the grave for a moment where he let out a soft breath.

Jack slowly walked over to Hiccup, he wrapped his arm around Hiccup's shoulders and sat down beside him.

"Do you want to go home, Hiccup?" Jack asked, he had placed a hand softly at Hiccup's cheek. He brush away another tear there escaped Hiccup's eye, but he saw Hiccup smiled.

"Yes…" Hiccup said, he looked up at Jack with the same smile.

"I want to get home, the place I truly can call my home." Hiccup whispered.

Jack held Hiccup's hand, he bite his lip for a moment before he held something out from his pocket.

"I know it isn't the best time, but there is something I have wanted to ask you about the last past year." Jack said, as he had a black small box in his hand.

Now, the last thing he ever could do, was asking Hiccup's hand in marriage.

The end.



People might hate me for the ending, but who said I wouldn't make a sequel? I have thought about it, but right now I wanted this one to have a, ending.

Thanks again readers for comment, view and like my story. In the future there will 'maybe' be an sequel, I don't know yet. You are all welcome to view my other stories, there are few I just started and olds I need to finish off as well.

Since this one were a fanfic I started for over a year ago, I felt I needed to finish it with at least 20 chapters.

So yeah, that's the end of it for now.

Maybe all of you will follow the sequel if there will be one.

If anyone wants to write a sequel, I do like to know it! I like how people have comment on what should happen.

Even thought, some ideas did I need to…friendly tell no about.

Hiccup being an actor, but only have girl roles and came home in a girl outfit.
Toothless being a shapeshifter. (Even thought that could had been cool, I prefer him human in this story)
Sandy being on Pitch's side.

Lots more.

The ideas were good, but they couldn't really fit into my story as I like it to be.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now.

Thanks again! I love you all!


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