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AU: Hiccup joins the game, WOW, to play with his best friend Toothless, whom he hasn't seen for a year now due to an out of country transfer. There's someone following them on this game named Frost318. Who is this mysterious guy and why does he keep professing his love to Hiccup when Toothless is not around? Warning! BoyxBoy Yaoi. Love upcoming smut!


14. A hidden secret revealed.

Hey readers. Now chapter 14 is up. :3

A few warnings. Since I had in mind to make this a bit "magical" There will contain a bit of the magic. There will…also be a very small thing about hiccup too. Something bad. xD

Anyways, enjoy this chapter :3


Chapter 14. A hidden secret revealed.

Hiccup started to tremble again, the voice of Pitch filled the room with fear from him. Pitch couldn't be here, not when Jack was here too!

"J-Jack please, run. " The brunette mumbled, his hands let go at Jack's shirt so he had the chance to run.

"I'm not going to run away, Hiccup. Not that I finally got a hold on you, I won't be a coward." Jack said, he had stand in front at Hiccup to cover him from Pitch Black.

"Long time ago, Jack Frost." Pitch said with a smile, he cocked his head aside as he watched the white haired male.

"Haven't you done enough already? His father begged you! Pleading you to return his son back, but you won't ever listen do you?! He did what you told him to do, he made all the papers burn up!" Jack yelled, his temper weren't to control right now.

"Always that yelling aren't you, Jackie Boy?" Pitch said with a smirk, he had slowly drawn out a gun from his pocket.

"Jack please!" Hiccup cried out, he didn't wanted Jack to get hurt.

"Why don't you listen to your little friend, Jackie boy? Better run before I shoot you, or even better." Pitch said, he pointed the gun toward Hiccup on the bed.

"One shot, that's all it takes to kill him. The bullets are painted and dipped with poison from a venomous snake, I'm sure you can think about how it will go for him, right?

"Don't, just don't do it Pitch. You weren't like this before, why can't you just stop ruin more lives?" Jack asked, he tried to cover Hiccup with his body. There was no way he would let Hiccup get in more pain.

"Oh Jackie boy, where is all the fun you used to like?" Pitch asked, his voice being playfully and soft.

"Playtime is over, "Jack said, he started to smirk a bit as his ice blue eyes were on Pitch. "At least for you, NOW!" He shouted out loud.

As soon the last word were spoken, hell broke loose.

A boomerang flew through the window and smashed it in pieces, it hit Pitch's hand where he had his gun, making him drop it as it flew out again.

Jack held his hand up, he had shot out a mist which fast turned to ice. Jack then held his hand at the chains, he used another mist to freeze the chains where he then broke them apart.

"Come here, I got you Hiccup." Jack whispered, he held Hiccup up against his chest where they soon heard shootings outside the room.

"STOP THEM!" Pitch's commanding voice sounded through the room, he had taken his gun from the floor and pointed it at Jack, who already ran out from the room.

"Hold on Hiccup, I will get you out from here." Jack said, his breath getting faster while he ran down at the halls. The brunette had clung himself to Jack, but he was shocked over what happened before. He was certain that he had seeing wrong, Jack didn't let ice getting out from his hand, it wasn't normal, right?

"Hiccup, listen to me." Jack said, he had sat Hiccup down on his feet, he had kept the blanket around Hiccup that he had grabbed on the way. "Run outside, make sure to get over to my car. Stay there until I get to you, understood?" Jack asked, he pressed a soft kiss at Hiccup's forehead before he ran back again.

"JACK!" Hiccup manage to shout out, he had reached his hand out for Jack, but when he tried to get after him he stumbled and fell on the ground. He wasn't even in the right shape to run around like that, not even to walk proper.

He could feel hot tears at his eyes, the thoughts of losing Jack was a pain into his heart.

The brunette tried to get up, he tried to do as Jack said. Even though his mind screamed and yelled at him to go back, to make sure Jack was fine. He had only been leaning against the building from the outside, hardly crossing the road to get in Jack's car.

People only passed by him, they didn't seem to mind him a though. Maybe they thought he was nothing, that he was a homeless person because of the blanket around him?

He heard the doors slammed opened near him, he had looked up and saw Jack ran out. Maybe in the thought that Hiccup was in the car already, but he wasn't. He stood just a few meters away.

Jack didn't even pay attention, he just ran out on the road. Hiccup thought had seeing what there were coming toward Jack. A large truck, it didn't even sat the speed down.

"JACK!" Hiccup shouted, it was like his body forgot how weak it was. His blood ran fast through his veins, it was like time stopped around him as he ran toward Jack.

He managed to push Jack toward the car, but then it wall went dark for him. A faint voice, Jack's voice shouting his name.

The Darkness took him.


That's the end of this chapter. What do you guys think? :3

So the plan was that Jack, Aster and Pitch all hide their true secret. That they are guardians or at least spirits in their past life. Im still trying to plan out how to explain this, it will be up in next chapter :3

Until later!

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