Loving You Is A Dangerous Thing

Georgia Holmes is an 17 year old girl who bumps into Harry Styles at a park. At that moment it was love at first sight for Harry and Georgia. What will happen between them? Will it end happy or unhappy ?


3. Wait why me?

Harry's POV 

*flashback ends*

This girl I met at the park looks familiar. She reminds me of my sister, Emma. Oh! Which reminds me I got to go get her medicine. 

"Excuse me Georgia, I got to go get my sister, Emma's medicine."

"Oh okay, I hope your sister, Emma is well." 

When I said Emma, Georgia looked up to me with a surprise emotion on her face. I wonder what that was all about.

"I hope so too, oh wait hold on before we depart may I have your phone, and I put my phone number in it." 

I see her smile while giving me her phone. I put my phone number in it, I gave it back to her, and kiss her on the cheek while saying "see ya later babe, call me." While I was walking away, I looked back, her face was in astonishment, and she was blushing like crazy.

Georgia POV

OH MY DEAR LORD! I'm probably red as a tomato. Harry, a attractive, good-looking young boy just gave me a kiss on the cheek. Oh my gosh!! Is this really happening? *I pinch myself* YEP!! It's real. AHHHH!!!! 

After I cooled myself done, I walked home. While I was strolling to my house I was thinking what my parents are going to do when they find out that I left the house without their verification. Shit. I guess I am gonna be abused by my father, locked in my room, and not allowed to eat food for the rest of the day. Ugh! I start to cry as I continue to walk back to my house and not even remembering what happened at the park. 

*An hour later*

I'm bewildered when I walk into my house to find my parents hanging on the ceiling by the neck... DEAD! I start to whimper running over to where my parents were and screeched to them. WHY? WHY ME? WHY DID YOU GUYS DO THIS TO ME? ANSWER ME?? MOM??? DAD??? WHY???

I'm laying down on the living room floor whimpering underneath my hanging dead parents. God, why are you doing this to me? I say while looking up to my fathers hand, it has a grip on to a piece of paper with my name on it. Georgia. It looks like my fathers handwriting. 







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