Loving You Is A Dangerous Thing

Georgia Holmes is an 17 year old girl who bumps into Harry Styles at a park. At that moment it was love at first sight for Harry and Georgia. What will happen between them? Will it end happy or unhappy ?


1. The man who changed my life

I wake up from the yelling of my parents, this is usually every morning. I have come so depressed by my parents arguing. They are starting to not take care of me and I don't think they love me. They have been like this since my little sister, Emma died in a car excited when she was 14. It happened a year ago and I still remember getting call from the police saying they have found my died sister in car, that had been crushed from a truck. The truck driver was drunk at my sister friend parent's didn't see the truck. My sister meant everything to me and I can't believe that she is gone. 

I get out of bed, take a quick show, I put a blue sweater on, and black tight jeans. I walk down stairs to the kitchen to see that my parents are still arguing. I decide to take a walk to the park without eating any breakfast. 

I start walking and thinking about my sister.


"GEORGIA!!" My sister yelled from the her room.

"What do you want?" I say while walking in her room. 

"So, there is this boy that asked me out, and he is really cute, I don't really know what to wear." She said 

"Oh, well you first I have to tell me what he looks like." I said

"Well, he has curly brown hair and beautiful green eyes" She said

*flashback ended*

I got interrupted by bumping into a guy

"Oh, I'm sorry love, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going."

I look up to see who the guy was and not realizing that that man was going to change my life.




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