Loving You Is A Dangerous Thing

Georgia Holmes is an 17 year old girl who bumps into Harry Styles at a park. At that moment it was love at first sight for Harry and Georgia. What will happen between them? Will it end happy or unhappy ?


2. Meeting Harry Styles

Georgia POV

"Oh no, it was my fault. I am so sorry." I say looking up to his face. I'm sorry I didn't get your name? "Oh, Harry, Harry Styles." he says with a very raspy voice. May ask what your name is? Oh, my name is Georgia Holmes. Well nice to meet you Georgia. Nice to meet you too, Harry. There is something about this Harry Styles, he looks, or sounds familiar.


"How do I look, Georgia", my sister asks, walking down stairs. You look beautiful. When are you being picked up to go on your date? What's his name? I'm being picked up in 10 minutes and his name is Edward Styles. "He also has an older brother, if you want to double date sometime, I can probably work something out", she says sarcastically. Haha very funny, but no thanks. "His really cute", Emma's says while winking at me. Ok, ok, stop it, I'll date when I find the special one. "Ugh ok fine be that way", Emma said. *Knock at the door* "Oh that miss be him", Emma says while walking towards the door. 

Emma POV

Hey Edward, oh and hi Harry! Why is harry, I questioned to myself. I wasn't expecting him, maybe he is going to take us on our date. We can't drive yet." Hi Emma are you ready, I'll be taking you and Edward on your date. Harry said. "Oh okay, I'm ready, oh wait! I want you guys to meet my sister Georgia."  "Sure" they said.  While I was walking Harry and Edward to the room where my sister was in, I heard Harry whisper something to Edward, I couldn't make out what he was saying. But I didn't bother.

Georgia POV

I see my sister walking with Harry and Edward in the room. Ugh, I wish she didn't introduce me to Harry and Edward this time, I didn't look my best. "Hey Georgia, this is Edward and his brother Harry," my sister says with a wink. She wants to set me up with him, but like that's going to happen. "Hi Georgia, it's nice to finely meet you, I've heard lots about." Edward says while shaking my hand. "Hi nice to meet you too".  "Hi Georgia nice to meet," Harry says while smiling and winking at me. "Nice to meet you too" I smile and say. Aww he winked at me that was cute, he's actually kinda goo looking. Ugh Georgia what are u talking about. You don't want to date him. Well Georgia we must be going, harry says and hugs me goodbye. bye i say.

Harry POV

Wow that girl Georgia is a Beautiful girl. Was hugging her goodbye cutting it to close. Ugh, but she was so Beautiful, I just wanted to kiss her rosy red cheeks. I am so glad i got to meet her today.

Georigia POV

Damn that Harry kid is very cuteee, I thought to myself. But i shouldn't get into another relationship. I don't want what happened last time. 


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