The Difference between you & I

Skylar's struggle with anorexia and self multination has gotten worse throughout these past few years. Skylar's start off with his junior year is introduced with a new jock in school. Roman Monroe.
Skylar becomes head over heals for this boy, but will things take a turn for the worse or for the better?

This is boyxboy. So it will contain sexual scenes.
Yes, they will be graphic. (Reason why I have made this Yellow) But girls on this site are like twelve and writing the same shit & making it Green, so.


1. Pilot

Skylar looked at the mirror as he hesitated to look at himself; tracing his ribs down with his fingers. He looked down and hugged his pale skin; slightly feeling ashamed of what he had seen. His ribs weren’t too noticeable, but there was rarely any skin to pull and you could feel them if you pressed down slightly.

  “Wow... this is horrib—”

Harsh knocking stumbled upon his bedroom door that made him jump. 

“Yes?”  he asked disgruntled. 

“Why the hell is your god damn door locked again?! Open this up before I knock it down, Skylar!” It was his mom. He hurried down his bed to put on a worn long-sleeved shirt then rushed to the door and shifted it open.

“Sorry!” he said nervously brushing his shirt down with his hands and smiling unevenly. His mom looked behind him observing the room for any suspicious acts.

“I hate when you lock the door. I don’t understand if you’re keeping something from me or if you want to be left alone. It worries me... You worry me,” she said with anguished eyes. 

“No mom, it’s just that I do want my own privacy. I mean, it is my room. I do my things in here and not that they’re all super private, but I like it this way.” His mom looked more determined now.

“Well okay. But don’t be so quiet either. I just become more curious. And by the way! It’s Monday tomorrow, have you done any laundry whatsoever?” Skylar rolled his eyes and looked at her with impatience.

“I should be fine mom,” he said as she finally left the door so he can close it.

  He sat on the bed and began to think; think of how much he hated school and the people in it. He hated school more than he hated life sometimes and he couldn’t stop remembering about how the past two years of high school had been. Being called a faggot or being remembered all the time of how fat he used to be in elementary and middle school. He laid on his stomach and breathed in then held his breath down on his pillow then let out a muffed scream. 

“Fuck this shit. Fuck this shit. Fuck this shit,” he murmured.


Waking up on the floor wasn’t surprising to Skylar. He had always been a heavy sleeper, falling off the bed wouldn’t even startle or wake him up. 

“I’m so tired,” he pouted to himself. He brushed his light brown hair to the usual right to comb his bangs. He needed a trim, his hair was falling below his ears when he usually kept them just to cover his ears. He wore his favorite band shirt, which was The Strokes and wore a black sweater jacket over it with black skinny jeans. He headed to the kitchen, grabbed his backpack and headed out the door.


       “Hey! Oh my god, I missed you! How are you? How have you been? I really couldn’t live another day without seeing your cute hair and everything!” Skylar rolled his eyes slightly to the right and sighed.

“Hey Marie, it’s only been two days, and if you really missed me, you’d take your time to go to my house. You know where I live, I’m just saying.” 

Marie was one of those girls who acted like they cared, but they never did. Always saying that they’d be there on the roughest days when they weren’t. 

“Oh shut it! I love you, okay!” Marie laughed and left along with other girls. 

 Skylar sighed in relief as she left.

He looked around and tried to find someone to be with because Claire had been late once again, so he sat by himself and used his phone for the remaining time. Skylar looked up and noticed, “the crew.” They were the jocks who ruined a lot for him. Rob, David, Chris, Sebastian and... New guy. He had, skin so flawless with a soft tan, and hazel blue, green eyes. Skylar couldn’t stop staring at him for quite a while until he heard laughter and he automatically turned to his direction where of corse, Rob and his friends were standing.

“Hey, faggot!” These words were told by none other than Rob and his friends who had noticed Skylar sitting there and staring. Skylar groaned as they laughed and kept walking. The new guy had turned around with curious eyes and looked directly at him. 


Finally, last class had arrived and Skylar was only upset with the fact Claire missed school without telling him. He was able to find a seat in the back where he was unrecognized, he liked it that way. He wandered his eyes around his peers and noticed Rob’s new friend sitting in the front row with a bunch of girls scrambled around his table. 

“Alright class, settle down. We have a new student, make him comfortable in this school. It’s Roman, right?” The guy nodded. But at least Skylar was able to know who was new in Rob’s crew. So his name was Roman. He was upset with the fact that he had to deal with yet again, another asshole who would ruin his junior year two times more than before, but he couldn’t help to also feel the slight attachment of how handsome the hazel eyed boy was.

“I really like your hair, wow!” Skylar looked to his right and saw an unfamiliar girl with very curly hair, puffy and unsettled. 

“Thank you... I never do get compliment on my hair,” he said with a short smile and blushed a bit. 

 “Well I never do see a cutie with blue eyes so I’d have to compliment you! Alright, but hi my name is Isabella!” She seemed so full of life. Not just full of life, but hyper. She couldn’t keep still in her chair and shook both her legs. 

“Thank you, again, and hi, I’m Skylar. And can I just ask why you’re so alive today?” She looked at him a bit embarrassed, but kept shaking her legs. 

   “Is it that noticeable?” She looked almost sad now and Skylar was still more than confused. 

“I have ADHD...” She looked down and frowned, but Skylar gave her a short smile.   

“It’s okay... Don’t worry about it,” he said with a soothing voice.

 “Hey, can I ask you something,” she asked and looked at Skylar curiously.

“Um, haha, go for it.”
  “Okay, well I heard you were... like, gay. Is that true?” She was almost afraid to say gay and that make Skylar chuckle just a bit. 

“It’s true... But where’d you hear that from? Or is it that obvious,” Skylar asked becoming more concerned than curious.

   "Last year, when I was new to this school I saw Robert Walls calling you faggot with a group of the popular crew in first lunch and there was a full circle around you.”

“Oh. That day. That was the day our assignments were returned and me and Rob were partners. He was mad I received an A and that he got an F because I never put his name on it and said it was my fault. When it really shouldn’t have mattered since he did nothing. He said he didn’t want to do work with a faggot, so okay, then he won’t have a project with me. I took the A, he received an F, that’s his fault,” he explained. 

“Wow. It must be so tough being gay. I mean, no offense, but getting shit told to you constantly must suck ass. I don’t know how I’d even still be alive, really. You’re real strong, dude.” Skylar smile somehow faded off knowing that he really wasn’t as strong as Isabella thought he was.

“Alright class! Pay attention. I have finally grouped partners for this group project. This will require getting to know your partner. You will have to make an essay that is all about your partner. It’s due next Monday, which is enough time. Your partners are written here on this bulletin. You will come up here by table." The teacher pointed at the bulletin and excused tables to check their partners. Students were everywhere at this point looking for their partners and shouting names. 

Skylar’s table was finally sent to the bulletin and he searched for his name, where Roman Monroe was printed right next to his name. His stomach dropped drastically. He didn’t know if this was good or bad. As much as Skylar really did admire Roman’s appearance, he knew this was bad somehow because no jocks take group projects with queers. Did God really hate him that much? Having Roman as a partner meant more drama for this year and he knew it. He looked at Roman who was sitting and looking around trying to find out who his partner was. He nervously walked to Roman’s table and looked at him waiting for him to notice he was standing there. 

“...Hi,” Skylar said shyly. Roman turned to his direction and looked quite surprised, but finally was able to manage a crooked smile. 

“So you’re my partner?” 

Skylar could feel the unwelcoming feeling that Roman was giving and he narrowed his eyes around the room. He finally sighed and nervously said, “Yeah... I am.. I’m Skylar.”

  Roman raised an eyebrow at him and took out a piece of paper.

“Well, uhm... There’s no way you’re coming to my place. So write your address here, and if it’s cool with you, I’ll come around six on Wednesday since I’m busy today and Tuesday, which is tomorrow.” 

Skylar was shocked, but nodded and grabbed a pen from his sweater pocket and began to write his address. He didn’t know what Roman meant by, ‘There’s no way you can come over to my place,’ shit, but Skylar already had it sort of figured out that it was because maybe Roman didn’t want people to know he had a fag in his house. 

 Later that day Skylar found out that Roman was actually a pretty nice guy. 

 But as months went by Skylar began to notice that Roman only wanted to be his friend when his friends weren’t around. More than obvious, Roman was embarrassed to be friends with a guy who was gay. They only talked in class and a few silent hey’s during passing time and Skylar hated that more than ever. They began to get close throughout those days; obviously in "just friends" kind of way because Roman was straighter than any football player can be. He learned that Roman was from Washington where he left his best friend and the girl he was head over heals to only fuck. Skylar was more than determined to somehow see Roman out of school though. In fact, he was going to do it right this instant. 

 “Hey,” Skylar said with a smile, trying to think of his purposes, but he continued. 

“Listen, I know you’re a busy guy. You’re now in varsity football and I know we never see each other except for this stupid class. But tomorrow’s Saturday... And I just wanted to ask if you... Wanted to hang out with me?” Skylar smile rapidly turned into a frown in desperation for answers. 

“Yeah! Sure, sure. Um, I think I’ll stick to going to your house if you don’t mind.”

Skylar smiled at Roman and gave him a manly handshake. He always felt the need to do that when he was around him because if he hugged Roman, he felt that it’d be awkward. Very awkward. But he was happy. He was finally going to see Roman out of school and he was brave enough to ask him for it.

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