The Difference between you & I

Skylar's struggle with anorexia and self multination has gotten worse throughout these past few years. Skylar's start off with his junior year is introduced with a new jock in school. Roman Monroe.
Skylar becomes head over heals for this boy, but will things take a turn for the worse or for the better?

This is boyxboy. So it will contain sexual scenes.
Yes, they will be graphic. (Reason why I have made this Yellow) But girls on this site are like twelve and writing the same shit & making it Green, so.


3. Chapter 3.

The following Monday consisted on Skylar waking up with the worst butterflies he’s had in ages. He’s never felt this good. Ever since Roman kissed him, he felt purpose. It felt good to wake up and breathe. He knew it was just a kiss though, and he didn’t expect any more from Roman. He didn’t expect Roman to talk to him during passing times or for him to take him to class. He knew that Roman and him were different people. Roman was Roman; the popular kid who had now taken most of the fame that Rob held, and Skylar was Skylar; the kid who everyone had seen every now and then, but never knew. This devastated Skylar. Knowing that Roman was hidden and the fact they’d only ever so closely have to be friends killed him internally. 

       He tried his hardest to stay focused that morning and thought about the good things that had happened Saturday night. Skylar decided to dress up quite casually today too instead of his usual black jeans and band shirt. He instead wore a black and white baseball-T and a pair of 511 blue skinny’s. He brushed down his light-brown hair as he would every morning, but he couldn’t help but to feel the need to wear a jacket again. His wrists were yet again, visible to notice. He finally figured a solution; he ran to his mom’s room and grabbed her makeup foundation. This helped cover up the red and purple around his arms. He wasn’t convinced, but it was satisfactory; so he grabbed his backpack and walked to school.

 Everyone had been complimenting Skylar throughout the day about his clothing. Skylar blushed here and there, but he was really just waiting til’ sixth period so he could finally talk to Roman. Roman was sort of the highlight of his day and he couldn’t help but to feel more than excitement when the bell had finally rung for lunch. This was another way Skylar could catch glimpses of him. He sat with Claire and a group of other girls who were more of acquaintances than friends to him, but he didn’t care much. After all, he began to just ignore them and let the girls chitter chatter about boys while he fell into space as he began to look for Roman. Where the hell is-- Wow there he is!

Skylar’s face automatically lit. He held in a soft giggle and looked down as he blushed.

“Wow, so who is this guy?” Megan, a friend of Claire, asked and smiled wide at him. Skylar stopped grinning and felt embarrassed.

“His name is Roman and wowie! He’s precious. Have you seen him? He’s that new kid from like two months ago,” Claire boasted. 

“Shut up! I do not like him! He’s an asshole. Same with all of the other of Rob’s friends. Roman is a friend, but he’s an asshole...” Skylar frowned and noticed that Roman really was an asshole. He chuckled at some of Rob’s jokes, but yet, he kissed him on Saturday. I mean, he never took a defense towards Skylar and that hurt him like hell... Most likely, Roman didn’t even like him; he thought. He was a curious straight kid who wanted nothing but to just experiment with boys. 

“Alright, alright!  Leave him alone, okay. I’m sure he’d tell me if he and Roman got a smoochie smooch!” Claire joked and puckered her lips upon Skylar’s cheek.  Shit, I haven't even told Claire about the kiss. Skylar chuckled nervously. 

  Finally!  Skylar thought. When the bell finally rang, he got up out of his seat and bolted out the door. He raced down the hall toward his sixth period English class. Skylar was more than excited to greet Roman. Roman always waved at Skylar once he got in the classroom and this would often make Skylar’s day so much better. He loved how someone-- Roman, he loved how specifically Roman, would take some of his time to wave at him. Skylar waited for him and when he finally got inside, Skylar slightly bit his bottom lip in excitement as Roman waved good-bye at a couple of his friends out of the class. But this time, Roman didn’t wave or smile at Skylar. Roman walked in the classroom, greeted a couple of his friends, and sat on his chair as he made a few side conversations. He didn’t even bother to look in the back as he usually did. Skylar was automatically heart broken. What he has ceased to see as an accident, was more of an intended thing and at this point, he didn’t know what he felt. Isabella wasn’t here, which made his Monday completely worse. 

 He sat in the back corner and this meant he could pass along with a nap. He didn’t want to see anybody... No. He didn’t want to see Roman. Roman and his perfect light brown hair... And his perfect eyes...  He laid his head down and ignored the entire lesson. He tried to sleep, but he couldn’t, so he kept his eyes focused on his teacher, and his mind everywhere else. He took a couple of peaks at Roman. Roman and his stupid laugh. His stupid smile and his stupid fucking eyes. Fuck him. Fuck all of him. He had no right to just smile while Skylar felt like complete shit for his actions. Skylar's anger became unbearable & he couldn't help but to release a couple of tears. He hated crying, but he despised crying in class.

     He hated looking weak. Not that he wasn't, because he knew he was, but showing it was as bad as showing his arms and his body. Nothing felt right at that moment and what he really wanted, was to leave the stupid classroom. He wanted to go home and let everything out. He was holding back the rest of the tears and he felt that knot in his throat. The one that warned you about talking. If you talked, you'd cry. And he hated that. He needed to be excused before he relapsed in class. He raised his hand impatiently as the teacher finally finished her talk.

  "Yes?" she finallyasked.

"May I please use the restroom?"

Skylar managed to ask without crying, but his voiced cracked and he was fortunate that he felt his eyes begin to water right after she nodded and let him go. 

   He decided to just sit on a lunch table on campus because thinking about going to the bathroom made him nauseous. What the fuck just happened? He rested his head on the table. He shut his eyes tight and sobbed. He didn't know why he was taking it so personal. This wasn't a big deal to cry about. Even if he was dead excited about seeing the boy of his dreams. 

He suddenly felt the seat next to him softly shake and he noticed light brown hair, narow into a dirty blond in the sun. He rubbed his eyes roughly and stood up. Of course, it was Roman. "Go away," Skylar demanded in a soft tone. 

"Skylar I'm really sorry... I knew it was terrible from the start." 

Roman had disapointment in his eyes... His beautiful soft hazel eyes were sad and Skylar felt it. 

Skylar sniffed a few times and looked at Roman directly in his eyes. "You didn't even say hi! I was really excited and you do that?" Skylar's voice was still soft, but he was mad. Roman knew it too and was left somehow speechless. 

"Listen, I don't expect you to do that anymore. It just sucked. It sucked because I felt really great on Saturday. You made me feel great..." Skylar whispered and narowed his eyes towards the floor. 

Roman looked around to see if anyone was watching and finally whispered, "I'm sorry... I really am. I'll make it up to you, promise. This Saturday... I'll come over again, I really will!" 

Skylar couldn't help but to give him a crooked smile. "Ya' mean it?" Roman smiled back and grabbed a hold on one of Skylar's hands as he began to rub his knuckles with his thumb. 

"I mean it, Sky," he said with a soft giggle.

Oh my god. He said Sky. He really said it. Ugh. He's so perfect. "Sky?" Skylar questioned with a smile as Roman blushed. 

"Yeah... It's short for your name! Shut up!" Roman laughed and so did Skylar. Roman's laugh was amazingly cute. Skylar thought so. 

"The bell's gonna ring in a bit, let's head back before she thinks we're ditchin'," Roman said as he gave a crooked smile to Skylar.

Skylar nodded as he and Roman walked back to the classroom. He wanted to kiss him right at this moment... Hold his hand and feel his warm hands on his cheek. He missed that, and it sucked how it was barely Monday to start off. Skylar had no doubt that he was falling fast for Roman and he couldn't help it. His feelings for him were irresistible now and they kept growing. 

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