The Difference between you & I

Skylar's struggle with anorexia and self multination has gotten worse throughout these past few years. Skylar's start off with his junior year is introduced with a new jock in school. Roman Monroe.
Skylar becomes head over heals for this boy, but will things take a turn for the worse or for the better?

This is boyxboy. So it will contain sexual scenes.
Yes, they will be graphic. (Reason why I have made this Yellow) But girls on this site are like twelve and writing the same shit & making it Green, so.


2. Chapter 2.

"Wow so what're you guys gonna do?! I can totally imagine the awkwardness filling your room haha," Claire joked as she played pingpong on Skylar's laptop.

"Shut up. I'm going to die. Literally, I felt like he was hesitating. It's like he hates me already. He's so fake though. In class he smiles at me, but when he's with his friends it's all about laughing at me." Skylar fisted his pockets and rolled his eyes.

"Oh shush it b, you'll be fine! But wow, what a bitch... Welcome to eleventh grade, Sky. And oh! Just tidy up your room. I mean, look at this shit, open up your curtains, let some light fill your room and open your fucking windows. The AC doesn't do much, just saying, this is like your man cave," she snarled as she opened up the curtains.

"Ugh. Close them, close them. It makes me realize that my room really is ugly. He'll be here in a couple of hours. So I should clean this," he said as he picked up an old black shirt from the floor and threw it to the pile of dirty laundry.

"Well, I'm not gonna help you, sir! I got my own shit to do, my mom's been bitching about how I left a bunch of chores undone yesterday so I'll get going." She closed the laptop lid, hugged Skylar and left.


Skylar looked around and was proud. His bed was done, everything was in place. He turned around and faced the mirror and noticed he looked terrible. He opened up his drawer and took out a grey v-neck and some black long sweats. He fixed his hair and settled himself then stopped. His eyes quickly faced down on his arms and noticed that a lot of his scars were quite noticeable. All his cigarette burns and his cuts were on view. He hated seeing that. He regretted doing it on his arms because those were the most noticeable and most harmed. He opened his closet and began to look for a jacket until he heard a knock.

"Shit. Shit. Shit," he whispered and began to rush himself. How hard was it going to be to find a god damn jacket?

"I'll be there," he yelled, finally gave up and crossed his arms as he ran to the door and quickly opened it. There he was. Roman looked a lot more handsome, he didn't know why, but he did.

"Hey, sorry! Come in." Skylar stepped back and let Roman in as he followed him into his room. His curtains and windows were still closed, but lavender candles were lit, music was gently played in the background and his AC was on, which improved the room's atmosphere.

Skylar closed the door behind him and looked at his closet door with anticipation to just rush in there and keep looking for a jacket, but instead, he held his arms tightly against his hips.

"Wow, is there like anyone in this house except for me and you?" Roman asked and began to look around Skylar's room as he took a seat on his bed.

"Yeah, Basically. My mom works late. She usually gets home around two in the morning and leaves around two in the afternoon. I never get to see her unless she has a day off."

"And your dad? Don't you have any other siblings?" Skylar sharply looked at Roman and sighed.

"Well, no. I'm the only child and my dad isn't around anymore."

Roman looked back at Skylar cleared his throat.

"Sorry for mentioning it, dude. But anyway! If you don't mind, I really do like The strokes, but I'm going to change it, if that's okay."

Skylar smiled and nodded. "It's cool, go for it." Roman played The black keys and turned the volume a little louder. Skylar was surprised he wasn't into total hip-hop rap crap that played on popular radio stations, he liked that. He sat on the bed next to Roman and blushed as he noticed he'd never really been this close to him since they last studied months before.

Roman laid down on the bed, put his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes. Skylar couldn't help but to look at his biceps on his arms that were by his head. His body was quite the perfection, he thought so. Skylar decided to lay back next to him and closed his eyes as well, but kept a good distance between them.

"You're really cool, man."

Skylar's eyes flashed open and he couldn't help but to release a small giggle.

"How so? Because from what everyone else thinks, I'm the faggot who hates everything, which I do, but everyone likes to assume everything out of me," Skylar turned his head to face Roman, who surprisngly still had his eyes closed.

"Well, are you?" Roman asked and finally turned his body to face Skylar, who was already staring at him.

Skylar's eyes moved to the right then faced Roman once again with a smile.

"Am I what? Gay?"

Roman laughed awkwardly and nodded.

"Well... Yeah, is it true? Rob always talks about you and calls you a fag and it's horrible, really."

Skylar turned his head up, and faced the cieling then sighed.

"Yeah, yeah I am. I'm gay," he said as he turned his body, facing Roman again.

Roman's eyes didn't seem surprised or scared. They stayed the same, just a little dencer. Skylar felt as if their stare was lasting hours. Hours until Roman's hand was placed softly on his cheek and pressed his lips lightly on his, giving in for a small kiss. Skylar's eyes widened and his heart beat faster, but he was able to kiss back. That was his first kiss, ever.

Roman pushed himself on top of Skylar and just as Roman was about to start kissing him again, he stopped and gave a small gasp. Skylar was confused. Did he do something wrong? Did Roman regret it? 

Skylar had questions all over his head until he noticed the stare Roman was giving into his wrists. He didn't know how to react so he quickly jerked his arms close to his chest and looked down in shame not knowing what to say, what to do, or how to react. This is exactly what he hoped for not to happen. Roman got off of him and was left quite speechless.

Roman turned his head to see Skylar who was now crying silently. From the look on Roman's face, he was starting to feel bad. He didn't mean to make Skylar cry. He leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.  

"It's okay." 

Roman didn't smile, but that didn't mean he didn't mean it. Skylar could feel that he meant it and it was okay. 

Roman laid underneath the bed sheets as Skylar did the same and they stared at each other for what felt like eternity. 

"Kiss me," Roman whispered. 

Skylar somehow wasn't surprised anymore. He felt a strong connection towards Roman and he wasn't going to let a kiss slip. He moved towards Roman's body, hugged his arms around his neck, then finally kissed him. It was a soft, tender kiss and it sent eletric feels all over Skylar's body.  


The following morning, Skylar woke up alone. Roman was gone, and he had to admit, he was slightly upset. What they had shared last night was unforgettable and he wanted it again. 

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