Dear Zayn

1,10, 25, 40, 67, 75, 77... so many days you've been gone Zayn, what am I to say? Im lost with out you. Its been 77 days .. and I just can't do it... Im joining you.
Love Perrie

(Yes! I know it sounds like 99 days with out you. but its not, Its my story About zayn and perrie that book gave me the idea though, it will be letters but nothing will be copied off her book!! So Please dont comment saying this is stolen because its not)


7. 7

Day 14.


Today was casual day, you know. The normal, Sleep, Cry, Write, and Repeat. It was becoming a habit since you've been gone. I have overcome the drug and gained more imformation. 'You went to the store to get the items on the list, the store was put in lockdown while you were in check-out, 4 robbers had came in, you refused to listen to them.' I tried to piece it together but couldn't. What did you refuse Zayn? I need to know. I Have to know. I want to know. Please?

I hope you don't mind I cried on your pillow again. You scent is slowly but surely fading away each day. I wish you were here with me.

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