Dear Zayn

1,10, 25, 40, 67, 75, 77... so many days you've been gone Zayn, what am I to say? Im lost with out you. Its been 77 days .. and I just can't do it... Im joining you.
Love Perrie

(Yes! I know it sounds like 99 days with out you. but its not, Its my story About zayn and perrie that book gave me the idea though, it will be letters but nothing will be copied off her book!! So Please dont comment saying this is stolen because its not)


5. 5


Dear Zayn,

I'm sorry I haven't visited your grave lately it's just taken me back. Everything I have now figured out...I visited earlier today I sang 'Love Drunk' and started crying during it Im sorry I didn't mean too. Just its so hard knowing your gone and im only just getting a clue of what happened. I can feel you with me now though... I feel like im slowly dying but when I go to bed I feel like all this never happened, until I wake up. A little bit more came to be proven true, you were at the store buying items on the list, the store went into lockdown and there were 4 robbers. Thats as far as I have ever gotten yet, they said they want me to slowly figure it out on my own, they say it will help me better. But they don't realize its making me worse. Today I relaxed at home this time I skipped both breakfast and lunch. I only eat dinner but if I eat its very little. I've gotten much skinnier you wouldn't be proud. Im sorry I did this Zayn. Why couldn't you have just taken me with? I'm starting to want to do that three day thing again, it worked a lot better because I had more to write then to just be selfish about how much I miss you. Niall has gotten to the point were he wont go to sleep he has nightmares. The boys are so disdraught they think their career is gone. What do I tell them Zayn? Be happy? Is that what Im suppose to say? How do I help. I mean I want to help instead of being selfish, even when im not in a great state myself. Help me Zayn. Today I heard you singing with me in the car, you harmonized.. We were awesome. I felt you lay by me in bed, I knew you were there. The girls don't believe me! They think im crazy but I know you were there you always were weren't you? Watching over me? Well, I hope you know your the most beautiful and amazing angel I have ever heard of. Zayn Help me... What do I do now?

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